Body Language – Justin Trudeau and groping allegations

Body Language - Justin Trudeau and groping allegations

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Nice work. I would be very interested in your analysis of JT concentrating on his MK-Ultra programming.


He gives me an icky feeling. Sometimes you react to people in an intuitive way and he has always given me that feeling. I’m not a body expert but, I do trust my instincts. Often they’re right. I find your videos fascinating!


i hate him so much

Tarot Reader Tina

Nice analysis especially with the gestures translation.

Teresa Vestal

Cathy O’Brien identified his father as one of her Many abusers in her book:
TranseFormation of America
Consequently, I do not find this allegation surprising. Actually, I’d be willing to wager he’s just as bad or maybe Worse than P. Trudeau.


Reminds me of kids caught in a lie. “I never took his pen. I never hit him with his hat. I swear.” Uh huh. Yea. Right. Thanks for another great analysis.


hes never been the same since trump refused to change his tampon crying XD


The Canadian press and libitard politicians like our pal here are attempting to suppress the fact that the brother of the Toronto shooter was found in a coma with 33 guns and 42 kilos of carfentanil in the house where he was staying. This is a synthetic narcotic that is 5000 times more potent than heroin that is manufactured in China and may still be unregulated in Canada. It is so toxic that it’s use as an abusable drug is doubtful. It is suspected by some that it was being stockpiled for use as a terrorist weapon for a large scale WMD attack, and that Hussain somehow poisoned himself accidentally before he could carry it out, leading to his brother Fiasal carrying out the pistol attack. The cover story that Fiasal Hussain was mentally ill was put out by a spin doctor to muddy the waters since ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. Canada will soon be like much of Europe thanks to Jihad Justin.

Rez Zircon

Oh yeah, nowadays they’re all “mentally disturbed young men”. Well, at least now they admit that Islam is a mental disorder…

M. How

Your comment re: groping a woman rather than a man is spot on. Trudeau must have been talking to our Slick Willie concerning deny, deny, deny. Perhaps he was trying to squash rumors about his preference for men. He and Hussein have been close buddies for some time, especially since he converted to Islam.
Off the subject is a question about his religious mindset, namely, “How are his wife and children coping with his new religious lifestyle? Two religious mindsets in one home is very difficult to cope with. I think they are Roman Catholic (as he was) and don’t think they have changed their religious views. Or have they?


My god, Trudeau lisps. I never noticed that before.
Mandy, find a video of his wife. She wears the pants and rules over Canada. Justin is her lapdog.

Shaun Cadden

Would love to see bombard asses where pm tells veteran amputee how he asks for too much from his government.

Worst PM ever: Jihad Justin. His father would have been a man, owning up to it by saying, as he did: “the government has no business in the bedrooms of the nations”. In other words, bugger off!

worst PM…. adolf harper…


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