Body Language – Elizabeth Holmes First CGI interview?


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Is it just me or do the eyes and voice look and sound like Mark Suckerbergers eyes and voice.

Also GANs and Ai Tech maybe at work here.




Kinda reminds me of Elon Musk.. Maybe they’re both rockin early versions of neuralace.

Todd Pullara

Sorry, but, What the actual frick? The voice doesn’t match the face, and the muscles don’t work at all. Something smells rotten in Denmark. Something is just freakin’ off here.


Here is some closure: Theranos is shutting down amid revelations of fraud.

Todd Pullara



CGI aka Clinton Global Initiative.

When Mandy said FIGUREHEAD it made sense to me — I might add, a figurehead that did not know she was a figurehead in the beginning and sort of suspects now but not sure?? Because she’s never known anything different. Naive?? She was something like 20 years old when she started Theranos, dropped out of Stanford, her parents allowed her to use her college money for startup instead of earning the degree–that’s a HUGE risk to take in the biomedical start-up world. Unless, that is, the R&D team knew something she didn’t and had a surreptitious plan of their own. Powerful people on Theranos board during startup, who seemed to, at the time, just come up out of the woodwork.

To what extent does context effect body language interpretation? Living in the left brain, biomedical startup, scientific patents world can ‘disfigure’ some at an odd level. Highly intelligent, low on social cue responses–in that world, it begins to seem normal. The biomedical research community watched Theranos progress as a ‘disruptive’ technology and an example of ‘stealth research’ meaning she developed a product but never published in peer reviewed journals. This pisses off mainstream science b/c she thumbed her nose at their dogma club–she didn’t pay her dues, the way they see it. The fall of Seranos has always seemed to me like sabotage from inside. The things for which it has been criticized and prosecuted are petty, taken out of context, and not at all negligent compared with the industry as a whole (although the entire industry is fraught with error). Her demeanor, mild-ish ASD (sort of Asperger’s) + some sort of medication to correct a condition that elicits social stigma, not health threatening (someone mentioned tic control). Effects of a pharmaceutical used as a sort of cosmetic correction or plastic surgery for the personality??

Here’s a Ted talk from the early days (just a clip, I can’t seem to find the entire talk):


Also see another body language analysis (analyst concludes she’s lying about the technology): (check out Bill Clinton cameo very near the end).

J. Christian Mueller

Maybe your uneasyness about the responses could be created by this new “Deepfake” video technology:


With this new software type it is possible to create realtime videos with mouth and eye movements WITHOUT tells. Thus making it almost impossible to analyze fascial body language. It could be a completely different person who is speaking or the intended person speaks behind a virtual mask…

Jose Atiles

The uncanny valley comes to mind. Creeeepy!


Artificial Intelligence overpowered it’s creator. Zuckerberg’s twisted sister. Information, medicine and billions or trillions? The Zuckerbergs will conquer the world monkey hear

Tarot Reader Tina

Very robotic. She is a clone or robot. Weird, not normal. So true. Eerie….

sterling soublet

Yeah holy crap indeed…woah! “Hello, I am a man.”

sterling soublet

Her chin is distracting.

David Bohórquez

here’s a technique that could give that kind of result:


even when this is already archivable, i don’t think in 2015 this was possible,, all this new advances in technology are really new, even in the different tests shown, there are still issues to be solved,, issues that doesn’t appear in the interview,
never the less, is very weird how she reacts, (or the lack of it)

Dena Sewell

Could it be Botox!This may be a trans-woman who has had extensive Botox treatments which really paralyze the muscles in the face by injecting small amounts of botulism ..Or maybe it is CGI? I think something is up…or strange with this woman.

Marie Pappas


Brian Smith

Did anyone else notice that when she wasn’t speaking and Cramer was her head was constantly slightly shaking up and down. I watched it a few times just to make sure.

Chris Mueller

After some research I found she got into the highest circles far too quickly than sustained by merits: high IQ but little tested science or business skills, college dropout, sleeping with older men, showing more interest in power/ fame/ money than science/ research/ daily business. She was hyped by corporate media and elite circles to attract investors. Soon after building(?)/ getting set up in her empire some of her former managers described her as secrective, paranoid, sociopathic, mentally weird.
This creepy interview shows she is hiding a lot. It could well be that CGI was used to filter out tells. Or botox, easier and cheaper. As an investor I would pull out and run for the hills…

Trent Rollow

The L.A. Times ran an article June 15th describing the indictment of Ms. Holmes and Ramesh Balwani on wire fraud charges. There’s a disturbing photo replete with the black turtleneck and oddly vacant expression. This is a strange woman.

Trent Rollow

L.A. Times had a rather disturbing picture of Ms. Holmes in their June 15th article describing her indictment by a federal grand jury for wire fraud. She looks like an automaton.

Chris Ramirez


Patricia Molinar

Great video. Loved it.


I remember reading a while back about how voice altering technology has gotten so advanced that you can mimic anyone’s voice.
And the same article also mentioned security concerns over this.
Thereafter it brought up how the next major step in post altering software will enable its users to edit live footage.
But currently we can only alter still images like with Photoshop.

But I can definitely see in the near future, they record someone talking, then in post they edit it.

Could we see footage of her talking in another situation as a way to compare this?


They’ve been able to do live editing since about 2012 I think. There’s no telling what they can do now. You wouldn’t believe the patents on this, brain wave entrainment methods for television, and the like. If you have a tv, you should hit it with a sledgehammer. Hundreds of patents. Your television is a weapon.

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