Body Language – Peter Strzok Congressional Hearing

Body Language - Peter Strzok Congressional Hearing

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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It is so funny to see the wide eyes on the woman behind Strzok at 32:40 crying

neo plasma

You know why he was talking with his lawyer so much is because he was staging this.. Trump had him do this so he could be humilated on TV, and was told to do this and he put that drink down (coke with name) to give clues that would lead to Oregen situation which is where think U1 was obtained and land was being stripped by using a law that I think needs to go too.. forget name but they seize property of alleged criminals. Trump is now using it to get back at them, in the end I think it should be removed cause of the corruption is can have in authorative agencies like police, FBI, ATF, etc

It’s true but at the same time, he was staged cause he was a singing canary along with Lisa Page.

Shannon Hunsuck

Is the dude behind Strzok wearing a face full of makeup?! I’m actually writing about something else entirely, just got distracted, lol…my dad is a 76yo retired FBI agent – active from 1966-95. Were anyone to read this, I’d just like to say that both he, & many of his fellow agents with whom he meets monthly for what they call “the grumpy old men” breakfasts, 😂 are so personally hurt and angry about all of the developments in the DOJ in these past few years. Hurt & angry that the institution has clearly gone the direction of leadership having nefarious & selfish purposes, after what my dad feels that so many of them worked SO hard to keep from happening, laboriously & diligently striving to uphold the values of their oaths. Because of this turn of events, my dad is literally almost embarrassed to acknowledge his life’s career. And not JUST b/c of the actions of those like this clown, but the feeling of being ashamed of what has been done (by those in power) to the legacy of what once made him proud, but additionally, b/c people then start questioning him about issues for which he was no longer there & has no knowledge, and those who make some conflation between what is now the well known (what I’d call evil) goings on that have been transpiring, now (at least what we DO know about – no doubt it is far deeper) discovered, & the FBI that he served. This breaks my heart, this lovely parting “gift” to people like my dad, former agent friends & other long-since retired agents – to have been given in the last years of lives. The lives of people for whom the largest number of limited years they have left, and were spent proudly serving the country, law enforcement & the agency for which they felt honored to be a part of. 😪 The parting gift that would be more aptly named “the white elephant.”

angela villali

Mandy you have had a powerful part of this movement. You have taught us to see whats going on,. It is awesome. Thanks so much for being part of this exciting time in history. I will never forget it,.

Ursula Leach

Are you going to do something on Trump and Putin meeting and press conference? I’d would very much to see your input on this.

Mike Hogue

It almost looks like Strzok has a demon attachment.

Mike Hogue

Miss Bombard. or Mrs. sorry. I noticed Strzok has a Bill Clinton esk demeanor in his facial expressions. do you think he may have been programmed by the same handler as Clinton? Also. do you think it’s possible that all of these evil people are being programmed through a secret program of fear, sexual abuse, and chemicals by the deep state\MIC, to turn them into sociopaths\ psychopaths, which I think 90% of the democrats are? How else can we explain these people trying to destroy their own country? I love your analysis by the way. I think your spot on and I hope we can all learn from what your teaching? I’m a ufo researcher for going on 30 years, and I know they use these tactics to control people in the SSP and military, if you go high enough up the ranks. I think they use this a lot with their scape goats for false flags and all the way back to the Kennedy assassination. It’s very possible that Oswald was programmed, had his mind wiped either chemically or electronically, then they just had to send him a trigger to go into action. What are your thoughts?

Deedra Long

Can you do Trump and Putin? Or Trump and May?

Beth Rochholz

smile Thank you! I really enjoyed your video on Strozk Congressional hearing! I dont think i will ever look at these slime bags again in the same way!

saxon newlove

Amazing! Wont the deceivers be staggered to find their intimate thoughts are revealed for all the world to see by their own tells!

Randall Garlington

I don’t understand why the lawyer was not self-soothing during the Gohmert questioning. While it was directed at Strzok directly it was obvious he was directing it at that entire group. Seeing the witness be uncomfortable is one thing, but seeing the lawyer not respond was even more telling. The FBI have their patsy perhaps?


Great video… and thank you! smile

Kris Langley

I love the reaction that the FBI counsel has when Rep Gohmert makes the infidelity point at 32:38.


If only America would embrace public caning…

Chad Gambrell

Check out that girl behind Strzok! Starting with Jim Jordan ( 11: 13 ), as you are watching Strzok and his lawyer… now watch the girl in the background on the other side of Strzok. With the black hair, she has very vivid facial expressions. I would love to hear your input on that. Its almost like she is watching a game and gets happy when Strzok “wins” and has wicked mouth movements when he is lying, aka “loses”.


There have been a lot of comments on different sites claiming that Strzok’s attorney was giving signals to the Dems on the Committee when to disrupt. As I watched the hearing, that thought did occur to me and I looked for it but, I didn’t catch any signaling. Did anyone here see any?

Jim Reiter

He could very, very easily send texts / IM’s to Democratic congressmen sitting at the hearing. They wouldn’t even have to read the texts. Set their phones to vibrate whenever they got a text from the lawyer and immediately they start shouting, “point of order”

Did you notice how few of them were able to articulate just what the reason for their point of order was?



I think you’re on to something, there. Thanks!

Pattie Simmons

So proud of our GOP CongressMEN! Hope they keep STROKEMAN jumping and wiggling. That “lawyer” should be removed from the room. I know he can’t but he truly behaves like the puppeteer He is really slug slime!. My husband says I must be learning fromyou; I missed a few of the signs but I got a lot of them right! Mostly missed Slugslime Esq.’s mannerisms! XD
Thank you for a WONDERFUL video! Cannot wait for the next!! 💖💖💖💖

linda durham

Thanks so much for doing these, Mandy. I, too, watched the hearings with you in mind and couldn’t wait for you to post. While watching the hearings live, I think I saw Strzok TRY NOT TO LAUGH when one of the congressmen said he had been praying for him. Was it my imagination?

Patrick Hibbard

Yup, I have to agree. I loved Goehmert here, he was on target and firing for effect. If you listen close you can here Strzoks Wife cheering in the background.


Mueller was a FBI agent in charge at Waco TX event.
See Strzok attorney connection,

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