Body Language – Spy Agencies withholding Intelligence from Trump Administration

Body Language - Spy Agencies Withholding Intelligence to Trump Administration

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CNN hosted the source of this ‘withholding scheme’ and now they’re promoting it. Really dishonest.

Great work!!


What do you think? Is he lying?

Thank you Mandy

Jim Reiter

Where to begin?

Why is CNN using General Flynn at the beginning?

Why not ask this expert/joker who specifically is the “deeply concerning” Russian contact?

And who does this clown’s hair? Is he wearing a rug or just staggered out if bed or what?

Agree that he does believe what his circle tells him, and dutifully parrots it. Doesn’t appear to be the sharpest knife…

Jim Reiter

Get a load of this guy’s twitter:

“John Schindler
#Natsec , historian, security consultant, author, provocateur, bon vivant, polyglot, counterintelligencer, cat guy. Former NSA, NAVSECGRU, NWC”

His 20committee com site (which has a super-secret premium paid members area, is a conveyor belt of Trump-Putin screeds.

He’s just like James Bond, except women snicker at him.

Jim Reiter

Remember Schindler was booted from teaching at the Navy War College for sending pictures of his diminutive reproductive organ to a woman (he was married to a different woman at the time)

A “security and counterintelligence expert” from the NSA sending explicit pics on his phone. What are people told in the IC about behaviour that gets one comprimised? Kinda destroys his credibility.


Interesting that he would talk about the President’s Daily Briefing. It was well known that the PDB under Obama was distributed to about 30 or more of his staff and the heads of his Admin. This is wildly inappropriate as no other division of gov’t knows what the other Secretaries of other divisions are reporting. Only the President sees all of it.
Unless you’re BarackHussein and you send it to Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Holder, Clinton, etc. ~ with impunity, apparently, it’s all good!

M. How

Obummer needs to lose his security clearance and this may cure the leakage.


This should clearly be done to all of “them”, if for no other reason than to embarrass them, though lawyers are telling Trump he can’t do it because the CIA has to be “independent” of the President. Of course, Deep State lawyers would never tell an insider president he can’t dictate to the federal agencies! But frankly I think it would do little good. These guys don’t need access to recent intelligence in order to bash the president. They are all Deep State and can have access to whatever they want, regardless of clearance.

M. How

Great response and good info. Thanks.

I believe the bullet points thing. Every dyslexic is saying is Trump dyslexic? It takes one to know one. I am. If you can’t get it down to a few points then you are waffling or covering your ass with ambiguities. We already know that if the thing says no change Trump does not want the ten pages that he saw last week. He has said that publicly. He is not the first head of state to do that. Churchill was famous for throwing things in the wastebasket if it was too long. People learned to be succinct.


I agree with Douglas. Simple. If your hands are dirty, never let anyone see you waving. Keep them hidden. Very deep state. Fair and balanced analysis again. Thanks!


Once again we see that CNN is a tool of the Resistance.

M. How

In light of their “reportage”, I don’t know why they don’t add: CNN — “Propaganda of the Deep State.”
We all know that’s what these cable channels are.

P.S.: I just noticed that the time listed on my comment is 10:41 pm. However, in New York the time i posted is now 6:43 pm. Is your server off-shore somewhere? Just curious.

P.P.S: If it jeopardizes this channel I don’t need to know.

I believe Trump’s innate cunning is telling him that these agencies are trying to lead him into a trap. These spy agencies, work, hand-in-glove, in cooperation with Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans to set him up for impeachment.
Trump called it a “Swamp” for a reason.

Renzo Fabriek

I saw that he was uncomfortable in the beginning. Also an insecurity and a light fear in his eyes. If you are right I could be right with seeing that.


Very true Mr. Van Ness. It is also more of the same unsubstantiated propaganda that is disguised as “journalism” using “anonymous sources” to present a preconceived agenda. I think the CIA is probably in good hands, but Justice needs to be cleaned out starting with Andy Griffith at the top, Pencil Neck Rosenstein in the middle, Wray and at least everybody in senior management below him. They are all crooked or idiots being manipulated by those who are. Just look at the methods their mentor Mueller is using to put the squeeze on people and destroying lives for a political outcome. Thanks, Mandy. I did not mind the six or so notifications I got on the Najib video. You guys will get it right and I’m glad glad the increased traffic made the new server necessary.

Julie Scheffler

Thank you for the video. I’m So happy that I found you again 😸✝️


The Deep State controlling National Security does not want a non-criminal to know what crimes they are committing.

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