Body Language – CNN Coverage Border Separation Family Reunited With Son


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Todd Pullara

I find it hilarious how the kids tells give away that this narrative is all complete bullshit.


My mom told me when I first started going to daycare me and my sister always cried when she came to pick us up because we were happy to see her.
And, I am pretty sure nothing really all that bad happened there.
I’m assuming we just weren’t used to being sent to daycare away from our parents yet.
So, the fact that the kid had the reaction he did says a lot.

Sharon Watson

It would be interesting to see photos or videos of these kids at the time of the separation, side by side to the reunions. Were they as clean and self-confident, were they afraid or timid? Did they have some little distractor in their hands to take their minds off BEING afraid? Did they act like they knew these people or had a close relationship before because they sure don’t look like it now? What was the conduct of the separators like as opposed to the encouraging, grand-standing conduct of the reporters now? These are things that should be documented as well, I think. Kids are strange little creatures, and only seeing one side of the 2 does not really say anything at all at the end of the day…with nothing in comparison. I think if they had that, it might shut some of these ridiculous protestors up. Especially if they come back in better condition, mentally and physically than when they left. And even better, the NEXT day should have a brief follow-up too. Or week. You know, just to make sure nothing is just for the camera. We can’t even be sure anymore who is acting, who is coerced, and who is the real deal unless we happen to see them pop up in another staging somewhere.
THEN, you should do a couple of these on some of the YT videos posted by American parents who caught the kidnapping of their own kids by CPS on film, and the reunions, or even just videos… I wonder how THOSE would compare! WoW! There could be a VALUABLE consideration in that, Mandy!
What a service it could be to those of us who had our children snatched away on less than legal and ethical grounds, and suffer the consequences of an insanely corrupt child welfare system and court when they have to start covering up what they did. If you are not aware how deep it goes, you probably should be. WE NEED A STRONG EXPERT VALIDATION!!!!

Paul Dunphy

We need a new name for these propaganda videos [like pallywood]. LaRazawood, wall-y-wood? any suggestions?


I played the original clip on mute for my 10 year old and asked that she thought. “He acts like he doesn’t know her.”
Imagine someone separated you from your child for 4 endless weeks. Would you pat them on the back upon your reunion? I sure wouldn’t. My reaction would be a lot more Hallmark Channel.

sterling soublet

Even the “parents” don’t seem that distressed or excited.

Mitzi Cole

Doesn’t seem like either one of these children want contact with this woman, but do seem to be very comfortable with the man. How sad for the children.

Sharon Palmisano

This setup was so fake. My 10 year old son is happier to see me after a weekend with his dad than this little boy, who was supposedly separated from his mom for a year. This one, like all the others, calls for a DNA test.


I leave my house at 8am and get home at 7pm. my kids run to meet me at the door and hug me and say mommyyyy. I have a 9 year old boy and a 3 year old boy. This child barely looked at that woman, I hope they can start doing the DNA testing also as jeff sessions wanted. I truly believe these children are being trafficked

Steve Garcia

Ok being able to speak Spanish makes this even weirder. The first thing the boy says to the mom is “they gave me a remote control car” she then asks him “did you like school” or “how was school”. She worded it funny. When she’s hugging him she’s calling him “lindo” which translates to “pretty” or “sweet”. She asks him if he wants to see “Elija” he answers no then she forces him over to say hi. It is REALLY weird.


I’m glad you could translate this i was trying to get the words and the conversation seemed strange to me. thanks!

Marry Duvall

Such a bad setup from CNN .Since when do you get off the plane with all the microphones attached to the back of your pants ? Why was this child sitting alone in the airport ? Where was this child’s guardian ? To many holes, What do you think ?


You would think that after being outed as fake news, that CNN would at least try to be more convincing. Even without experience in body language, that average person should be able notice that something is not right here. This boy shows no interest in this woman. If anything, he seems a little annoyed by her. Definitely not your typical reunion video.


He literally has to wrap this girl’s arms around the boy. That’s just creepy.

Do you think the kids are even close?


I would expect better choreography from cnn.


Looks like crisis actors to me.

Charles Harris

You may be right.
100% staged, with actors………yeah that sounds like CNN

Chester Courtland

Two of the best ways to unnerve people when having a contentious conversation is one, to point at them and two, work in the phrase “you people, people like you, or your kind.” It will break their train of thought and get them to start thinking about “what does he/she mean by that?”

Barb Ghig

I don’t know about this…are we sure she is this child’s mother? My kids would be hysterical and have both arms around my neck! He seems way too detached, and I don’t think it’s because he was fine where he was…just sayin’


This boy seems uninterested in the woman. He didn’t give her the kind of hug a 7-year old would give if he was traumatized and separated from his mommy in the given situation. I didn’t get the message: “Mommy I missed you. Don’t ever leave again.” from the boy. Bogus! And the woman is trying so hard to treat the boy like he’s traumatized . . . he is not traumatized. I don’t think this is the boy’s mother. And he acts like he doesn’t even know the man and the little girl. They force them to hug.

Charles Harris

I think he knows/likes red shirt the most of them all and he doesn’t like the little girl at all.
Otherwise, I agree with ya.


What is concerning is the forced hugging by the boy and girl. Seems very contrived. But those who don’t really look at the videos will buy into this hook, line, and sinker. Thanks for another eye-opener!

Tudor City Lady

These Kids don’t lie, praise God

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