Body Language – Sargon of Akkad & Mike Stuchbery Nervousness


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Noticed the same thing on the train into Chicago for a trial today, meaning the empathy factor and people seeing others struggling with something and trying to help each other. Twelve times during the round trip on a jammed train people tried to help people who had dropped something, were confused, or needed their personal space respected as much as possible in a way too close situation. Inspiring. Thanks Mandy!


From what I’ve heard about the UK today, it is stressful to speak out today. Jailing people for incorrect speech will do that as well. Couldn’t help but notice there was sunshine there. Is that really England? I’ve only been there once, but the sun never shone while I was there!


Yes that can be stress…but the deeper he got into the left/right talk, the more “hidy” he became… lol yes the sun does live there… i can say i have received a sunburn from it


I’m guessing the political climate is that bad then. And here I was thinking the reason the sun never set on England was because it never showed up! All it did was drizzle with fog for me.


What happened to that old British testosterone? Did it just fade away? I really couldn’t believe all that I was hearing about merry olde England when I first started hearing it. I felt it was far too close to Ayn Rands Fountainhead. Which ain’t a good sign. Hope you aren’t stuck there for too long.


Testosterone was seriously diluted the moment you arrived. Anywhere.


“drizzling fog” is a good description of your posts.


Nah, that was just the shade of the baby crib your momma was pushing you around in.


“That instinct to protect is in most human beings, unless you’re a sociopath”

Or you can’t read people that well… or you don’t know the context… or you don’t know the fear is real or not… or you’re repressed and don’t recognize stress in yourself or in others… or any number of things such as these.

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