Body Language – Jim Jordan, Bret Baier and Jim’s Accuser


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Aaron Ramirez

The first reporter in this video looks like Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad lol

Julie Hansen

I pray Jim Jordan is uplifted in this difficult time….. he’s always impressed me as a stand up guy

China Montgomery

This little accusation is no surprise to me after watching [RR] during his hearing on the hill. We all seen that [RR] has a temperament during that & the way he looked at Jim my gut told me that something was going to go down. The others who confronted Rosenstein should be prepared for this type of action in the future. President Trump needs to declassify everything ASAP to end this corrupt insanity.

Mitzi Cole

Mandy you just confirmed everything I was thinking when I was watching this interview. My heart breaks for Rep. Jordan’s loss and his feelings of betrayal. Just hope RR finds out that karma is a b—h.

William Dunn

Been following all your youtube vids for some time, registered here on your site and happy I did. Your content is important and vital to helping us win the fight, Justice is soon to follow. Thank you.


This one was sad. Like you said Mandy, once you stand up you can’t sit back down. Once Jim digests what happened to his nephew I am sure he’s feeling immense guilt. No backing down now otherwise his nephew’s life will go in vain.

Ken Marchlenski

Ms. Bombard you and your skills are nearly priceless in today’s World of Lies half-truths and Innuendos force upon us from very clever and gifted deceivers.
Your insight gives me some hope that Truther’s are not alone and that we come in many forms and titles or monikers with varying Gifts to share.

Recently on 6-18-18 NBC has a Senior Correspondent named Kate Snow do a EXTREMELY troubling 5-10 minute Promotion of a 10 YEAR OLD (Drag Queen) TRANSVESTITE BOY CHILD by the name of Desmond. The Title was “The AmazingDesmond “!
It’s not that easy for me to find the exact ‘show’ but it’s possible. However, to cut and past it HERE is a problem for me but I will try and give you what I can to make it as easy to see what I’m getting at.

Ms. Snow asked this tiny little 10 year old child “IF HE WAS GAY?” and then “WHEN DID HE COME OUT?” !
Go into a 6th Grade class and ask a little Girl this Question and find out how fast you’re shown the door!

They interviewed the Parents as well and I’ve never seen such a pregnant for discussion and condemnation little ditty on Prime time TV!

I’ve not quite been the same since catching it on the 7 AM “Today Show” that Monday morning.

I believe I’m suffering from depression over this!

Why the Depression?

We’ve come so VERY FAR DOWNWARD!

This little ‘ditty’ is really a MILESTONE MARKER in America’s depravity mingled with pedophilia and the Exploitation of Children!

This is the Best I can do to show you this little child. I’ll start with what’s on You Tube but it’s not the “Little ditty” on NBC that’s represents a crass and clumsy attempt to requite children into this life-stile and philosophy.


(This is NOT the NBC Interview but the best I know how to do.)
It’s an ATTACK on children and from NBC to boot! WTH?
I’m SURE you’ll be angered and shocked as I am!

Maybe someone will help me with getting this actual Interview to you. I can’t seem to find a way but I’ll simply pass one one from you tube.

By the way, Desmond has HIS OWN Face Book Site. Isn’t there an ‘Age limit’ of 13-`14 for You Tube?

Help here people?

A grand dad,
Ken Marchlenski
Pittsburgh, Pa.


I feel your pain! It’s a disgrace and lie from Hell itself (literally) to call boys, girls and girls, boys. One of the most important things for us to do, is to call it what it is and stop playing “make-believe” as they very much want us to do. I stand with you. I pray with you.
But as for how to post a video, I am probably more computer challenged than you. 😐

Long Time Comin

Really interesting. Great stuff, thanks Mandy. Btw where is that video on Maxine You said you were going to do??


Another great analysis, especially of the accuser. I got shivers at the end. I also wondered about the connection between the hearings and this. But the sad tragic end of his nephew also gives me pause to be very suspicious and nervous at the same time. Thanks for these clips!

Charles Harris

Thanks Mandy,
That’s pretty much what I thought when I first saw this, this morning.
I’m really glad that you reinforced my own suspicions.
I’ve always really liked rep. Jim Jordan and appreciate all the hard work he does in D.C. With rep. Gowdy and others. I knew that some kind of retaliation was going to happen against these politicians who are actually doing their jobs. And doing their jobs quite well I might add. It’s disgusting to think that they attacked him just when he and his family are going through such a stressful time. I believe the timing to be deliberate. Hit your enemy when he’s weakest.
The vile people behind this, and other similar false allegations, should be jailed themselves. As soon as it’s proven to be false that is. Everyone deserves due process. Even when the whole world knows you’re guilty, like Hillary.

Thanks again Mandy
Keep up the great work☺


I saw this interview and was hoping you’d do this one. Jordan is telling the truth. Witch hunt.

Shawn Murphy

Search GeoEngineering Watch on YouTube. Dane has a former CIA Covert Op retired lifer who gave a 40 minute or so presentation on the ENORMOUSLY VAST Federal Govt alphabet agencies who comprise the Shadow Govt or Deep State, call it what you like, but even the well informed will learn a lot… The former CIA is brave, he fought the CIA in court & won! He wrote a must read book & is trying to AWAKEN the Great Citizens of our Great Country. Everyone needs to understand that we as normal everyday American’s must AWAKE & ARISE, STAND FOR TRUTH & BE NOT AFRAID – BE BOLD & FIGHT FOR OUR CONSTITUTION – IT IS THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. Please go & watch the video & you will then understand more clearly that little time is left. The time to demand the restoration of Our Constitutional Govt is NOW!!! MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA & MAY WE THE PEOPLE REPENT OF OUR SINS, ACCEPT THE ATONEMENT OF JESUS CHRIST, OUR SAVIOUR & THE REDEEMER OF ALL THE WORLD, & MAY WE WITH GOD’S HELP BRING THESE COWARDLY THUGS TO HEAL! For like in The Wizard of Oz – they are little weak power hungry men who sit behind their curtains & drone screens & desks & pull the levers of their power. DRAIN THE SWAMP & MAY GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. ~ I CALL BS ON THE ACCUSATIONS AGAINST JORDAN & HIS NEPHEWS DEATH WAS A PURPOSEFUL MESSAGE, “BACK DOWN JORDAN – WE CAN GET TO ANYONE & @ ANYTIME!!! PUT YOUR HEAD DOWN & FIGHT REP. JORDAN – BITE THAT ASS & THROW THEM ALL IN JAIL – DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE & BE SMART & PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, BUT PRESS FORWARD, NEVER WAVERING & ANYONE WHO DIES, LIKE YOUR NEPHEW, THEY WILL HAVE CROWNS OF GLORY PLACED ON THEIR HEADS & HAVE POWER TO AID YOU FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE VEIL We all must stand firm & true & do our part to save Our Republic! My sincere condolences to Rep. Jordan & his family! DOUBLE DOWN & FIGHT HARDER – U HAVE THEM RATTLED & SCARED – FINISH THE JOB HAVE FAITH I DO YE SHALL TRIUMPH!


Dr Richard H Strauss
My guess he was a latent homosexual man. Additionally, suffered from sexual addiction which, as expected, grew progressively worse.
Grad of Univ Chicago med school 1964. Then a navy doctor taking care of divers (primarily young athletic males). Then 1978-1998 team doctor taking care of…you guessed it, young athletic males.
Somewhere along the way he got married, became a father. But at his death (age 67, 2005) he was divorced from previous wife, Mary Beth Matthews.
His retirement from team doctoring came a little early; he was 60. I bet he was “encouraged” to retire.
Guess where he found his retirement nirvana? Venice Beach California where he volunteered for an “underprivileged” population. Translation: a happy hunting ground of young, very vulnerable gay males. Seven years after retirement he committed suicide. Reported as “dying peacefully at home” by his old alma mater.
My guess: his sex addiction mushrooms at Venice Beach and he contracted AIDS. Knowing his fate he simply overdosed and killed himself…November 2005. Seven years after retirement. Age 67.

Now, in 2018 the collateral damage of a sex addicted, latent homosexual Doctor lives on…. No doubt, “Big Gay” has their stake with the Deep State.

Patrick Archer

They’re talking about college men! College Men on the wrestling team!
Has done one abuse them?

Red Raines

Maybe a bit out of context exactly here, but referring to the overall game, what video expresses the Trump and Sessions split theory in more detail? I just think that the satellite guys like Jordan really need to begin receiving more in house artillery from a joint combined campaign so that there’s a rally or circling of wagons when something like this happens and they’re not just left out hanging in the wind. Sort of you mess with one bull you get the horns of the rest like minded.


Pinning responsibility for questionable behavior of the OSU team Doctor, on Congressman Jordan, is a sick distortion of reality.
1. Jordan himself would not have been targeted by a sexual predator. Jordan was the antithesis of vulnerability.
2. The sexual predator, likely a gay man hiding in his closet: “married” plus, “checking for hernias” was being “a good” Sports Medicine Doctor. The most dangerous predators are very skilled at skating below the radar.
3. The doctor was 26 years older than Jordan and well established at OSU. Already 9 years as the team physician when the 23 year old Jordan joined the coaching staff.
4. Jordan was the lowest level of authority: above him were senior coaches, head coach, athletic director, college administration, and most importantly, the Ohio Board of medical licensure. The buck did not stop with Jordan; plain and simple. Jordan had no direct personal knowledge so what could he be responsible for??


They know Jordan’s nephew’s death was no accident. That’s how evil and sick the men running the FBI have become. Not only are they not above suspicion, it’s impossible to acquit them of motive and opportunity. Bret knows, too. It’s terrifying that our country has come to this.


What, there are suspicions that his relative was murdered to intimidate Jordan?
No matter,˙this man needs to become Speaker of the House.


There is no doubt in my mind that Jim Jordan is wholly innocent of wrong doing he is being accused of. And the timing of the loss of his nephew is highly suspect as well. Frankly, I was nervous for him during the Rosenstein hearing, when rosenstein angrily flung his arm out and pointed at him, glaring and spitting his words. Jordan caught it too, you can see it in his face at the end of his time. Its also why he offered that small concession re: it not being personal. His gut caught a real threat and fight or flight kicked in for a second. I believe the cong.aides who said Rosenstein threatened them. That dude is a traitor. I think he’s going to go down, not Jim.

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