Body Language – Gaslighting Government Board Meeting mirrors The Federal Govt


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🤔🤔 so I am watching the Gowdy/strzok excgange…. Is that gaslighting I see? 🤔🤔


yes it is


I can’t wait until you do this exchange…. Or I should say… OMG I hope you do this exchange!
Strzok has this pulling up of his nose in this disgust/scowl attitude that I feel needs to be swiped off!

Strzok is a quintessential bully with an arrogance that will stop at nothing.

Todd Pullara

This video is a parable for how the Democratic party has evolved in the US. Scale it up, and it’s the same. The president of this committee, anyway (the childish man).


Was looking into the background of this original post a bit more because it bothered me. I think the gun was jumped here. Mandy has couched El Presidente’s relationship to another board member as a “political rival”. I wouldn’t be so quick to make that assertion because it does not appear to be accurate.

Mandy, did you realize his “political rival” was a board member that was recently (at the time of this video) convicted (yes, convicted, not accused) of beating his wife with a baseball bat?


There is an actual subsequent board meeting that discusses adopting basic levels of decency for the board drafted by the Village Attorney as a memorandum. I think El Presidente (Sarto) may have been trying to execute (before these measures were adopted) what he thought every board member would agree to as basic levels of decency in society. ONe of those measures is that elected officials should not continue to serve on an elected board if they were subsequent CONVICTED of assaulting another human being with a weapon.

Lesson here is… do your homework. I doubt anyone would agree that an “infamous crime” determination is a good basis to retain a trustee that beat his or her spouse with a heavy wooden stick. If you don’t do your homework, you run the risk of becoming the same as the ones you chastise. Watch Robert Redford’s 1972 role in The Candidate for a fair warning in risks of not being able when to discern when the pot is calling the kettle black. I think if you study the facts you will see that El Presidente’s actions were similar to Mr. Gohmert (although less dramatic or direct) as he addresses Mr. Strzok in recent Judiciary committee meeting by Congress— which Mandy wholeheartedly commended.

Jennifer Conway

So 12 Russian Intelligence Office hackers indicted? I can’t find the words for this bunch of BS!!! I mean did peter F)$& up so bad yesterday that they had to run and do this? Watching that hearing yesterday was unreal!!!!! Every time you would think ok here we Jim J is getting there the democrotches would scream ” point of order” or some insane bs. It’s almost like they were under some spell and trigger words would activate them. Am I crazy for thinking this way? God help me if I am losing it…. I digress with utter disgust at this news


I think you’re giving these officials (El Presidente and Strzok) too much credit here by applying the term gaslighting to their behavior. Aren’t these two individuals simply being obstinate? I agree that gaslighting has the connotations of something more sinister going on and makes for sensational commentary, but I think these individuals are simply being self serving (with an emphasis on CYA operations in the case of Strzok).

I was not familiar with the term “gaslighting” before this post (thank you, Mandy, for instigating another learning experience) but after reviewing the origins I think an important element of gaslighting is that the party being, uh, how would you call it, “gas-lit”? must undergo a physiological metamorphosis of some kind involving a questioning of their own reality or “belief system” as it were. Doesn’t seem that Gowdy (or any Republican) is buying into the reality that Strzok is selling (i.e. presenting professional bias as personal expressions of political belief). It also doesn’t seem like the Village board is buying into the idea of a reality that a seconded motion will be forthcoming should they just wait long enough…or if the original motion is simply repeated enough times.

To the contrary, Gowdy responds “I don’t give a damn what you believe….” at one point and the Village board eventually asks the Village Attorney what procedural measures can be taken to move past El Presidente’s failed motion. Sure, you can argue that the Dem’s bought into Strzok’s testimony, but they would not be the ones needing to be lit; they are already on board (hook, line, and sinker) with Strzok’s belief system before he testified. No seeds needed to be sown there.

Perhaps you could call it an “attempt” at gaslighting, but obstinance just seems more to the point and appropriate because, in these cases, transformations didn’t take place. An analogy would be like saying that all the folks that failed to sustain lift in an airplane before the Wright Brother’s success at Kitty Hawk N.C. were “flying” because that’s what they were attempting to do. No, they were really just involved in a series of unfortunate crashes after being temporarily airborne; the end result being no different than Evil Knievel’s motorcycle jumps. Fine line; but I believe an important line nonetheless.

Here is my favorite. Note the bulging temples, clenched jaw, squinting eyes, and pursed lips. This is one mean junk yard dog who is ready and willing to kill.

I would love to see your take on this monster.

Cathy Mapes

Nothin but a cowardly wimpy bully…narcissistic adulterer….goofy-acting liar!!!

shawn zabrocki


Jilmary Clowers

Peter Strzok please. He made a lot of scary faces (lol) and he seemed like he felt superior to everyone else. He smiled (smirked) a lot and I was thinking that it was like Rosenstein who smiled a good bit. Then I remembered when Hillary burst into laughter when being questioned by Robey from Alabama. Robey said she didn’t understand laughter about her question (“were you at home alone all night?”) when at that time, the 4 men in Benghazi were being tortured and killed. Seriously, how could she laugh??

Robert Philips

I’m watching the FBI agent Peter Strock (sp?) testify openly before Congress. I think about my youth when on the school’s fencing team, using foils. In this case our FBI agent is using words as his foil. He parries well and shows a “love” for this sport, his sport of showing how smart and slippery he can be with language. His one major speech that received applause from those present in the gallery reminded me of prior matches in my youth.

However, not all his time talking was used as fencing nor practice and it is here, in my opinion where the web’s author should and most likely will focus her attention.

My conclusion is that this FBI agent is not as smooth as he pretends nor thinks he is. I will await our author’s critique.

China Montgomery

This is so sad.

Marcia Stewart

I am eager to see your breakdown of the NATO group I see on news, looks like over a meal they are listening to Pres Trump. He is kicking butt! Tell me what you think please!


I attend quite a few local town and county government meetings and this village of Carpentersville in Illinois is really not all that atypical.

Sure, this one clip is particularly wacky. But you’re going to get those moments. Someone posted a whole slew (though not in their entirety) of this village’s meetings in this 2009 time period and I went through a few of them out of curiosity. El Presidente doesn’t always get his way and (surprisingly enough) there are some lucid moments of rational behavior from this maniac. The bottom line is that these meetings show that the true power is in the people–if only they would exercise it! One of the typical aspects of this meeting is the lack of citizenry that show up and speak. The ones that do usually insist on saying their piece no matter how badly they ramble or how much El Presidente tries to shut them down. You usually are allowed your full 5 min. to speak (we get 3) and you should not be denied. If at least 200-300 would line up to say their piece at any one of these given sessions, then I truly believe it would change things. Also, if more than your typical 10-15% would show up to the polls, that would help too. These maniacs prey (and thrive mightily) on pervasive public apathy.

so keep the engagement ball rolling!


Thanks your research was helpful. 🙏 Problem is, when “El Presidente” is capable of making implied threats against the lives of fellow board members, any incidents of normalcy is completely overshadowed. “One ‘awh s—t,’ wipes out a whole slew of ‘at-a-boys.’”


With all due respect, let’s not make this video into something it is not. I don’t think any threats were made against the life of another board member. What was offered was an insult; one of many that are throw at each other by this board quite regularly if you watch the videos. If a life threat was made that would have been actionable from a criminal law perspective. I’ve never seen a criminal charge based on an “implied” threat. Can you cite one?


The guy is a fat, spoiled, wife-abusing psychopathic jerk who threatens to kill people who don’t let him have his way. Any more questions?


…What happens when the Goodfellas put their guy in charge of the city Council. 🤣


This is like the student who is called out for bad behavior, and then says “well so-and-so cheated on the test last week, and said I was ugly.” Smearing the other kid, and NOTHING to do with the situation at hand. Same thing, but I always say a petulant child is bad, but a petulant adult is dangerous. This man is really scary, because he will NOT give up, smears all around him, and is beyond a bully – he is totally abusive. I sure hope they got HIM off the board. And where is this town? Agh! Oh, and LOVED the analysis!


You’re right. He is scary. He is dangerous. He’s petulant. He’s a local…… Goodfella.

Chris Skillman

This “president” is narcissistic, it’s truly sad and scary to see ppl like this in a position of power. Like most in Congress.

Charles Harris

He’s the Chairman, can’t they vote him out. It’s fairly obvious that nothing is going to get done there unless it serves his purposes. That clearly was a threat but I doubt anything will be done about it. He must have either some powerful backers or blackmail on people or something. He is clearly unfit for that position and yet, there he is.

Phil Maltese

If this is how all government works, no wonder we’re stagnant. What a collection of barriers we’ve accumulated. It seems like gov-speak came about due to the ‘cya’ initiative.

I stumbled across this last week. then watched several of this child’s meetings. I could not believe it.

Svenska Gubbe

You have to understand, this is a suburb of Chicago. NUFF SAID!

I Have

AH! Then it makes perfect sense to me. I live in Southern Illinois.


I wasn’t sure what to expect, but that was fun. It’s more like a shocking case of adult petulance than gaslighting, but entertaining nonetheless. And you are correct, it did get better. Wow.

Cathy Mapes

Ditto yet again!!


Thanks for sharing the City Council meeting of Dysfunction Junction. Luckily I live in a town that is an island of sanity in a state that is run even worse than that board. It should be dissolved and split up between Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and Missouri, and Cook County sold to the Red Chinese to help pay our national debt.

Cathy Mapes

….Dysfunction Junction…love it…I needed a laugh😊

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