Body Language – James Comey His Reaction On The View

Body Language - James Comey His Reaction On The View

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Lars Steffensen

3:45 Did you channel Eric Cartman for us?
How sweet if so. surprised1


Belief systems are like a mountain that nothing can break except an earthquake. I wonder, have you ever analyzed anyone who’s belief system has changed? Thanks for a great analysis!



Very interesting and worring video. Sos from UK

Jennifer Conway

Omg omg omg I’ve been waiting on this! Ok I showed this to my mother because she is a demoCRACk! Uggghhh, and I said seeeeeeeeee this is the power of a belief system. She is slowly seeing the light. She has Cognitive dissonance bad, she knows he lied, they lied, she knows full well but she truly don’t wanna go there. But she is seeing it know!! I showed her Clapper and Salley Yates that time, that one was great. I think ole James wanted to come clean right then and there and was to skeered. As for J Brennan I would like to see him get taken down for allllllllllll to see in the worst way. Bombard you OVER DELIVER and you have no idea just how much and in so many ways help people. My dad was a long time democrat and by George he voted for Trump in 2016, we went together. He wanted change, sadly he died unexpectly in November last year and I wish so badly he was here to see this come to pass. He fully believed in Trump and he knew without a doubt he would do good by this country. He was saying just before he passed, omg they are going to try and ruin him but he won’t let them!!!!! He was right! So dang this has become somewhat personal for me lol, and all I can say is thank you and MAGA2020!!!!! God bless us all


Still circling the bowl after all these months. Still no final flush from Andy Griffith Jr. Perhaps that will have to wait for his replacement.


His belief system is going to crumble eventually. The sooner the better.


Excellent insight, thank you!


one word punk*ss


The View is a hen house. Peck peck peck.


Neat. I thought he might be losing it with some of the kookie posts he’s done. Now I think he’s just confused why people don’t see that he “did the right thing”. 


Brillant Mandy


So great to hear your voice and your body language information. 

Isha Drew

Haha brilliant skewered


Thank you for emailing me so I know where to find you!! Great work as always!  

Mark McConnell

Thanks Mandy, I think you have whacked me on the back of the head enough now where the penny has finally gone down the slot and I understand now how a persons belief system and values can somehow override the blatant truth evident to normal thinking people. Now, when I look at people like him and his cronies disregarding the law without batting an eyelid, it all begins to make sense and I don’t feel like I’m the stupid one ????


Great content… but I’m giving a huge thumbs up for the fact I can cast directly from my Tablet to the TV. 

Your website is progressing nicely…. ????


Great. Thank you. And I’m getting u by email now that YouTube are jerks. Keep sending your great work. You help me see the truth. Again thank you so much. Times are confusing and never know who to trust. 


Nicely done! This really illustrates how rigid his belief system defenses are. A brief moment of stress, then the belief system kicks in. Unfortunately for Comey and his cohorts, their belief system appears to conflict with the law. There is at least a chance now that the two-tiered system of justice that has allowed countless political operatives to get off scot  free, when any of the rest of us would be in Leavenworth for a fraction of what they have done, will at least be threatened. The FBI has been dirty for most of it’s history, at least at the top. The history of undermining presidents by the FBI and CIA goes all the way back to Hoover and Dulles and got one president killed and one who was about to be elected assassinated. They aren’t killing them now, at least not yet, but they are equally corrupt and possibly just as rigidly arrogant about their superiority and the superiority of their beliefs over the rest of us. It was pretty funny listening to you talk about him focusing on the cup. I thought I heard his psychopathic brain ticking. Thanks

Mama Bierman

Great choice!!  You are so funny. I bet you are a fun person to be around!  I’m so glad social media allows you to share your expertise. I always go straight to your new videos first when I log in. Thanks for this one. Should be lots more material to come from these yahoos who are in trouble!!

Cathy Kaech

He thought he was going into a “friendly” meeting..has to be a surprise..

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