Body Language – Bill Browder, Putin’s No.1 Enemy

Body Language - Bill Browder, Putin's No.1 Enemy

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I know this is an old video but I just wanted to say the strangest thing about this guy is how his eyes NEVER move. I’ve never seen someone’s eyes that still for so long even with a rehearsed speech. Even when he talks about his partner or lawyer or whoever it was that died he doesn’t go into emotional memory and he doesn’t go into visual memory at all when describing his experience being arrested. Could this be caused by some sort of mental disorder? I don’t know enough about body language or psychology to know for certain but it just seems too odd to me. Like I said even if he did have the speech memorized I would expect some eye movement.

Brett Harris

Browder does not only lie about Magnitsky and his crooked dealings in Russia, he continues to lie about every detail. I think its the deep state’s way of feeling in control. if Browder tells obvious lies, they know we know, but no presenter, journalist or interviewer ever calls him out, what does that make us? Helpless, or so they think.

This whole set of lies revolves around the Prevezon case. What Browder never says, is that it wasn’t the US Attorney Preet Bharara who brought the money laundering case against the Katsyv’s, it was Browder who secretly supplied the entire prosecution case to Bharara and they didn’t even check his material. Veselnitskaya hired a US law firm Baker-Hostetler to conduct the defence, and in legal discovery, they uncovered Browder’s role in instigating the case. In fact, Browder and possibly members of congress, invented this bogus prosecution right after the passage of the Magnitsky act in Dec 2012, and wanted a US court to validate and thereby make the story untouchable as legal truth. That’s when things went badly wrong. Baker-Hostetler (not Veselnitskaya) hired Glenn Simpson (he is not the bad guy here) to do research into Browder’s dealings in Russia, to see if his story held water – it didn’t take long until they found it was all a fabrication. So they tried to subpoena Browder, twice he ran away, until he was finally cornered in a New York alley, after doing a promotion of his fictional book Red Notice on NBC, the judge was not amused since Browder had said he was out of the country at the time. The judge told Browder he was full of it, saying that he ran away because he thought Putin had sent them to kill him, and was dragged kicking and screaming to a deposition on 15 April 2015 in New York.

There are full length segments of his infamous deposition, but recently a very good two part compilation has been made and its well worth watching, a very different Browder than on NBC or Fox News:
Part 1:


Part 2:



It was truly an awful performance, well you decide for yourself.

His response was to spend millions of dollars on appeals to have the deposition quashed, and attempts to disqualify Baker-Hostetler based on a technicality, that he had briefly hired them 7 years earlier. After two years and appeals courts later, he did finally get B-H disqualified, but not the deposition.

But he wanted revenge on Veselnitskaya and Simpson, how dare they expose him and upset the plans of the deep state. One year into his appeal process, Veselnitskaya had not travelled to the US for six months, the appeal process was technical and the US Attorney kept having her visa denied. She applied again early in May 2016, but no response. Just coincidently, Rob Goldstone contacted his client Ajeri pop start Emin Agalarov, son of the oligarch who helped run Trump’s Miss World pageant in Russia in 2013. In a convolulted set of exchanges, some between Goldstone and himself, and Emin and Trump Jr, a way was found for Veselnitskaya to give material to someone who might intercede in her case, in the face of Browder’s tactics.

Again, coincidently, Browder sent this email to Robert Otto of the Obama State Dept, on 6 June 2016

containing a threatening photo of Veselnitskaya’s house, and just like magic, the State Dept approved B1/B2 non-immigrant Visa appeared at the US embassy for her to pick up immediately. She could attend the court hearing on 9 June, and just after she arrived in the US, Goldstone called her and said she could meet Don Jr in New York the same day.

What he also doesn’t say, that State Department officer Jonathan Winer, helped him construct the Magnitsky Act, and that Winer had been Christopher Steele’s contact to pass Steele intelligence on Ukraine to Victoria Nuland. If he knew in advance of Trump Tower, then Winer knew and Steele knew, and this is certain given Browder’s paranoia, Glenn Simpson certainly did not know. Yet Browder keeps pushing to Fox News minions, that Veselnitskaya and Simpson plotted the meeting when they actually met to discuss how to counter Browder in court. Both deny the story in their sworn Senate testimony and no evidence has emerged to the contrary.

Now the timing of the leak to the New York Times. The story wasn’t leaked before the election, clearly the Obama/Hillary people wanted Steele kept secret, but it still wasn’t leaked in after the Prevezon settlement on May 10, 2017 (thats another story, the US attorney settled suddenly two days before a trial began, I suspect Browder refused to testify). It didn’t leak until early July 2017,
which appears that Browder had to wait, if it emerged before the case was over, Browder would have a serious case of Obstruction of Justice to answer, for threatening and interfering with a member of the defence team, when he was the prime informant to the prosecution. I can’t really see why he still can’t be charged, but Browder is Browder and which US Attorney from the SDNY would charge him? But what happened for sure was that Browder immediately embarked on a PR blitzkreig, dragging Veselnitskaya, Simpson, Baker-Hostetler through the mud, calling them Kremlin Stooges, Putin’s puppets and everything he could do to discredit them for when the inevitable happened and the deposition was leaked.

Browder makes out that Vesilnitskaya came to the US, especially to expose him and his Magnitsky Act, which was true enough, but not that she came because he not only had her court case blocked for a year, that he instigated the whole thing. He even had the gall to say on a cable channel, that ‘Putin’ wanted this case to discredit him, with the Katsyv’s spending tens of millions of dollars, without mentioning that it was he tactics which caused the delays. One things for sure, after Browder’s deposition, his antics in court, and the sudden settlement, he burned through an awful lot of potential protection, and he is rather worried. He should be, because two of his Mossad connected mentors, Robert Maxwell and Edmund Safra, both met grisly ends, but not at the hand of the Russians.

Renzo Fabriek

He enjoys it to much. Sometimes i think to see a condencending smile. “haha.. they believe me”

Terry Ouellette

He went before the Senate Judiciary Committee to give his testimony about this Magnitsky….same stiffness you point out.


The level of the commentator’s deception is par for the course.

Magnitski was never a tax attorney & and Browder was in on the ground floor of the RAPE of Russias resources with Larry Summers. He ran Hermitage capital & made billions, paid no taxes, repatriated the capital & paid no taxes, and then collapsed the company stealing billions.

This is a guy who renounced his US citizenship to avoid paying income tax.

Bill Browder figures heavily in the Russian Mafia taking control of the collapsed Soviet Union’s capital resources.

The Magnitski act stopped the immigration of 12-14 yr old Russian, Ukrainian & Balkan country girls for sex trafficking and worse.

He projects. Being a Psychopath he is not capable of having empathy or loving anything beyond his own power and his ability to inflict misery on others to lessen his own self-loathing.

He figures heavily in our Intel agencies collusion with Russian mobsters. He, they are scared to death of what Trump and Putin may do to bring down the cabal.


Behind the Scenes Doc is hard to find. I’ve watched it, but link now dead. Here is another one:

Armstrong’s website has plenty of posts about Browder and Russia in the 90’s. Armstrong’s story is an interesting one as well.

Remember the “Reset” with Russia by Obama/Hillary? That was 2009. Things sure went downhill from there. I wonder why.

Drew Stevenson

not 100% on this but doesn’t Putin want this guy investigated for illegally making the money that went to the Clinton campaign.. it was mentioned during the press thing with Trump & Putin.


this gets scarier and scarier – great analysis!

roger morris

BROWDER, as agent SOLOMON in another narrative, dances on Sergei Magnitsky’s bones as his hatred of PUTIN pushes along the LIE exposed by the banned Nekrasov Documentary In which, at 1:59:32 and under REAL question, BROWDER emerges as a fish with no memory of being criminally prosecuted alongside Mr.Magnitsky in Russia. In fact, he ‘doesn’t know’ or ‘doesn’t remember’ as answer to every single question.
Check out that body language.
Also, the language of ‘homeland’ mockingbirds interviewing him (msnbbcnn) indicate scripted connivance to the Magnitsky narrative easily refuted by the Nekrasov documentary exposing BROWDER.
This obvious connivance confirms the industrial scale propaganda network enabling his message.

Mark J.L.

Remember, when the USSR imploded everything was owned by the government. The oligarchs we’re created by selling off the assets to foreign investors like Browder. It’s been asserted by some that he received the seed money from off book CIA sources and used “greenmail” tactics to take control of these fledgling companies who were lousy with corruption. Far from being some anti-corruption hero he used insider information to enrich himself and any hidden benefactors who funded him. He’s creepy as hell reminds me of a former spook, or the love child of Dick Cheney.

Jana Rade

Crooked! Wouldn’t trust him as far as I can throw him. I heard or read somewhere that he got rich by duping Russian people. We had something similar – after the revolution, the government was privatizing everything and everybody was entitled to buy shares/investments in companies of their choosing up to a certain amount. We all bought some. Apparently, this guy was buying out these “shares” for a cent on a dollar. No surprise. If regular folks didn’t see any return in a year or two (which I didn’t, for example), they’d likely be happy just to get rid of them for SOMETHING.

Keith Stevens

Excellent Video Mandy thanks!!

Keith Stevens

that was interesting


I thought it was interesting to see how pleased the CBS personalities were as Browder attacked Trump, via Russia: pure state-based propaganda. The FBI indirectly coordinates with the DNC via CrowdStrike. For decades, the CIA has messed with our news outlets and TV personalities (for instance, Anderson Cooper). And all of this deep collusion is now trained on a sitting president. The problem is, we see it now and realize how corrupt it is. Something big is coming, perhaps after the midterms…

Vicki Slade

Please watch the documentary The Magnitsky Act Behind The Scenes, before it’s removed again.



Vicki Slade

Because it shows many inconsistencies in Browder’s story. It has many interviews with Browder. His demeanor changes dramatically when he is asked hard questions. It also shows that the only evidence that was used to pass the Magnitsky act and vilify Putin was Browder’s story and witnesses that were paid by him. His story falls apart under scrutiny. The documentary was originally started because the guy who was producing it believed Browder. When things began to not add up, he started questioning things deeper, Browder stoped working with him and even threatened him. Then he paid a lot of money to get the documentary pulled from theaters and banned from the internet. It is only a matter of time before this link is removed. Please watch, make up your own mind and share if you find it credible. I do.

Chris Mueller

Whow, after only 2 days the link is already dead… FLAK is worst above target!

Vicki Slade

I knew it was going to happen. The moment I was finally able to watch it, I did.

Vicki Slade

It’s insane how quickly they are censoring people.

Greg Olsen

BANNED DOCUMENTARY – The Magnitsky Act: Behind The Scenes (FULL / In English) ! Did Bill Browder setup Russia to get sanctions instituted? Would make US politicians look like fools? Would make Russians very angry with Bill Browder for bilking them out of 230 million then getting them sanctioned! sad


Thanks for posting the full video.

Patrick McClellan

WAIT! Mandy! Hate to be an Arm-Chair Body Linguist, but, didn’t that talking-head just give away the fact that she set up this guy for the next staged subject? See 3:53. The head-nod, the smile, the eyes closed. It was like “GO!, THERE! I SET YOU UP FOR YOUR NEXT ACCUSATION.”

M. How

I saw that, too. Thanks for reaffirming that.




Browder IS A LIAR! he isn’t an American citizen. he denounced his citizenship bcs he didn’t want to pay taxes.Lee Stranahan has him right in the middle of this mess with donald. stranahan thinks browder started it all.



Lee Stranahan posted videos of Browder’s 2015 deposition. See the links I posted below to MonkeyPunchZ

Dean Lowry

This guy is just another link in the chain. I heard or read awhile back that there are around 1,600,000 people with direct bloodlines to Satan. I know it’s a jump, but I’ve been investigating worldwide corruption for over a decade now and it all leads to the same place if you follow the money far enough. Funny thing is, the money is just a tool they use to control those that wish they were one of the 1,600,000.

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