Podcast E04 – England Trip, Media Hypocrisy, Lobbyists and Russian Bond Selloff

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Noble Member

Very interesting podcast. So much to comment on. The Trump tendency to hire people of questionable loyalty and usefulness, I chalk up to being a political neophyte and a lot of bad advice. He also is more comfortable hiring people he has known or has rapport with. Many of them also have limited political experience or an agenda. I think he has found a comfort zone with people with military command experience, who know how to keep their lips buttoned and can rein in his disorganization and impulsivity to a degree. It has been pretty funny at times. Though his employment lasted less than a couple of weeks, the Scaramucci “fish rots from the head down” and other comments were highly entertaining but horrifying to those who expect a more presidential administration. Bannon seems like an opportunist, Priebus a dufus, and Manifort a shady character. The really good thing is that Trump is not slow to launch people once he realizes a mistake has been made. After 35 years of management experience, that is the most important skill, I think. Your discussion is very entertaining. Thanks for the podcast and glad you had a nice “holiday” as Mr. No Name… Read more »

Noble Member

Thank you!!

Angie Shuetrim- Milles
Angie Shuetrim- Milles

AHHH!! I love this !!! I was watching a lifestream the other day and thought Ryhs was awesome! I’m SO happy for you both xxxx

Noble Member

I’m with Mandy on the cliff thing. I would be sick standing that close. In fact my legs would give way and I would probably fall of the cliff…..

Very interesting conversation. We are so isolated here in Australia that our media never reports on important stuff.

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