Body Language – Tommy Robinson PTSD On Tucker Carlson

Body Language - Tommy Robinson PTSD On Tucker Carlson

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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This is what I think about these people who’ve never suffered and are somewhat sociopathic and deride others for being humble or irresponsible (cause everyone manly man has to know how to run his household), once they’ve experienced loneliness, once they’re no longer in a thought bubble of their own ideologies, they know what it’s like to suffer. To me, the look on his face is one of despair, we see a changed man, and he wants to go back but he can’t. Perhaps he recieved kindness from a muslim man? But more off it’s probably that he was tortured and had to starve himself to purport his own ideology to his fans. It’s kind of a sad thing, but it’s good because the world doesn’t need more psychopaths who think they’re good people.


I hate this scummy reporter! Leave this poor man alone! He’s clearly not well and fatigued as you say! What a joke… this is how people treat each other in today’s society. And they wonder why children have anxiety issues and all the rest, there is no respect for another human beings humanity!

Todd Pullara

Tommy was sent to prison in the hopes that he would be whacked. Make no mistake about it.

Very happy he made it out, and hope he makes a full recovery!

Holy shit…I’m actually tearing up, and it’s been 6 months since this happened.


The UK’s mass immigration had one purpose and that was to change the society and the values. Think Muslim values and traditions being carried out. Also, to expose the corruption in the sex abuse or scandals will result in this punishment or death. The crimes are so horrible and Satanic we could, as normal humans, scarcely believe what they have been doing and are doing as is in Hollywood!


The song left out the bit of “not being allowed to report” – UNTIL THE VERDICT IS IN. There are 3 trials overlapping in Leeds and the final one has still to reach a verdivt.

One can have a philosophical discussion as to whether the judges are overreacting to to attempts at jury nobbling or whether they will be able to keep imposing limited restrictions in the face of new technology and software but as of today Tommy Robinson (or whatever his real name is) has done nothing to secure any conviction by his actions (other than his own – assaulting an off-duty police officer in 2003 etc, etc.)?

what is the real agenda here?

(ps he looks better after losing weight, maybe I should try the tuna diet too!)


7. So what you’re saying is that Tommy Robinson was given a suspended sentence simply for trying to report on a case? Free speech is truly dead.

No, ye of little brain. He was found to be in contempt of court and given a suspended sentence because his actions put a serious criminal trial in jeopardy. Running around a court building shouting “paedophile” at defendants during a live trial, or live-streaming defendants and members of the public – potentially including jurors – entering and exiting a court building against a tub thumping narration of “Muslim paedophile gangs”, is hardly conducive to ensuring a fair trial. And if there can’t be a fair trial, nobody gets justice. Not the accused, not the complainants, not the public. This is not theoretical – serious criminal trials have nearly collapsed because of the actions of people like Yaxley-Lennon. (Tommy Robinson’s real name) …….etc, etc.

What evidence has Tommy Robinson supplied to the police or courts which has been used to help secure a conviction?

Susan McCall

One of my questions is: why are there any muslims (aka sharia followers) in a prison at all? What could they possibly do wrong in a society that allows them to do anything they want?


I doubt hunger striking is the reason he’s lost so much weight.
Also, can you specify who is “they”? The government?


Thanks again for your analysis. I wondered about his demeanor and his amazing stress that seemed to be there the whole interview. I do hope he heals from this. Shame on the “media” for their double-talk with “we covered you and want to talk to you” ca-ca.


I believe he will be back and stronger then before

Michael Jones

There is an interesting point that Mandy touched on and that is the delay on the feed. They were ready to cut him off at any point depending on what he said…….


Is Tommy Robinson, a brave man, such a rare phenomenon in the UK? Why is this Muslim invasion being tolerated?


Americans should take heed of what has happened to Tommy and prevent globalism, PC, corruption, unrestrained immigration and culture destruction from destroying their country and negating free speech. Thanks, Mandy- the before and after comparison was particularly revealing. Well done.


I came close to not watching this one because I knew I’d get upset. It was depressing to watch. It had to be even more depressing to analyze. So, I do thank you, Mandy, for having the fortitude to do it.

Being a newer member here, I have a question about the (3 so far) down votes on some of the comments. I understood when one of my comments on another post was voted down. The reason was obvious. What I don’t understand is why were (3 so far) comments on this post voted down, without any reply or explanation. In my case, the reason was clear. In this case, it isn’t, at least to me. Does someone know who can explain what I’m missing?

Shawn Murphy

TUNA DAILY = MERCURY POISONING! What did they inject his fruit with? Tommy looks terrible. 1 or 2 cans of White – Albacore Tuna a month is @ the limits of mercury toxicity. Light – Skipjack Tuna has 3x’s less mercury toxicity than Albacore Tuna simply because of the short lifespan of harvested Skipjack Tuna.
Fish oil enhances weight loss, so eating 1 can of tuna a day & 1 piece of fruit is an anorexic diet. A diet high in mercury consumption & poisoning.
Tommy also needs massive micronutrient super nutrition to improve detoxification & provide the nutrition he needs…


Michael Jones

The best detox for heavy metals is Borax. It is not just washing soda, that is how it is marketed. it absolutely REMOVES toxic heavy metals from the body, Everything else I agree with.

Shawn Murphy

Thank you, I was not aware that it was safe for human consumption… I mix it with sugar at a 3 :1 ratio & a few drops of water to kill off an ant invasion. IT WORKS FOR THAT REAL WELL… I also use it as is to prevent & or kill off any roaches, they eat it like the ants & take it back to the nests & it kills em off. I use it in laundry also, but I will look into this for sure… Thank you for your reply.


This is one of your best analyses yet–from picking up on the weight loss and stumbling while he walked to the differences in his face from two years ago, to the PTSD connections (particularly his face when he talks about the spit and excrement). You are truly gifted at reading body language. As to Tommy Robinson’s situation: what he went through is an outrage. I can’t imagine there aren’t political ramifications in the UK.

Kyle Preston

Signed up because your YouTube account is down. Thank you for your work.

Could you please do a video on Isaac Kappy?
Many people are split if he’s another David Seaman or if he’s the real deal.

Shawn Murphy

If Kappy is a fake, he could win some major acting awards some day. But I am an amateur compared to Mandy.


I knew for sure they would kill him, im so glad i was wrong!


Tommy represents why Trump and Brexit won and why the world has been put on notice. It’s gone too far, succumbing to the grind of progressivism. His treatment shows that the UK has plunged into a civil dystopia. The guy will be even more dangerous to them when he lawyers up and sue them all to kingdom come.

Michael Jones

I do not live in the UK any longer; it makes me sad to see but english people just sit back and let stuff happen. They let the public school assholes (arseholes) run their lives. They should have known when Tony Blair turned out to be a traitor…he killed Robin Cook who spoke out, they tried to kill George Galloway who spoke out they killed David Kelly who said no WMD’s. They are all involved with the Pedophiles: from the Royal family down. Princess Di knew, they killed her. Did you know the Royal family took thousands of orphaned children form Canada years back and they disappeared? Did you know Prince Andrew was best buddies with pedo Epstein (Billy the rapists buddy) ? Oh, and did you know Canada belongs the the UK? Watch that dumbass Trudeau’s inauguration speech. He swears allegiance to the CROWN. What you don’t get is and having lived in the Middle East is that MUSLIMS do what they are told, an obedient society and they breed like rampant Rabbits… more people to pay tax. Did you know that the Rockefeller foundation supported the 60’s Women’s lib movement because as he said ” only half the population paid income tax”. It is all about money!
Again: watch this and repost


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