Body Language – The Donald Trump Prophecy of Mark Taylor


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Weird, last week American Thinker did a article about how online news magazines are going through bad times. I’m sure most people are aware the Lefties starting harassing online advertisers and social media started censoring speech. The Weekly Standard is folding and even Zuckerberg is losing billions. Online ad money and investment is drying up along with the Fed increasing interest rates, tech stocks are taking a hit. Maybe this guy is right, we can see some news outlets bite the dust.

Diane Myers

I’ve never believed Mark is a true prophet. He changed his first prophecy and the SCOTUS prophecy. He keeps saying, “My prophecies, my messages,” and his prophecies have turned into pathetic poetry all about the US. Surely God is interested in the whole world. People are taking in every word as if Gospel. I find it very disturbing.

Kathy Randolph

Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert co-wrote the Trump Prophecies. Mary’s husband is Mark’s doctor. Mary Colbert is on President Trump’s advisory board.
You can hear the entire story on YouTube. Mark was diagnosed with severe adrenal burnout and thyroid issues.
I’ve read The Trump Prophecies but you can read Mark’s full prophecies on for free.
The movie is scheduled to open in September or October.

M. How

Your information is so interesting. Thank you.


The difficulty with prophecy-mongers (I was one) is that you may not understand when they have already been fulfilled; for instance we may think Revelations is to come but St John saw the NEW JERUSALEM Rev 22 (1967) and Jewish return to the Old City.

Additionally, Rev 13 is Japan in WWII , and that Biblical perspective is the Renaissance of Israel (1948) 3 years after thermonuclear radiation was dropped on Hiroshima.

Zech 14.12 ‘And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.’

Heaven is when Jews come to their Messiah Is 53 and morning fr the first born.

Zech 12.10 ‘Then I will pour out on the house of David and on the residents of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and prayer, and they will look on Me, the One they have pierced. They will mourn for Him as one mourns an only child, and weep bitterly for Him as one grieves a firstborn son.’
There is always an end to prophecy (St Paul said they cease’ 1Cor 13.8)
Read: Atomic Bible on Re-Genesis of Christ (you tube)
& on Re-Genesis of Christ (you tube):



Mark Taylor saw the future; but I agree with Mandy that opinions are not to be trusted.

He said “the News media will beginning to agree with him, …. you are going to see a couple of news media going to go down..
The news media already hate Trump, except fox, etc on the political right side (who were semi never Trumpers before his nomination for the Republican Party).. The main bulk are political left like CNN who even believes that The Russian dossier is bogus, as they call it a “nothin’ burger” or know it bogus… They are doing it for “the Rating”… according to the under cover investigation by James O’Keefe team Project Veritas in his American Pravda series.

The media do agree with him, but they hate Trump, and have a political Left agenda, so it is all Anti Trump…
They know that the “Trump Russian dossier” is what CNN producer and contribute called a “nothin’ burger. It is all about the ratings.


There was a Freudian slip at 1:19 where this guy says “I did–I was a Orlando City Fire Dept….”

According to the 2017 published City of Orlando Fire Dept benefits you get 60% of your average monthly in retirement benefits when you reach your 20 year mark of employment. However, you get 80% at that mark if you qualify as disabled.

Does anyone know if this guy retired on disability? Based on his comments on his health at that time, I dont see how he couldn’t have qualified because the threshold for work place induced disability for this type of occupation has been strategically set very low. Yet any diagnosis was strangely missing from his comments.

jim keane

You’re looking for a reason to discredit the man.


I’m simply recognizing one that was given to me via his own presentation. Since I don’t live in Orlando, my dog doesn’t fight there. The extra disability pay that he may or may not deserve is up to the Orlando tax payer to determine. If anyone should be looking into this man’s credibility, it is them. Personally, I think anyone that believes he or she is some sort of prophet is full of shit.

Diane Myers

No, she is simply observing and asking a question.


Not sure if this is germaine to your statement, but his health problem was due to thyroid problems. It is unknown if thyroid problems would qualify one for disability. Just my 2cents. smile


Interesting; I didn’t catch that in his commentary. Where did you identify his health problem as thyroid related?

Lauri Barnett

Sonny: I’ve kind of ‘followed’ the Mark Taylor prophesies since his very first interview with TruNews. He’s talked at more length about his illness on several programs where he was being interviewed. So, yeah…’s out there, you just have to look for it. I’m sure it was documented in his new book, too. “The Mark Taylor Prophesies” is the name of it, I think. embarrassed


I see. Thanks for the additional insight, Lauri. Each of us is obviously free to follow whomever we like but I think there are better ways to spend your time and money.

So apparently interviews weren’t enough for this guy and he has now turned “author” with his brand of deception. Politicians are also found of this path toward turning a buck. If he chose to “retire” into a different occupation, I imagine he would be just as happy selling snake oil or swamp land. I see no benefit whatsoever to buying into a prophecies that have a 50/50 chance of coming to pass. I gain just as much benefit from flipping one of the two cents in my pocket. Buyer beware.

Lauri Barnett

Hi, again….. Yep. I’ve better things to do with MY time & money, too! Neither grows on trees the way I once thought they did smart . I don’t believe that Mr. Taylor is a prophet. I think he’s just made a few good “predictions” along the way. Who knows whether it started the way he maintains, with the direct “voice of God” telling him he was hearing the voice of a president. I don’t worry about it one or another. I just check up on his “latest prophesies” if the title of the video sounds interesting. cool

PS I’ve wondered if the whole ‘prophet’ thingy got shoved on him by some business-minded doctor et al. He COULD have found himself caught up in something that he never even asked for. If that’s the case, I pity Mr. Taylor for many reasons!!

Diane Myers

If you read his first prophecy, you’ll really understand my difficulty in believing him. Twice he has told us God changed the prophecies. The first one is very blatant that he was not hearing from God. Jim Jones and David Koresh have a competitor.

Diane Myers

It was there. I heard him say adrenal burnout and thyroid.

jim keane

Another prophecy about Donald Trump nominating 5 supreme court justices has been partially fulfilled.I will die, 1will retire, and 3 will be removed because of scandal.


Hearing voices of angels and light being emitted from ones fingertips is “a study in normal”? More like a study in delusion with the blind leading the blind. The predictive programming in this case is pointless.

I’ve noticed that when people have an illness related finding God experience, or find God but don’t fully accept salvation until they’re in the middle of an illness, they tend to have either worse symptoms for a while or some other major illness come along.


Very interesting- thanks Mandy!


So, at the end when you said he goes into his belief system, did you pick up on something in his expression that changed or only because of what he was saying?

Ken Marchlenski

I see few to no mature thinking Christians in this Video or on this Comment Chain!
Mark Taylor speaks for God in the FIRST PERSON! No big deal to you children huh!? THAT alone should cause you pause to alarm!
So CHASE AFTER THIS Mark Taylor! ENJOY your belly being filled with ‘Smooth Talk’ that soothes your carnal Flesh !
New American Standard Bible Isaiah 30:10:
Who say to the seers, “You must not see visions”; And to the prophets, “You must not prophesy to us what is right, Speak to us pleasant words, Prophesy illusions.
Romans 16:18
For such as these are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive.
2 Timothy 4:3-4
3- For the time will come when men will not tolerate sound doctrine, but with itching ears they will gather around themselves teachers to suit their own desires.
4- So they will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.
Now, WE ALL were terribly STRUNG-OUT on the Hillary thing and the past 8 years of Destruction Obama brought.
My “POINT” is that this man calls HIMSELF a Prophet and we were so “DESPERATE” THAT WE SWALLOWED HIM UP WHOLE hook-line and sinker!
WHERE is our Discernment !

Mark Taylor himself admits he’s BEEN WRONG AT TIMES !

I ALSO what Mr. Taylor to be a true prophet but my loyalty is to Christ first and not the Crowd!
I as you claim to do ‘Serve Christ FIRST’! Even before myself and my own desires and hopes!

Do I think Mark Taylor is a ‘real’ Prophet of God? NO but you and I answer to our Lord Jesus Christ individually so do what you will because you either understand me here or don’t!

Why not ‘Look up’ the ‘Tests of a true Biblical prophet in the Bible you lazy sheep!

Do you think that just MAYBE Mark Taylor got all this from his Own subconscious Conclusions or worse yet, from the Enemy?

This ‘Doctor’ here doing the Interview: What’s he hold a PhD ‘in’? Where did he Study and receiver his Degree?

Now come on all you loving “Christian HATERS”! ATTACK ME! This is your primary ‘M.O.’ !

I’m going to politely suggest if, as you say, you serve Christ first, that there is a more Christ like way to say what you said.

We are called to be a light for Christ, to draw people to us because we radiate peacefulness and kindness and God’s love. Yes, we are supposed to speak out and warn others if we see false prophets or people misleading others about God or someone clearly being used as a tool for the “enemy.”

But there is a better way to warn people or make people pause and do research or be more discerning before believing prophecy or claims than ranting at them and what amounts to yelling at them in text, calling them stupid, daring them to attack you and prejudging any who disagree as haters.

Have a blessed night.

Ken Marchlenski

I can’t seem to find my reply to you kelliegirl. Perhaps it’s been removed. Let me try again and this time perhaps more to my host’s liking?

Knowledge is a two edged sword. To me that means not only is Knowledge sharp but IT CUTS BOTH WAYS.
My meaning is that as we learn Theology and philosophy as Bible students, we all have become better apologists but we also have a tendency to become overly prideful and full of Hubris.
The Body is already overwhelmed with “Self-proclaimed Experts and Know it alls” (Mark Taylor as a self-proclaimed “Prophet” speaking in the First person for God is a good example). God has already Humbled me long ago so I’m not such a jackass anymore.
However, I’ve also come to understand that the Lord HAS given ‘some’ to be Pastors and Teachers, that not everyone should ‘reach’ for theses Gifts and Offices because of the increased Difficulty and Accountability involved and finally, there is and must be an God-given Logical order within the Body.
My “Point” here is that there IS a Time or Season to Rebuke :
2 Timothy 3:16-17 –
16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for TEACHING, REBUKING, CORRECTING AND TRAINING in righteousness, 17 so that the servant of God[a] may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.
At age 68 with 36 years of hard study and education behind me, I’ve ‘earned’ my worldly place in the Body. I’m a true Scholar but of only average gifting and abilities. Yet, I am a ‘Scholar’ and an “Older man”!
You ‘corrected and rebuked’ me in a very Personal, subtle and condescending manner and your comment seems to be ‘allowed’ to stand. OK. However, WHO are you to do so and so “personally’? My ORIGINAL Comment was to the ‘Body’ in general and not a personal reprimand.
I’m not going to spend more of my time with you and apparently Ms. Bombard explaining (actually instructing) however, the Body of Christ is a MESS (I believe I heard Ms. Bombard harshly criticize ‘Christians’ on one occasion so I’m just agreeing with her that overall Christianity is full of Baby Christians all pooping their pants and then saying
“What a good boy am I”!

jim keane

Mark,the test of a prophecy is does it become true. Also, you left out Rom. 16:17,Plus you quoted from a corrupted text ,the Alexandrian text.Your text reads the Lord Christ. The received text reads the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ken Marchlenski

Jim. who is “Mark”? Who are you talking to here?

Susan Allen

I agree- I am suspect of anyone who does not know that Textus Receptus (Received Text) King James Authorized Version is the only authentic, uncorrupted word of God.

jim keane

Ken Marchlenski, Why did you omit Roman’s 16:17? Also,youre using a corrupt text.Its not the Lord Christ, it’s the Lord Jesus Christ. Satan is scared to death of the name of Jesus. Shalom. Read Which version is the Bible by Floyd Nolan Jones.


Technically, to BE a prophet is one thing. To CALL yourself a prophet could be something else. BUT to prophesy (to give forth prophecy) is nothing other than being used in the Gifts of the Spirit. BTDTGTshirt.
Personally, I like the guy. He’s easily believable. And for him to admit, ‘he’s been wrong’? Not so sure about that.
And his prophecies? Like the stroke of a brush, building a complete picture, those prophecies, one-by-one they are coming out and being proved right. Let’s keep watching. I think we’re going to see more. A LOT MORE. smile

Ken Marchlenski

I consider myself well studied over my 36 years of learning. Yet I must admit that the “Proofs of a true Prophet” are NOT plastered around like most standard Christian Doctrines, but is a subject that up until Mark Taylor and his popularity with my friends have pushed me to at least learn more.
I get you Charlene and frankly to disagree further on this tread is to invite more personal criticism from others.
THANK YOU for your thoutful and mutually respectful comment.

Again, I’m just about done with doing any more research on the Tests of a Prophet. There are so many other more pressing things to study and research for me in today’s End Time’s World and I don’t really feel that it’ll do much good to try and convince others anyway.
The ONE “Proof” of a Prophet is that he’s GOT to be 100% CORRECT All the time (This is as far as I can understand).
Am I ‘wrong’?
Could be!
However, there IS a “Strong Delusion” that’s promised to come from God Himself that will get all but the Saved. I wonder how many chaff would be Christians are on this thread?
I think the Strong Delusion is already STARTED.
That would mean: “tread softly and carefully” on NEW Revelation and Scripture. After all, when Mark Taylor speaks in the First Person for God, “it’s considered the Actual WORD OF GOD”!
Have any considered THAT?
Should we start to add Mark’s prophetic words to our Bible then?

Anyway Sis, stay frosty and live holy as we all await our certain Salvation…

Christina Arbogast

I’ve been following Mark Taylor for almost 2 years and have heard all of his prophecies. Honestly was afraid to watch this video but glad I did decide to watch it. He’s a great man and you did this video just in time. One of the prophecies was regarding the Supreme Court Justices. He said the Lord told him there would be 5 Justices that would be gone. One would die (Antonin Scalia), three would be removed or have to step down because of a scandal of some type, and one would retire. Today, Anthony Kennedy retired. I truly believe what this man is saying and I would suggest that everyone listen to what he has to say. Amazing!!!

Diane Myers

Christina, first he said 3 of the Scotus, then he said God told told him, no, it’s now 5. What?!


It’s also nice to see a preacher being open. I realize he is not being challenged, but for those of you who have spent time in the Bible Belt (born and raised and still living in it), you will probably understand just how rare that is when it becomes a business. Never heard of this guy before, but all three seem to be good people. Now THOSE I do see everyday. But I now live in a small town in N. Fluorida. Their not that worldly, but they are this nice.


The problem I have with these prophecies and visions is that they always center on the US as though the US is God’s favorite. As though somehow or another the US is more deserving, and in more receipt, of grace and favor as all the other countries in the world. It carries an aura of “full of themselves Americans”.


There are many prophecies for many other nations. Its just that more people pay attention to America and hence it is repeated and told.


You’re probably right. If I immersed myself in other prophecies, they’d very likely all sound similar. And it would make sense, I suppose. It would be very random for an Italian retired firefighter to receive a vision and prophecy about a future US president.

Charles Harris

There are a great many people who view America as the second beast in revelations chapter 13. If that is the case, then it makes sense for there to be a lot of other prophecies about it as well.

The only prophecies we really should be concerned about are those in the Bible, if you’re a Christian or on your way to accepting Christ.
The Bible warns about false prophets, following them, and has a test to determine if what someone prophecizes (sp?) is of God or not.
It also warns about false visions and how to determine if a vision is from God or not.
It seems his vision is not for any purpose other than the purpose of changing Mark’s mind, or others minds, about Trump as President, who might have not or do not accept him as a leader God intended, a prophecy not meant to be shared to prove God, but to help those who wonder why God would allow such to happen to remember that God has a purpose and a plan for every leader who runs a country and that no one is elected by accident or mistake. Unless of course there’s real evidence of it.


God qualifies the called. He rarely calls the qualified. smile

Shawn Murphy
This is the most exhaustive, thorough, & powerful tool to search the scriptures by any manner. Keywords, phrases, topics, a specific text, whatever you want to search for can easily be found… The Americas were mostly kept hidden from the world, by The Lord God, lest the lands be discovered & overridden by many nations. At least 3 different civilizations, at 3 different periods of time, were led by prophets & guided by The Lord God to “the promised land” – The American Continent or “America”. But, throughout history, many different lands, were at a given time, the promised land… Not the least, but rather The Greatest by far, was the promised land which flowed with milk & honey, ye even Jerusalem the Capital of Israel – & The Israelites were led by Moses out of Egypt & across the Red Sea on dry ground & they wondered in the desert for 40 years until the unbelieving generation of Israelites died off – save Joshua the Prophet called of God & Caleb, & Joshua led them into the promised land at the appointed time & The Israelites did possess the land of promise. Here at this time, we are in the last days, just prior to The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, The Savior & Redeemer of all mankind. No man knows when that will be, but John The Revelator was appointed to write The Book Of Revelations which is contained in The Holy Bible. Read Revelations for greater insight about what is happening on this earth, at this time, what has already happened, & what is yet to come.

The Devil leadeth the Deep State & the Swamp in DC – Pray with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Jesus Christ that we The American People who love The Lord Jesus Christ, that we will be delivered from the clutches of their evilness & that great shall be their fall. For here in the last days, America is the promised land & sin & corruption run rampant – we all need to read our scriptures & pray & keep all the commandments of God, “for the prayers of a righteous man availeth much”. KEEP THE FAITH & EXERCISE IT & BLESS & SERVE OTHERS! For charity is the pure love of Christ & no greater gift can a person possess – than the gift of Charity. Pray for our President Donald J. Trump, that He will be protected by The Lord God & that He will keep the commandments of God & do much more good, & that our LIBERTY shall be returned unto The American People! – i hope i wasn’t too long winded…

Ken Marchlenski

Great points !


Very interesting thank you

I think he is right about the MSM companies going bankrupt but is that prophesy or just common sense?

Diane Myers

I believe common sense.


My God it is so nice to watch someone normal for a change – just a nice normal guy who is describing something strange that happened to him. What a pleasure. Now i need to go and see what his prophecies were, but wise words Mandy – prophecy is so very tricky. Thanks again for your wisdom.

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