Body Language – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Congress Candidate

Body Language - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Congress Candidate

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Ffransis Morgan

Thank you for this platform.
This is what the internet is based on and we support you.


Oh no. I can only imagine how some people will think to act in the age of the internet and social media.

Metzer Metcalfe

Yeah Carol… continue with the anti Liberal propaganda – alternatively – Body language expert Patti Wood, author of ‘Snap’ says about Cortez…
“Her gestures show that she’s trustworthy and honest. When identifying integrity or deception in a statement, you look for when the gesture occurs. When someone is being authentic, they gesture just before or at the moment of their statement,” Wood said, pointing out at how Ocasio-Cortez gestures to emphasize the key points of her platform during speeches and other talks. “She does that, over and over again. What happens in your primitive brain is that you trust, you believe, because it’s in sync. It almost musical, it makes you feel good to watch her.”

Aaron Lane

Thank you for your videos. I wish there was more I could do to support you beyond liking and sharing your videos.

Darren Cruse

My comment seems to have disappeared yesterday I posted asking if anyone besides me felt this was overly harsh?

(isn’t body language analysis meant to be serious/professional/objective undertaking? yet the video starts off with an insult calling AOC a dingbat? did anyone notice besides me that doesn’t seem professional?)

Todd Pullara

Cortez is literally insane. I hope she runs in 2020. That’s all I can say.


First generation to go to college on her mother’s side? lol what about her father’s side? Big deal!


I find her naive and narcissistic. Dangerous combo.


This is definitely an Uggbummer product . He tribalised politics he weaponized the intel agencies he almost single handedly destroyed America which was part of the Globalist plan with Hitlery losing a FIXED ELECTION in her favor which God reversed …She Hillary would have finished America off and if candidates like this lady are voted in ? That doesn’t even understand what “Socialism ” is she thinks its part of Face Book which is turning out to be the truth … I saw her in a PBS interview she doesn’t know the difference between Palestine and Israel unreal #VOTEDEMONRATSOUT

imi uru

Tried watching, but couldn’t get any audio. I’ll try again later.

The liar’s pants are on fire: that’s why she’s wiggling on her self-made hot seat. Her dad was an architect, which required a college degree, she grew up in a very comfortable home in Westchester, not the Bronx that she claims, (she lived there about a minute) and you’ve caught her out. Excellent work, thanks.

Beth Lampron

She said that on her mother’s side she was the first person to go to college. HER FATHER WAS AN ARCHITECT!!!! She grew up in Westchester county. She’s portraying herself to be underprivileged.

Mandy thanks for this video.

M. How

Yes. She grew up in a privileged family. She is lying by omission. But, because she has Hispanic origins the working poor will believe she is a poor woman who has climbed her way to the top.


Pelosi needs to part her hair better.

Jilmary Clowers

Would you consider doing a Body Language Study of the interview of Tom Hanks as he discusses Harvey Weinstein, etc…


M. How

Yes, Mandy, please. Saw Kappy last night on another live stream. Wasn’t looking for it — it just popped up. This is just heartbreaking. Also see videos from McAllisterTV about spirit cooking, pedophilia, Podesta emails, etc. Unbelievable what goes on and ESPECIALLY who is involved. Watch the video she produced on Jeffrey Epstein’s Island. You need a really strong stomach for that.

Julie Scheffler

Thank you for making a video of her. I’ve missed watching your videos, they are always so interesting.

Connie Skogen

I can’t stand watching people using their hands over actively while they talk. It’s extremely distracting and obtuse.

shawn zabrocki


Cherian Jacob

When I saw her reaction to her victory over Joe it pretty much summed up who she is. I agree with everything you say Mandy. The only thing is that no one can undermine anyone, and we don’t know to what extent her victory, however far it goes, is purely because of her message or to serve as a proxy for establishment Democrats.

M. How

Both. In NYC no one gets on the ballot without the approval and financial backing of the Democratic Party. Thus, Duh Blazio.

If someone isn’t honest about their upbringing then they’re not going to be honest in representing you. This is not a trustworthy person.
Also, she’s a dolt. Starts her sentences with “I mean” but it’s the 1st thing she’s said on a topic.

These people learn this in college, eh?


but she showed us her diploma crying

M. How

LOL! What a joke.


Another shape-shifter. I can just see Joe Biden (a true racist, by the way) make another live mike surprise comment about how clean she looks and how well spoken she is for a Hispanic candidate. Thanks for the analysis of her ridiculous portrayal. I worry though, that younger voters who have been brainwashed by their socialist professors, will be taken in by the Commie promises of Medicare For All and Guarenteed Income. Hopefully those of us who know better can educate them on the Thatcher Princple. ” The only problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” Loved it when she went full blown Farkas. Now when I see somebody do that I have to resist the urge to jump back, thanks to your teaching.

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