Body Language – Isaac Kappy

Body Language - Isaac Kappy

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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neo plasma

You know, you are absolutely right.. I am not normal though, but I was turned off by this interview, I didn’t even watch it and I see most of Jordan Sather’s vids.. However, I started this one and if it wasn’t for your commentary already finding this out, I probably wouldn’t have finished it here either.. lol..

neo plasma

I find him to be a bit like a cult leader that maybe actually truthful, but in the end, they all drink the koolaid and he shoots himself after everyone is dead or maybe even skips out the back door..

neo plasma

And another thing, I thought you were going to lay into Jordan there cause Isaac was answering questions without explanation for the most part making Jordan uncomfortable and probably wishing it was over right away. He started out with a huge introduction but by time it was over, he was left like he was stuck thinking of how to keep things rolling and fun and just wasn’t happening.

neo plasma

With so much info you gotta understand the evil side has investments in the good as well and there are people in it for the money cause the right is probably much larger these days and a bigger market especially when you have the left pushing them down so much. In fact, it’s probably gambled on by the elites as well. So this is why they always stay rich or richer betting on the longshots but yet they want it to go usually the other way overall because that way is the agenda.

When I first saw this guy, I thought he was someone with information on the awakening, not pedophilia. But since I watched it all here, now understand a bit, but being the way he’s acting for attention but yet the subject matter is pedos? I would think a more heart felt approach or angry one would actually earn him more attention.. Not this “ho hum whatever” like attitude. Definitely some L.A. guy looking for a niche, I would say.

Todd Pullara

Are we talking “Robot Chicken” Seth Green? Are we serious here?

Ho. Lee. Crap.


Interesting video. No doubt he believes what he’s saying. I think it’s confirmation bias. I saw something on his Twitter (posted July 22) about how he heard Seth Green make a joke about keeping children behind his bookshelf. Odd joke and not very funny (as per usual Seth Green), but hardly a “confession.” If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. He reminds me of Roseanne, ha.


I’m not familiar with this guy. He is by far the goofiest looking human being I’ve ever saw! He looks like a cartoon character! He looks like a fly with those huge sunglasses that doesn’t come close to fitting his face. And he thinks he’s cool? Or cute? BAHAHAHAHA! 😂

Dodge Gaskill

If you are going to speak in interviews , you need to pay attention to the uhhhs and uhmmms coming out of your mouth , this guy is hard to listen to….the interviewer isnt that great either


I have been following the Tom Hanks scandal very closely and I just caught Kappy in a lie I think. As of right now there is only 1 person accusing Tom Hanks and that is Sarah Ruth Ashcraft. In this interview, the interviewer ask Kappy about tom hanks that there are multiple people accusing Tom Hanks. I know Kappy is gathering names and stories to eventually come out with all these stories in a organized fashion so maybe that is why he was responding to the multiple people accusing Tom Hanks instead of correcting the interviewer that there is just 1 person accusing Hanks. Maybe Kappy has heard more people accusing Hanks. I am a giant Hanks fan but I also know anyone is capable of doing bad things. Its just that IF Tom Hanks goes down as a pedo, than the accusations need to be true.


I like this guy. He’s a cracked pot (in the Biblical sense), and I really LIKE cracked pots!

Keith Stevens

Don’t know who these two are but the term DooschWaffle pops into My head.

tonio leon

So far he just spoke about the street in which the event took place. Didn’t get to speak about who he thinks did it or anything with relevance for his accusations (In the 10 minutes of this video)

clint hiebert

good vid, thx. i personally dont trust the guy. at first yah, but as interviews/periscopes go on, just something in my gut says no while listening to him. he pushes all the hard conspiracy theories along with Qanon which i dont trust either now. when taking questions for his streams, he knows all the answers and ‘confirms’ with no proof. he seemed to be on a power trip when he was on the alex jones show and to me was a give away, along with this interview (jordan is another hard pusher of qanon) he didnt appreciate alex’s time, kept rolling his eyes when alex would interrupt etc. if hes been into this stuff since 9/11 then he knows about alex’s interruptions. to me, id be really appreciative about being on the show. the most exposure he’d get. seemed that he though alex needed him more than he needs alex. he was basically arguing with alex telling him to calm down and stuff. that would be the go to interview if you want to see what im talking about. alex’s co-host’s analogy comparing the secret bookshelf to the pizzagate basement was very good. alex handled himself perfectly with this guy. he was very careful as all should be. this might be just another attempt to discredit credible people exactly how Qanon did and is why Q is losing key people with a huge reach.

love your work, this is my first post. i look forward to your videos smile

clint hiebert

to follow up on this about Kappy who also threatened to rain 50 cals down on Hollywood hills, pushing Qanon so much, check out @JackPosobiec on twitter who is about to expose.


neo plasma

I am curious as to why you find the Q Anon thing a hoax? I was drawn to it without even knowing who or what one day last year little after it started and I remember asking around and posting to FB seeing if someone else knew so relentlessly checked more into it as I don’t remember finding anything in a description when I heard him talked about. Been reading ever since and I see no affirmations to elude the idea that this guy is a spectacle only. It’s pretty legit not to quit. Everything has been planned but plans don’t always follow the script when half of your bad actors could randomly pull some punches which is a lot of what happened here and there.. In fact, I can’t believe how many exposures there have been including Alex Jones whom I listened to right before Obama got in. I see the connections now, and understand the purpose or at least one purpose in doing such a tactic. As they did even in WWII, Rothchild’s funded both sides. Henry Ford believe did too in making both sides their tanks. Which now makes me wonder, which side was built better.. But anyway.. Not arguing your point but curious about your reason…


I’m in Twitter Jail with no bail!


Allegations are quite disturbing. I think your analysis was fair minded in overlooking the attention seeking personality traits and focusing on the issue of belief system/memory/deception. You are right that there are things we don’t want to think about, but there are too many bits and pieces coming forth, whether the English pimping sex trafficking gangs, NEXIVM, Epstein’s Island, now this. Smoke/fire situation. Just hope legit law enforcement is getting involved as some of Kappys’ videos seem to indicate. Hope he has taken measures to protect himself. Thanks for shedding some light on him.

this is probably his 5th time talking about this on camera.. His first appearance was done by Lift The Veil Channel on youtube after he First came out on his own periscope. And as another commented he didnt say anything we didnt already know, Let that be true however he is first as far as I know to come out and say anything as far as names. and Even if he is lying and we all know it to be true Lets just hope others come out and tell their story.. as far as I know people have started talking.. Anyways Enjoy your videos!

Love your work. @2:14 could he be signaling that he is cutting his own throat by coming out with this information?

Julie Scheffler

Thank you so much for the Isaac Kappy observation. I believed him from the start.


Is this guy truthful? Probably. Is he a terrible presenter of these awful truths? Absolutely.


You really added understanding to this guy for me. Thank you!


Lorrie Burns

He didn’t tell the public anything we didn’t already know. I’m on the fence about this guy!

Thanks so much for your informed observations!While I am glad this subject is being cast out into the light I am also very concerned when people start making “Pedophiles in Hollywood “lists which are based on rumors /gossip /hear say and second hand knowledge because of the implications of just an accusation not backed up with any facts can ruin someone reputation or ruin their whole life .I don’t like the hashtag me too movement for the exact same reasons…false accusations are not only defamation but minimize the suffering and importance of real abuse that has taken place!

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