Podcast E04 – England Trip, Media Hypocrisy, Lobbyists and Russian Bond Selloff

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Love the intro. You too, your banter and humor make me giggle. I love it. My favorite part lol. The panorama pic was awesome. If Rhys was standing on the bare dirt patch I think I might feel ill and my knees get weak. And I’m with Mandy on the idea fish-swarming you in water. I imagine large deep water creatures maybe swimming up from the depths, thinking of a nibble.

Jeff Sharkey

Hey Mandy and Rhys, Your body language reading seems fantastic, and on top of that your insights into psychology/psychiatry/pathology/something (?) appear to have a lot of education and/or experience in several fields that I can only guess at. The way you connect both really aids in helping the rest of us understand. Is your review of A. H -itler’s body language still available ? I think I watched it a year ago(?) and wanted to watch it again. But I can’t find it now on your site. While writing this question, it concerned me that one of the crazy platforms could be banning your video because of that historical figure’s name, so I split that name up above.

Rob Christensen

I like the podcasts. But I suppose there won’t be more since the last one was made almost 2 years ago.

Laura Harrington

Thank you for doing this for us. I do hope that you see how meaningful it is to all of us. Just wanted to give a bit of well deserved gratitude. happy

robert gross

Is Mandy robbing the cradle?

Julie Rouse

Hahaha! You 2 are awesome!!

Angie Shuetrim- Milles

AHHH!! I love this !!! I was watching a lifestream the other day and thought Ryhs was awesome! I’m SO happy for you both xxxx


I’m with Mandy on the cliff thing. I would be sick standing that close. In fact my legs would give way and I would probably fall of the cliff…..

Very interesting conversation. We are so isolated here in Australia that our media never reports on important stuff.

Catherine Dale

I would be okay near the cliff’s edge but if my children were there I would go insane! I am so neurotic about my children and accidents. My therapist has no idea why but thinks that I became a Paramedic after I became a Registered Nurse because the defense mechanism of reaction formation kicked in. I am so terrified of accidents that I put myself in a position to see and help the most serious accidents. However, my psychological test also registered that I was very reality oriented. Hah… they need all new tests!


“My legs would give way and I would probably fall of the cliff”… LOL!! Oh my gosh Cat, I’m laughing so hard. I’m with you girls. My heartbeat would be in my throat and I’d be saying, Step-away-from-the-CLiiiiiiiff (as I do a Cat ) LOL! crying


Very interesting podcast. So much to comment on. The Trump tendency to hire people of questionable loyalty and usefulness, I chalk up to being a political neophyte and a lot of bad advice. He also is more comfortable hiring people he has known or has rapport with. Many of them also have limited political experience or an agenda. I think he has found a comfort zone with people with military command experience, who know how to keep their lips buttoned and can rein in his disorganization and impulsivity to a degree. It has been pretty funny at times. Though his employment lasted less than a couple of weeks, the Scaramucci “fish rots from the head down” and other comments were highly entertaining but horrifying to those who expect a more presidential administration. Bannon seems like an opportunist, Priebus a dufus, and Manifort a shady character. The really good thing is that Trump is not slow to launch people once he realizes a mistake has been made. After 35 years of management experience, that is the most important skill, I think. Your discussion is very entertaining. Thanks for the podcast and glad you had a nice “holiday” as Mr. No Name would put it..


Thank you!!

Los Angeles Attorney

” Trump is not slow to launch people once he realizes a mistake has been made…”

That’s an understatement. President Trump had zero government experience coming in. The man is as brilliant as he is gutsy, and he is now masterful in his role as a US president.

Considering the piss-poor shape obama left EVERY aspect of the nation in (weasely traitors do that kind of thing), it is AMAZING what President Trump has accomplished. In fact, if President Trump became president after Bush (as if obama was never president), it would STILL be amazing what he’s accomplished.

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