Body Language – Ex. Malaysia PM Najib Razak And 1MBD Gifts

Body Language - Ex. Malaysia PM Najib Razak And IMBD Gifts

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Julie Scheffler

Thank you for the video, I’m sharing all on Twitter.


This is so weird. The default Icon is something I can identify with. The “A” in the middle like my favorite MCU character Captain America, and the cross as I am a Christian. . . . . did you do that? XD


Just letting you know, your email notifications are going crazy with this video. Don’t worry about my emails, I bet you care about your site more than I care about my emails. lol

receiving duplicate notifications on this video…..

Cheryl Cooper

I got 20 emails in re to this did something happen?

Dee Lillywhite

Is everything okay? I received 20 of the same emails from you today.


We hope it is now fixed and not happening again for the next video release

10:38 am? It’s only 7:41 am central time zone!!

Why do I keep getting email notifications on this particular video? I got 22 emails.


Me too.

YEA SAME got a ton of email about this 1 video ..Mandy you’re email send/outbox is stuttering

Great. I knew it had something to do with that.

Marita Jeffrey

I received 24 notices also and I thought it was because every time I sign in to this WONDERFUL site… it asks me if I want to be notified of new videos and I ALWAYS say yes. Could that be the problem? I don’t want to say no because then I won’t get notifications, but perhaps that is why it’s happening?? Maybe make sure we only get asked that once and it saves our preferences??? Thanks for looking into it.


Hope the new server is not in a bathroom. It’s not safe there. The Russians will have at it.


So glad I checked in, I thought after 20 emails on this it might be SUPER important smile No worries about it, just a glitch with their servers changing! If I’m going to be “BOMBARD’ed”, this is the best kind! lol

Tudor City Lady

Thanks Mandy for our study subject. I find it helpful to see the body and her you with someone I am not accustomed to hearing, seeing nor have a bias.


He looks rather pitiful sitting in that chair.
Do you think there should be personality tests for politicians?
We could say that if you lack things like empathy and compassion you are disqualified.
Even insight could be a requirement for any politician.


I think someone able to look outside the box would be a number one requirement. Belief systems make people blind


I think that is why Trump actually does so well. He thinks outside the box in comparison to the political dynasties.


All very true but speaking of lawyer speak, I think we would all be much better off if lawyers were prevented from holding political office. They are so used to attempting to make a belief system fit reality instead of vice versa that even the best of them struggle with honesty and transparency, particularly when their belief systems are threatened.


Yes.. what is it with that connection?
I know lots of people that became lawyers just because they wanted to get into politics!


I think quite a number of things. their affinity for making laws, their rhetorical and argumentative skills, they tend to be upper class therefore giving them the resources for political campaigns.

Aly Warner

I often wonder if maybe going back to having people as congress men or women who work or hold a career or trade and hold public office would be better, just like our founding fathers. They may make decisions with the perspective of an everyday citizen instead of from that of a privileged, narrow minded and disconnected career politician.


The founders didn’t foresee that people would become career politicians. At the time it was more akin to being drafted. Someone would agree to serve for a limited time and then return to their normal life.

Nick Bana

Well, in context of Malaysia:
1. We have a GP as Prime Minister.
2. We have a gynecologist as his deputy/Women’s Minister.
3. Economics- Mathematician.
4. Internal Affairs- Former civil servant.
5. Finance- Former bank accountant.
6. Health- Toxicologist, and
7. Defense- …A cook. Seriously.

Charles Harris

These are all reasons why I think there should be term limits on ALL public offices.


People who otherwise seem intelligent can be made to accept ANYTHING in a belief system. You could have people agreeing to cut up their babies alive while thinking they are asserting their independence. Admittedly,that sounds far-fetched but it’s true.

have you ever done a video on John Brennan? I’d loooove to hear your take on that guy. He’s locked down pretty tight usually but you may be able to see what I can’t. I know he’s a liar and a corrupt traitor but that is based on his words. great video smile


I have done him…it was a while ago…ill have to find him


Every time I see Brennan, I think Voldemort.

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