Body Language – Tom Arnold On Cohen Trump Tapes


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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So pleased you did this one….
My take on the interviews….

The meeting was a set up so that he could bump into Cohen. Arnold has been booked into the hotel that Cohen is living in. He waits with a journo from the trump hating Rolling Stones in the bar and just happens to see a man coming home….. golly gosh, what a surprise… who paid for the stay at the very very expensive hotel? Arnold could not afford that.

Cohen is going to be an episode and there will be tapes of Cohen, Cohen just did’t know he would be participating…. because they are staying in the hotel where he lives and will be bumping into him they will be spending the weekend together in the same hotel…. Cohen will be doing his normal thing but Arnold is there so he can see Cohen. It will now be difficult because Arnold let it slip too early what he was doing. The crazy person went to the media before he finished his task. The media tried to smooth it over but I don’t think it worked.
And bonus if he gets his own tapes of the conversations he had with Cohen regarding the lawsuit…. then there really will be Cohen Trump tapes….

Arnold 100% believes Trump is guilty of something and he believes there are tapes. I am going to throw in my crazy gut feeling. I think they have tapes of Trump that they digitally created. I think that Arnold knows they are fake but he thinks it is recreating the truth so it is ok.
He can’t lie which is a bonus….. crazy people in general can’t lie… they get too paranoid and because they have so much crazy stuff to convince you of they don’t even care if the truth discounts their crazy thoughts because they know their thoughts are crazy…..

Antifa gave out a manifesto which says they are to target the mentally ill people at uni that feel disenfranchised and bring them on board. These people will be easily influenced and be able to do bat shit crazy jobs that sane people know are dangerous…. Arnold is Hollywood’s mentally ill person that will produce a bat shit crazy documentary that if it is disproved Arnold will be that fall guy for.

I am looking forward to September to see how close I get…. or am I just a crazy person too…..

Lyrebird digital voice




Obama, Trump, Clinton conversation.

If you have a mental illness Antifa Wants you

Tudor City Lady

Wow! Crazy is as crazy does. You ave pointed out the abusive behavior of the left. They strive to gain at the expense of another human being.


One of my friends overheard while I was watching. Her eyes got wide. I laughed and said no one ever accused Mandy of being PC. Love it.

Nay DaSinger


Nay DaSinger

and now that the indictments fell through they are back to the cohen tape narrative. Just today news “broke” that the FBI has tapes

Jane Toliver

The accurate sell is — it isn’t true. Cohen can lose his license to practice law and be disbarred for revealing anything about a client, ex or no. They are under the same privacy laws as a therapist. I don’t think the media is as crazy as these people. I think they use them to advance their agenda.


He is coked out of his head or something. He did say that he and Cohen were going to spend the weekend together in one interview and bring down Trump. Then Cohen tweet’s that all there was to him and Arnold was that Arnold wanted a selfie with him in the hotel lobby. What a joke this guy is. He’s just trying to find another coat tail to ride to keep up with his Coke Addiction…and I dont mean the soft drink.


Mandy, I spent the last 42 years dealing with people with unstable moods and thought processes and you are right on the money with the two body sides fighting to express emphasis. In some extreme cases it was like watching one person do the Watusi with themselves. I often had to resist the impulse to jump back. Well done and thanks!


Just saw this on youboob. Looks like this video got snuck in on the donald trump channel there:


They just can’t get rid of you.

Tudor City Lady

Good work is good work, Mandy rates *****


Youboob. Now that’s a place you could shine.

Dodge Gaskill

cocaine possibly?


Pathetic and pitiful


“Short bus”. Ha Ha! Yes, he’s delusional.

Morris Moore

Never had talent; always a nervous wreck and this is pitiful. Brain on drugs.


Hes always been crazy.


Wow. How timely. Tom Arnold is completely delusional. He used a chance meeting and a granted selfie with Cohen to say he’s teamed with him to take down Trump. All those drugs must have damaged his mind. Arnold is not a person of ‘interest’ or ‘integrity.’ This is a damaged hater attempting to intimidate a sitting POTUS. Insane. And kudos for NBC for giving lots of air time to another psychotic fraud. I bet that ‘new show’ is simply a delusional pipe dream.


Arnold is spending the weekend at the hotel… where Cohen lives…. so in the mind of a crazy person yes they are staying together. I actually think that Arnold thought he had smooched up to Cohen enough to now be friends. A delusional person will think they are your best friend just because you are polite…


Cohen might be central and could possibly take part… but did he know he was taking part?
Cohen was Trumps attorney? If he disclosed anything Trump could legally bring him down and destroy him.

oh… and when a delusional person sings remember it is with his belief system he is singing… A polite meeting with a crazy person can have them believing they are going to marry you….


Trump and Cohen were like brothers and probably still are. The idea of Michael Cohen flipping is, ah, delusional. I first read about the flipping thing from ABC News. Always consider the source.

Tudor City Lady

I am out of the loop w Bannon! I will say that my first thoughts of Bannon after seeing him is alcohol. He looks like a drinker to me. The completion of his face, unkept appearance. Not that I judge him right wrong good or bad. I had no idea of his betrayal.


Cat, you are so on to what is actually going on here. Arnold is delusional and wants to set up some facts he can twist around to gain attention and make people believe he has inside information. He essentially stalked Cohen and set the whole thing up. Since the press so wants Cohen to expose dirt on Trump, they are buying into this crazy individuals’ delusional belief system, or at least giving him a platform to express it to create doubt. In his mind, he is “spending the weekend” when he is only staying in the same hotel and had a picture taken.

Tudor City Lady

Yes, MSM has become notorious for creating lies and spreading them like real news, the truth.


Au contraire. Cohen tweeted that he had no intention of hanging with him.
It’s Arnold being a congenital liar. Really incredible.


The problem is that Arnold’s words sang with his body so he was telling his truth…. that is what is confusing so many…


We shall see if he’s that far gone or singin’ the truth. And what about the upcoming TV show? I’ll be shocked if it’s a real thing. Let’s do a series examining proven delusional people. Let’s learn how to pick them out…


Mark the month…. September!
I am actually looking forward to it now.


I have no problem believing he is that crazy. I am often amazed at the differences in people’s perceptions of reality. With some people, it is impossible to have a conversation with them because they are stuck on some agenda of their’s which prevents them from hearing anything outside of that box. Not really cognitive dissonance, but general craziness. I’m explaining it badly, but I don’t think there is a good way to explain how alien some conversations become because of this.


You’re not so hopeless after all. Developing some self awareness! “With some people, it is impossible to have a conversation with them because they are stuck on some agenda of their’s which prevents them from hearing anything outside of that box.”

That a boy!!

Tudor City Lady

“It is his belief system “, right?

Tudor City Lady

Not! Delusions of grandeur I believe.

Tudor City Lady

I would say drugs are a part of Tom’s life. Prescribed or not.

Philip chandler

Watching that video,he seems like someone either on drugs or has been on drugs. Like a type of speed psychosis attitude. I seen someone many year ago similar to that. Just my thought on it. I am no psychology expert but seems to me he either exagetates the truth or lies or both, trying to be more relevant than he is. Just my take on him as an ordenary person.


when he and rosey got a divorce he said some very vicious things. i dont remember all of it…but i do remember what he said was the truth and exaggerated. like her complaining about ‘ni**ers’ and then you find out it was a narrowed complaint.

good work as always, Mandy smile

somone is seriously fibbing or has little touch with reality… Tom or Cohen.. I’m gonna go with Tom.

not sure what he’s on but really aint working .. Tom.. sad to watch him live in the problem not the solution ..God help him

Tudor City Lady

Yes, he too gave me a heavy hearr.

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