Body Language – Trump and Putin Meeting in Helsinki

Body Language - Trump and Putin Meeting in Helsinki

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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When you cant use the DOJ or the FBI…but the KGB offers their services XD



Dawn Brown

I think its time to stock up on some popcorn..this is just beginning

In no other country either democratic or autocratic can you have the DOJ behaving in this plain open rebellion against the chief of the executive branch to whom it is constitutionally answering to. Not very beautiful to see from outside, it offers the image of a sinking government with unhinged media/bureaucratic structure in face of a duly elected president. This makes me remember the end of the french 1948 revolution by what was called the pretorian gouvernemental structure which has gained lot of power/inertia since its establishment after the 1779 revolution. All the “imbeciles” are angry for this meeting but the world had a brief sight of relief…but is waiting for the next pearl harbor/golf of Tolkien casus belli. Thank you for your great work.

neo plasma

I hope they do have a good relationship, I never saw a reason to be enemies especially these days… These two guys could smash the hell out of some Deep State and think this is why they are doing the collusion thing for so long to keep them apart till they can whip up a plan to make them go to war. But think they too smart to allow that to happen. They have similar goals and both sides are mostly christian as Russia has went Judeo Christian and working on same goals plus I know Putiin cares about his country and people. He was the one I found out so much about Obama and he is the one that said a country that can attack it’s own people is a dangerous one (talking about 9/11). He obviously saw it inside job so he’s great in my book.. I was an avid watcher of videos I’d find with him speaking.. He is a huge analyzer and speaker in how he breaks down the subject matter piece by piece and in an order that anyone can understand where and how he came up with his conclusions. I’m sure the feminists were hating on his manspreading though.. Whatever..

Todd Pullara

Wow…this is extremely complicated and nuanced, so I feel the need to preface.
First, I am an American and a patriot. I love my country, and I hope it rises above the current situation that’s it’s in.
Second, I understand Putin’s past. He was the head of the KGB, and I’m sure that he has done some unsavory things in the basement of the Lubyanka Building.
Those things aside, I believe that these two men have the best chance to change the the fatalistic path that so many think we must maintain. Russia does not have to be our enemy. We do not have to be the enemy of Russia. Even though we have different ideologies, that should not stop us from coming together and making the world a better place. Is it not OK to have a differing opinion with someone that you consider a friend? Why should that concept not translate into a bigger picture, such as two countries as opposed to two individuals? The American people, as a whole are good people. The Russian people, as a whole are good people. Lets put our differences aside, and try and find the common ground, so we can make the planet a safer place over all.

It’s possible to do this. There is only one group, or ideology that wants to prevent this. And they are some truly bad actors.
I did not call anyone or any ideology out by name on purpose. Let’s see if rational people can figure out what I’m actually saying.


The deep state/shadow gov. Hadn’t slept a wink after President Donald J. Trump and Mr. Putin met …the ones whom has been the most out spoken have reason to worry .Two years and NOTHING it shows who and how they’ve been destroying America and the World . I pray all of the traitors on every side are brought to public justice…This meeting with President Trump and Mr. Putin showed class …the “RESET BUTTON” with the Hildebeast (Hillary) and Uggbummer’s (Obama’s tell Vladimir I’ll have more flexibility after my election caught on open mic was DISGRACEFUL …22,November 1963 a coup d’etat was successful assassination of JFK …8,November2016 “We the People” reversed it by ” deplorables” as Hildebeast called us ” We the People” and the Father in Heaven showed them the Creators time is different from the Destroyer’s time …They’ve been trying to remove a dually elected president every sense unsuccessfully πŸ‘ Keep praying for America and tbe World

Gav Burger

This summit is a key puzzle piece to the greatest change in humanities history. A real gold nugget is seen (0.54) when Putin is following Trump’s lead.

To those that know the plan and see the board, consider that Trump convinced Putin to throw HRC and GS under the bus. If you consider who Putin really is and his history, snitching is just not going to happen, but Trump just got the biggest mob boss to do just that. You can see how Trump was getting a little anxious in anticipating Putin mentioning publicly about GS and the 400 million donated to HRC. Putin also had a hard time getting the words out, BUT Putin is going along with the plan. >>>>>………. In other news, Russian Warship “Carrying $133 Billion In Gold” Discovered Off South Korea and Half of any treasure found aboard the vessel would be handed over to the Russian government.

Sit back and enjoy the show…

Mandy, can you do a video on the read of Obama the morning after Trump won?

Hans Wagner

You’re the best Mandy – it’s a shame I don’t see you on that sinking YouTube platform, though I’m very grateful to know about your site here. I support you and that calming and enlightening voice of yours. favourite

Henry Moreno

πŸ‘‹πŸ½ New subscriber, novice body language reader. Teach me your ways .Ive come to learn . While of course having a few laughs along the way. ( can you β€œread me” through emojis?) bad joke. Thank you

Laura Meyers

Thank you for doing this video. I am interested in seeing how things unfold going forward.

Tarot Reader Tina



The main reason politicians ( both left and right of the isle) hate to see us getting along with Russia is that it is bad for military industrial complex business. It makes it much harder for them to point to an easily identifiable boogy man and justify the approval of inflated defense budgets to their constituents. Our government has been milking this since the end of WWII (Eisenhower warned of this in a public address on his way out of office) with no end in sight. Beating the war drum does not promote civilized growth and progress; it only promotes divisiveness and bloated government bureaucracies.


When Trump and Putin were standing together Trump had the shoulder nearest Putin dipped a little bit. Not sure what that means.

Larby M.

You may be interested to read in this space of political opportunity for this two presidents
Great actors


Larby M.


Mark Hayward

As near as i can tell these two Patriots are telling the Truth .. Yet other Patriots say they are informants .. while at the same time Lazaro and Kelli say they others are the informants .. It has totally dived the people who support the Hammond’s and Bundy’s

Mark Hayward

The Vibes I get is that Trump and Putin are at odds against the Deep State .. Which is a very dangerous postilion to be in ..

Phyllis Brink

Thanks so much for your analysis, Mandy. I know body language says so much more than words and I’m glad you could validate that Putin isn’t the boogeyman so many and our Deep State are making him out to be. So much distrust. These people are so frightened-of what? And it’s making them very stupid. I even had an acquaintance tell me he doesn’t believe Putin. I should have asked him why. Glad to find some good company here.


Hanging. They are all frightened out of their minds of being hanged. Bush Sr. said if the American people ever found out what they were up to, that’s what would happen. Hilary said that’s what would happen if Trump won the election. What we see going on in the Deep State now isn’t what it pretends to be. It’s all one big cover up in a desperate attempt to try to save their own lives. Literally.


Took awhile to view this one due to a bunch of error messages that hopefully have resolved. Very well done and helps clear the fog of disinformation and hair on fire overreaction in the media. Need to look into this Browder character and the alleged funneling of illegal funds. Find it very interesting that those who were in charge and did nothing during the “meddling” under Hussain are foaming at the mouth accusing the President of treason for attempting to open a dialogue with Russia and Putin. I am highly suspicious of those who attempt to preserve a climate of hostility with Russia. My guess is that they are hoping to conceal the real Russia collusion, which took place between the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One deal and other transactions. If they don’t have a dog in this fight why are they barking so loud? Perhaps due to the fact that they will be exposed as in on the corruption of trying to fix the election for their own personal gain and power. As their former colleagues are taken down one by one they are getting panicky. Thanks again, Mandy!

Paul Gosling

When Putin waits for Trump to sit it’s called politeness.


Fantastic job. I learn something new with every one of your videos. I simply see two leaders who want to put an end to a bad relationship between the two countries. I don’t see how that is a bad thing. Keep up the great work!


Did you notice the color of the coat/dress Melania was wearing? In the language of flowers, yellow means joy. The butterfly signifies metamorphosis- change, in the most positive way. The butterfly has new life. We humans do express our energy and communications through our clothing, not only in the color, also in the fabrication and design.

Marc Leroux

hahaha….the kgb comment is hilarious…..but on a serious note i would rather have the KGB coming for me then what they call the deep state in the us….KGB inspires fear and crualty mean while the deep state are conniving and posing as the good guys in order to create the necessairy events or problems needed and the solutions to them are more then often always to further goals and policies they could not not instore prior to it…..yeah yeah i know thats all conspiracy theory 101 but even the that term was introduce for the purpuse of discrediting whatever i just said….trump is not perfect and to some extent is the lesser of two evils but this world is alot safer since he took office and as an outsider but a wealthy and connected individual he is kinda held hostage by the state as a part time employe and it must be frustrating for him to be bound and accountable to all the boulshit that has been going on for so long with the incredable potential the USA has!!! for this man and having all the ressources and budget he has 4 years would be enough to transform deficit into profit……to bad they dont give him even half the power that should come with his title!

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