Body Language – Maxine Waters Controversy


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back of the bus. OMG no


Look at 10:08

Viper tongue.

Todd Pullara

Diversity of thought…the only diversity that the Democrats are against.


I felt very uncomfortable while I watched the MW clip. Ugly through and through although simultaneously well groomed. Ugliness spewing out from everywhere, toward humanity and truth. I agree with Donald Trump, low IQ. Don’t need a psychologist to do the tests. There seems to be something wrong with her brain, it’s hard for her to get connection between her mind and her speaking ability — an organic misfire of some sort.

Renzo Fabriek

Her face is so “distorted” that I can’t take her serious at anything and find her very scary. I don’t know what I mean by distorted but it looks one giant muscle retraction.


Maxine and the Demon–rats lost their minds when President Donald J. Trump referred to Illegal MS-13 gang members that cut victims hearts,heads out and off as “ANIMALS” Yet Maxine said ” If you shoot me ? don’t just wound me or something to the effecr ..because a wounded ANIMAL is DANGEROUS!?? Calling herself an ANIMAL …They have literally LOST theyre Minds its not just ” Trump Syndrome” as its called its really not just POLITICAL its SPIRITUAL they would rather see the economy fail as Bill Myers stated on his show then for America to be successful under President Trump.They’re also trying to start a civil war politically they MUST BE VOTED OUT ! It’s not just Democrats its a few so called Republicans just Bad people period Vote in these Midterms and vote your conscience which I hope is red Republican red 😀

Anna Conaghan

Is this woman ever sober???? she always comes across as ‘I was in the corridor swigging fron a gin bottle before I came on air’ look about her


She talks rubbish because her tight necklace is obstructing her throat chakra and preventing any ability to connect her speech with her higher self. ; )


She talks rubbish because she’s constricting her speech chakra with that tight necklace and preventing her ability to connect her speech with her higher self. ; )

Autumn Terrill

Thank you so much for covering these videos. I do share tham and have subscribed and really appreciate the hard work that you are doing. I love your voice and your common sense that you use so liberally in sharing the information that you do.

Julie Hansen

This woman is truly disturbing ……. socially and ethically bankrupt….. it is striking just how much she loves the drama and manipulation ……. it’s all just sooooo ugly

Pattie Simmons

That woman is a complete nutjob! She’s a classic textbook narcissist

fourtimesayear fourtimesayear

That was so funny – it’s what people do when they’re in love with someone and they’re trying to get their attention. It’s the truth. I couldn’t help but laugh imagining Mad Maxine being in love with Trump – but I think it’s totally possible. She could really have a crush on him.


Did you all see her sticking her tongue out while she was on the elevator?


#civility….. seriously?

Mallori Dawson


Thought this was interestinginteresting

BP Psyked

If anyone has the misfortune to come across such Narcissistic individuals, remind yourself of this quote before indulging with them in any shape or form: “Don’t Ever Wrestle With A Pig. You’ll Both Get Dirty, But The Pig Will Enjoy It.”

Debbie Madonio

Yay for Mad Max … she is going to help us win the next election. Let her go. HA!

Eileen Guthrie

In short, why the left hates Trump and Trump supporters is because Conservatives are attempting to stem the tide of socialism and societal decay being brought about by the Leftists elites, most notably the Congressional Democrats, mainstream media types, Left-wing scholars and professors, and Left-wing lobbyists and activists, all of whom are key players in promulgating Leftist bile and propaganda. These elites are also known as liberals, socialists, Marxists, Stalinists, communists, secular progressives, and other labels or euphemisms indicative of the Left-leaning crowd. The good news is that Conservatives still constitute the majority in America and can prevail against the destructive political and cultural forces of the Left.

Jim Reiter

Forgive me, but at 0:45 in the video, the hands on the sign in front of the dais look like they are grabbing her south of the border bosoms, Al Franken-like.

She’s an audiovisual nightmare. *shudder*

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