Body Language – Jordan Belfort The Real Wolf Of Wallstreet


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Matt Heller

Belief system = ideology ?


“all come together as one human race and tell them to “F-Off!” I got a great laugh outta that as well!
Basically, that’s what will happen when Jesus returns. My belief system is, it’s not a long time away. And He’s pissed.

Long Time Comin

Mandy, you should write a book going in depth on belief systems. I’d read it!

Todd Pullara

I wish she would too, and also do the reading for the audiobook. I would listen to it once every couple of months. There is something about her voice that puts me at ease.

Patrick Archer

I think that President Trump got his snake story from Al Wilson.


Mandy how do you break through to a believe system?


carefully..each is different


Body singing, chanting temples…all nice additions to the Bombard’s Body Language dictionary, first edition.

Lelouch Di Britannia

Jim Jordan now has some “accusers”…. Not sketchy at all…

Edit: They aren’t even accusing him of sexual misconduct. They are accusing him of knowing what his coworker did. Lmao

Lelouch Di Britannia

There’s one on YouTube by CNN. It’s called “Rep. Jim Jordan: Allegations against me aren’t true”


Thank you…its infuriating that they do this to people…

Lelouch Di Britannia

No problem. And yeah that’s the link. If I find a better one, I’ll link it here.

Shawn Murphy

Be patient with us untrained newbies & never assume we know even a tenth of what you know. Few have your gifts… My wife is a LMFT & she has the same gifts that you do when it comes to body language & reading people, but I do not. I have many other gifts, we come here to learn how to improve our skills, you absolutely can become knowledgeable & skilled at almost anything, if you have excellent Mentors & you work hard at improving that which is weak, for your former weakness can become your strength! I really appreciate your analysis on this one… I wonder what kind of $ he got paid for the Scorsese / DiCaprio movie – surely they needed him to make the movie accurate.
Kindest Regards,


i am patient smile but i had to explain


“all come together as one human race and tell them to “F-Off!”- hilarious. You are so right about belief systems. I just got done dealing with lawyers in a civil case and watched both my attorneys and those of opposing counsel work themselves up into kayfabe belief systems, neither of which were even close to 100% true, so they could try and manipulate the confused jury. I felt like coming together as one human race and telling them all the same thing. Thanks, Mandy


I really like what you have to say on this Mandy – a chanting temple, that’s what it is. It occurs to me that that is what i really don’t like about so many people who are talking on such a variety of things – the preachers, the politicians, the consecrated vegans, anti-Trump nonthinkers – chanting temples, that is what i am hearing and hating it too. Thanks for that insight


yes…lets make chanting temple the word smile


Scott Adams (Dilbert creator) has some thoughtful and amusing things to say about belief systems and their resemblance to the Zombie Apocalypse, in some instances. Etcetera.


I listen to him while i do the breakfast dishes as he rambles a bit.

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