Body Language – Apprehended Pedophile Citizen Arrest UK

Body Language - Apprehended Pedophile Citizen Arrest UK

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I hope this goes viral….
Check your kids phone/computer.
Don’t let the use the internet in their bedrooms.
And warn kids that those online best friends might actually be a 40 yr old man and not the cute boy they pretend to be.


preach it girl…some of these parents not checking electronics and social media remind of the parents of the past that ‘respected privacy’ and refused to go in their kids room and had no idea of the drugs and weapons their kids had


Very true ladies. I used to tell parents in family therapy sessions that if they are not being nosy and intrusive into their kids electronics that they are committing child neglect. I also used to tell them that they should let their kids have a smart phone right when they decide that their child is ready to deal with hard core pornography or is mature enough to fend off the advances of a pedophile. I was also surprised at how many parents did not know that a lot of kids are groomed on online video games. Most did not even know that their kids game systems opened them up to anybody. Sadly parents sometimes use the electronics as a pacifier. Loved how this pervert was squirming like a rodent on a glue board. By the way, I worked with offenders too for awhile. There is no cure. They almost always re-offend. Should bring back “old sparky” for these evildoers.


public punishment work well on society to deter the behavior as well


Agree completely. Penalties are way too lenient.


i have found after prosecution they get even worse, more violent as well, they “give up on life” and truly give in to their sick desires. This is when they become extremely dangerous.


Why do pedophiles always have bags with heaps of shit?

Todd Pullara

God bless Shane Brannigan.


Shes not dumb, she is in on it! She does it too, with him, she supports this, they were going to bring this child home with them.

Missy Dee

Good-NESS! His wife was awefully calm the whole time and stuck up for him too! She probably already knew he was doing something sneaky and turned a blind eye. As for him…Honestly, what is wrong with some people today?. Do they truly believe they are doing no wrong? Is processed foods and unclean air and water making peoples brains unable to process right from wrong and not have a care who they hurt? I know we had plenty of horrible people when I was growing up, but JEEZE, people are just so classless or narcissistic anymore. It’s almost like they have brain damage nowadays. Am I wrong?? It’s like the Jerry Springer show took root and spread like wild fire around the globe!


low IQ… i hate to say this….but the reality is…back in the old days, low IQ had more kids but by just pure stupidity low survival rates. more intelligent people had fewer kids but higher survival rates. now the idiots out breed and more kids survive because of the state. natural selection has been obliterated.


TEDx trying hard to remove all traces of this video. All the videos get removed really fast but not fast enough.

I’ve linked to the search here because you will get more luck finding snippets this way.

Breitbart story

Mitzi Cole

I couldn’t help noticing how polite everyone was during all of this. Park bathrooms must be the perfered place a lot of sexual predators frequently. Even in our small town.


There’s NO way that woman, his wife, is unaware of what is going on with her husband.
When I think how I’d react if someone came up to my husband like this…! I’d want to see the pictures myself,
then, husband or not, I’d try to castrate the bastard~at least punch him a few times!
I would NOT be laconic and uninterested if my husband was in the same predicament.
Would you?


My thoughts exactly.
Not an unusual event for wives and partners to be complicit in these situations


Really? I didn’t know that. I hope they put her in jail as well.
Somehow, I thought our gender was above that, but that’s naivety to a fault, I suppose.


There are a few famous cases, you also find “Mob” wives sometimes participating in criminal activity after their husbands are jailed. It is not common but not unusual

When i was 17 a man targeted me via my agencies web site –{ via my portfolio }– online and drove OVERNIGHT from Minnesota. MY driver, luckily, noticed his odd behavior and intercepted him before he could get to me. The police found a gun on him, a gun in his car, my address and all sorts of my info in his car. He exhibited the same behavior as this creepy freak. These people are dangerous. The police told me in many cases, once the rapist is finished “doing his thing” (RAPE) they try to get rid of any incriminating evidence, and in some cases that evidence is the child. This video brings it all back. I was lucky; some girls are not. Thank you “Bombards body language” for bringing creeps like this to the surface; Holly wood trying to normalize it scares the f### out of me given the recent cultural and political climate in the USA and i am glad you referenced it. You would be shocked if i shared with you what occurs on set / and between casting directors and the girls …..We need about 10000 more Ronan Farrows and “Bombards body language ” people in this world.

Good job
Thanx Muchly!
Sarah MIchel LAfreniere
West 11th, NYC NY


Whoa! God bless your driver and thank God you are okay. Couldn’t agree with you more about what Hollywood has done and continues to do. It doesn’t frighten me as much as it makes me angry
really angry

Me too Normalizing pedophilia is like normalizing murder…if i told you how casting directors treated models you would flip OUT


Can’t wait until Milo’s book release and he outs the paedophile ring in Hollywood.
God Bless your driver.

it’s not just Hollywood
…i started modelling when i was 11 / Ralph lauren was my first break and then Caroline Herrera ….but some of the directors at shoots, no matter how high end the client, are pervs .,….its GROSS!


Thank God you’re still with us! Good on the driver for smelling the little rat out.
Ronan Farrow worked for the NYT initially. They refused to print his story on Harvey Pigstein so he took it to the New Yorker and they printed it.
The NYT already knew about Herv the perv and wanted to keep the status quo, but it seems like Trump w/ God is becoming the new status quo.
I hope you’re doing well now~it sounds like an exciting life, apart from the molesters of course!
Are things still the same, do you know?

EVERYONE knows ….everyone knew …my business just like show biz or any biz is sort of like a grade 6 class room EVERYONE knows everything about everyone ….but they keep a tight lid on the circle. The money girls are kept far far from it and i never see it NOW but anyone NEW coming into this line of work needs a really strong agency behind her
for her own protection.
Have things changed? For me they have, i was picked up quickly; it is all about your representation YOU NEED A STRONG TOP FLIGHT AGENCY… if u have a shady rep or agncy watch out!

PS…i like your penguins!


This goes to show, you never know what’s cookin’ in Mandy’s kitchen. This baby has it all: strife, aggression, angst, humor — the whole ball of wax.

Tarot Reader Tina

This man paedophile disgusts me. They should have their d..ks cut off.

Charles Harris

The “wife” might actually be in on it
It seems odd that she’s there with him while he’s meeting up with a child to try to have sex with.
I don’t see how she could be ignorant when it’s happening right in front of her.
Also, notice how when they told her that he was a pedo, she didn’t say anything at first. After they had told her a few times she finally said he wasn’t but she didn’t say it with any conviction.


she is in denial…she probably knows he is attracted to kids,,,,but ‘believes’ thats all it is

delightful assessment. one more down…TIMBER

I’d be interested in seeing you do a body language breakdown on somebody who has autism.
Surprised you haven’t done something like that already.
This was a joy to watch, by the way.


Yes, that analysis would be important addition to the Bombard Library of Tells.


It would be interesting as they do feel, love, hurt, and experience joy like we all do but they just don’t express it like we do.


My favorite autist. Temple Grandin. Would love to see her done.

Teresa Vestal

Yep… He’s guilty as the day is long! These fellas got a GREAT thing going. We should ALL form Pedophile Prevention Squads! In Every community on Every Corner!

Drew Stevenson

These guys do lots of stings.. love you “opinions”, usually spot on.

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