Body Language – Big Foot

Body Language - Big Foot

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Selina Hervieux

Aren’t bears fat before hibernating? Otherwise yeah… It’s fake.

Wayne Ramirez

I always thought this was real…Until today


Where else could you hear a discussion of the lack of butt jiggle on a fake bigfoot? Lol, priceless.

…your analysis is based on assumptions and lack of data. You make assumptions with limited knowledge or information. Your first mistake is assuming this is an ape or human, as it is likely neither. If this is a suite, where’s the damn suite? Anyone with shit for brains would’ve put the thing on eBay long ago. You are naive and have a lot to learn about human nature. You should research a subject and have some working knowledge of the subject matter, including and not limited to wildlife, before rendering an opinion

Richard Hautala

I read somewhere that the guy in the suit admitted to it (but a lot of people didn’t him). The story he told was of a modified gorilla suit. He also said that he had on football shoulder pads and that was why he had to turn his whole upper body.
Great fun though.
I also think there may be something out there. Not human – perhaps a rare primate? Possible it could be related to evil beings as well.


Thats pretty smart of you.
Like many things on this website/channel, I never would have thought of these points.
Thank you.


Great job! So clear and simple – yet people have been pouring over this for years like it was earth shattering – you cleared it up in like 2 minutes!


Glad someone has finally tied a can to this guy’s tail. People have been trying to use this obviously fake clip as proof of the existence of big for for many years and you can tell its a fake after looking at it for about ten seconds. Not saying big foot isn’t real though. Someone once pointed out to me that the number of people who would have to be lying about sightings if this is all a hoax is astronomical.

Its walk and the way it turns–That body—definitely —does not sing!


Joe Bernatowicz

I’m pretty sure there some kind of collusion. Mueller will get bigfoot to roll on Trump yet.


Ever notice that film footage of Big Foot is always fuzzy? Sure looks to me, around the 38 second mark, like the dude in this video is wearing shoes or boots or whatever. Not barefooted. Wonder where it shopped for that foot gear.


Thanks for the unexpected laugh, Mandy!

the boobs were a nice touch


Hilarious discussion. The suit looks so fake. Even on a very hairy animal, you see the muscle movement because it moves the hair. The suit is so stiff it looks like they soaked in starch and ran over it a few times with a 65 Buick.There are some bizarre animals out there, though. I was once confronted with a strange canine in my back yard that at first looked like it was soaking wet. After doing some research, I concluded that it was probably a coyote/dog hybrid that had a hairless mutation. Luckily it feared the string trimmer I revved at it a few times and left.


While everyone is welcomed to their opinion, Mandy, this time you’ve gone too far!!!
But seriously, you need to review an enhanced copy that shows pendulum breasts, sagging upper arm skin, opposable thumb, etc. Yes, the gate is odd, but not due to a ‘suit.’ Calculations have been made that have determined normal human proportions can’t fit that ‘suit’ or fit into the head space.
Not to be too sensitive, but I did write a fact-based adventure novel base on those hairy giants. Check it out if you’re looking for something fun and curious to read: (sorry about the plug, can’t help it)
Other than that, you-are-way-off-base-I-tell-ya!!!


its ok…i still think there is a big foot just not this. just so you you know…your talking to a woman with a long torso and short legs


seriously though, check out a better copy:


SA crying


Joking won’t help this abomination of an analysis!!! huff, huff

Shawn Murphy

Dagnabit Mandy 😠. You just ruined my perfect hoax that my buddy Steve & I shot on a Super 8 camera in N. Cali back in 67′. So not happy about this! 👹

Shawn Murphy

Sound engineer, I mix music & sound for films & teach students how to be solid sound engineers.

Lilian Kuhn

LOL! Thanks for making a Bigfoot video! I used to watch “In Search Of” w/ my father when I was in elementary school. This was in the 1970’s & this video always fascinated me. Even as a child, the hairless part of the fat apes face look so fake to me. Bless my father for taking me on long hikes every weekend so I could look for Bigfoot foot prints. He even packed Plaster of Paris, etc. in case we found any tracks. smile


oh thats funny…i bet you enjoyed though! i know i would have

If I am honest I have to say I really want it to be real therefore I will often seek opinions that cater to my confirmation bias.That said ,I do know people personally that have seen Bigfoot ,Yowie,Yeti whatever you want to call it ..In a remote region of Washington state..i personally believe the people believe they saw or inner acted with a bif foot type creature..of course that does not mean something is real just because some one believes it! Is it possible a upright walking hominid such as Neanderthal or some other species very close to Human primates survived?Like i said I really want it to be true !Haha!Great video/analysis as always!


i think there is something out there….just not this guy

Lilian Kuhn

I think it is out there but it’s demonic or whatever you want to call it. The Native Americans see all kinds of scary creatures on their reservations, including big foot. The Shaman have opened doors to other dimensions long ago w/ their magic, etc. & a lot of bad things are still here. It sounds crazy but big foot & other entities have been seen in every country. Glad I’m well armed! smile Wonder if I need to make anti big foot bullets? lol


Oh, contraire!!!

Lilian Kuhn

There are many creatures roaming around. One theory is Bigfoot is from another dimension. That would make sense as to why nobody has ever captured or killed one. This entity has been seen all over the world. It would only have to jump back into where it came from. People see fairies, skin walkers, etc. Demonic stuff is everywhere. The Torah & Christian bible speak of these entities & other dimensions. All the videos I’ve seen over the decades look so fake & we know this one is fake as well.


Another dimension? I think you’ve got it…

george Harrison

Defo bloke in a suit.His walking is too fluid and relaxed for a hunted creature.

Lilian Kuhn

LOL! I was scared as a kid when I watched these shows. The really bad ones are highly entertaining. smile

Finally, proof that Trump colluded with the Russians!

Lilian Kuhn

It’s Hillary! lol Fat, ugly & hairy.


Harsh, yet accurate.


Yes, the smoking gun…

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