Body Language – Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro Assassination Attempt Speech

Body Language - Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro Assassination Attempt Speech

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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As a venezuelan and just a few minutes in the video, you mentioned a vendetta personality and actually it makes sense because psicologically the root emotion of communist ideologues is resentment, its what drives them, resentment for past defeats and for not having what they think they deserve and they have to take it forcefully from others. It really is a shame you have no translator, you did unmask lots of key details and inconsistencies not even knowing what he said! I listened and then you’d say he was soft, or distracting and you were spot on without undestanding what he said! And yeah, he struggled to name the enemy who did it, he couldn’t name anyone concretely and thus you saw the hesitation. He really had no idea who tried to have him killed. Shame the attempt failed, I’d still be drunk and happy if he would’ve gotten killed


thank you

Otaviani Filho

Nicolás Maduro = Josef Stalin 2.0

Here in Latin America, this man is hated by almost everyone. I used to talk a venezuelan woman and she gave him a nickname: Herod. Why? Because many kids, including newborns, are starving thanks to his and Hugo Chávez’s legacy.

That’s socialism, folks. Watch out with the Democrat Party and people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.


He can remember a full speech if he has time to prepare it.
The [8:22] line with “maximalista f…..” to me he is thinking about a word beginning with f to describe ultra right minded individuals, and then decides to not use the word.


Since you covered this mad man.
Can you do Stalin?
You already did Kim Jong Un.

Charles Harris

I was a roofer for over a decade.

Mandy……’re a scaredy-cat.
But I still love ya😊

Please get a running translation for Maduro’s speech.
We’ve got to have context in order to assess character and intent.


can you look at the explosion that he just went through and see if its a real look of supprise



Thanks Mandy and Co. for the new subscription service. Finally RSS support.

You should have sent out a last e-mail on the old service, at first I wondered what happened when I didn’t get any more e-mails for quite a few days.


sorry but they dont allow that for fear of spammers


I see. Thanks Mandy.
I hope all the previous subscribers will notice and resubscribe/get the RSS feed.
I prefer RSS, because that also automatically creates a nice local archive.

Sebastian Derosia

I really like you and your work!! Thank you so much for having a voice in this current state of the world.

Tudor City Lady

Mandy’s good! No language barrier can stop her body language vision. #unstoppable


Poker is all about reading the other person. You should play and make some money

There is a claim that it was a gas explosion in a nearby building. A separate claim is that the drones were just camera drones from some left wing media group. Two unconnected things. The drones fell because their operators panicked at the bang with everyone else. We have yet to see any drone parts.
the gas explosion.


It has since been refuted, I though so too but the reactions of everyone were too weird and they’ve been incredibly stressed out since this attack. Shame, most rotten communist apples were in that event that day. As a venezuelan I think I’d be drunk even by this day if it had succeded.

He is scared. It was an amatour attack. If it was a US attack he would be a smudge on the podium. he has realised that an Amitour can get that close. How much closer could the professionals get. I suspect we won’t see him out of doors much for a few months.

Dodge Gaskill

confessions of an economic hitman ….great read


Thank you Mandy and Mr. No Name. After learning the “snarl” body tell from you, it was easy to recognize in this man’s presentation.

Regarding fear of heights, I was married in 1986 at the edge (12 inches) of the Grand Canyon at a place called Shoshone Point. The ceremony was filmed by Thames Television. The television show was called “Wish You Were Here”, a travel show hosted by Anneka Rice. The show went into syndication for many years. After this initial airing, Brits contacted the Justice of the Peace who officiated at our wedding. When we visited the Judge during our tenth anniversary, we saw his wall was filled with framed wedding photos of people who were married at or in the Grand Canyon. We gave him a copy of the television show. The Judge died in 2008.



Are auto translate subtitles available in the USA? Youtube has it and it does not make much of a mess of south american spanish languages. The cog selects the languages. The ss activates the translation.

crypto hammer

Hello Mandy, I was one of the people who sent you an email requesting the analysis of this speech. Thank you very much for doing this analysis. I understand Spanish, and although you did not cover the segment where it talks about the perpetrators of the attack (President Juan Manuel Santos and Colombian and Venezuelan ultra-right) you efficiently summarized the doubtful feeling left by this statement. I wanted to contribute with adding Spanish subtitles but the video on youtube is not enabled to do so. I would like to share this with the community that speaks Spanish, I hope you can enable this option some time in the future. Thanks a lot <3

crypto hammer

Ok. I’ll work on it .

Manuel Pazmino

I speak Spanish and some of the keys on the body language was on point. She show the weakness of the president. Awesome work even though you don’t speak Spanish…..
Thank you for that. I think we are going to work very good.


As someone who has had an aversion to high places ever since I pulled a young child down by the belt who was swinging his legs out over a sheer drop of 200 feet to the rocks below in a castle tower in Wales, I side with Mandy on the cliff controversy. My friends made fun of me when I could not get within 40 feet of the gorge edge near Hoover Dam, Just looking at them near the edge made my knees go wobbly. Sounds like you had a great time in spite of your differences regarding daredevil vs. caution. The video on Maduro gave me a great idea. Send Ocasio-Cortez to Venezuela to serve an internship to enhance her knowledge of administering a socialist state. Thanks for the video and entertaining banter!


thank you!!!

I hope there will be a video on Isaac Kappy soon.
I’m getting some David Seaman vibes from him, but some think he’s legit.


im doing him…he may be up tonight

Rock on!
A woman of the people!

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