Body Language – Turpin family

Body Language - Turpin family

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Coming, or should I say, escaping from California I can tell you there is a lot of this there now. Actually there always has been a lot of weird stuff going on. (think Manson family) Nowhere is the occult more prominent than in the hotel california. burn.


We all have problems to deal with but nothing like this. Puts things into perspective and now I am going for a bike ride to beat the storm.


Sadly, I doubt if we will ever know the truth. The story was consistently presented by the press as if they were guilty- my guess is that is has to do with the bias against Christians, conservatives, home schoolers, and large families as described by others. So we currently have another “children in squalid conditions” story in New Mexico. Only a small fraction of the media reports that one of the men is a jihadist radical, son of an Imam involved in the first twin towers bombing and that the children were being trained to carry out school shootings for the glory of Allah, as well as no information on where the kids came from, including the one who was kidnapped and died. Not to mention that the FBI knew about the suspicious activity, but were prevented from investigating due to onerous Obama era prohibitions on investigating religious radicals. Think that story will be dead in two days. Good tutorial on construction. It appeared that she was going sideways and to the viewers right when she was in construction, then up and to the left when she was in memory, or do I have it backwards?

Linda R Michaels

It is hard for me to watch videos about large families because I was number 9 of 14 kids. I swear my mom had a literal addiction to pregnancy and her self identity was wrapped up in equating “the larger the family the more righteous in the eyes of the Lord” type of mentality. And it did end up being a very selfish thing on the part of my parents in my opinion. It was for show and for religious reasons.
We as siblings basically raised each other because there wasn’t enough time or mental/emotional/physical resources for 2 and then 1 parent to go around. It was not a pretty picture.


Thanks. Great job…
I would like dates and ages on those photos.
I think there have been reports the malnutrition caused undersize growth and low IQ. The pictures didn’t indicate starvation to me either.

Charles Harris

That’s the same question I have.
How old are those pictures?
I would like to see what they looked like after they were brought out.

John Anderson

The thing that bothered me about the 60 minutes narrative was the way he talked about “their crimes” and called them “wicked parents”. Both of which may be true, but they haven’t been found guilty yet, except by the reporter who hopes to convince others that what he believes about them is true. Even if they’re found not guilty, this story pins the allegations on them as being true before the outcome of the trial is known.


I guess being Australian press and not American they felt they could do that?
I thought the trial must have been held thevway they reported.


The “American” press can do that if they are reporting on right wingers, fake fake news, christians, trump supporters, and the like.


Does constructing something in the mind mean deception?


Got it thx!

Paula Patio

Excellent job as usual. smile

Marry Duvall

why do reporters pick people like her ? I guess its because she is full of drama ? she also looks stoned,,just saying,


This was my request.
She is the sister and went through the same abuse by the grandfather and she would possibly have the closest insight? The link to the full video is in the submit section.

I picked it because there have been so many people come out and do interviews with the press that to me were not truth speakers and looking for 15 min of fame.
I felt the sister was a truth speaker and needed her truth to recognized and I was interested in the witchcraft bit……


It’s safe to assume everyone in California uses some sort of drugs until proven otherwise! Everyone and their dog is on something in Cali! LoL!

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