Body Language – Oath Keepers Human Trafficking Evidence


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Nay DaSinger

sounds like WolfMan Jack

Mark Hayward

Screwy Lewy Aruthor or Aruthor Lewis is a Federal Informant and Trouble Causer both at the Bundy Ranch and at Mauler Wildlife Refuge . He set up camp out side of rthe gates at MWLR knocked down a handicapped Veteran and knocked the mirror off from his car.. Then he and two other Thugs started a Fist Fight with Blaine Copper who kicked all three of them off from the Property..
He was supposedly looking for Homeless Veterans .. They did find the Skull of an Adult 10 miles from the supposed sex trafficking Camp ..
There were some restraints possibly on the Tree they were very old and rotten had not been used recently .. Also some say they were used to keep food off from the ground away from Animals ..

Bottom line is Lewis Aruthor can’t be trusted..

this man is not affiliated with the Oath Keepers, his affiliation is with veterans on patrol.

Jane Toliver

They have worked together with the police before. This guy has a group that finds and shelters/feeds homeless Vets and that’s what they were looking for when they stumbled on these camps.


I fell for it too. I never seen hard evidence and yes the TPD has been out there many times. The skull that he still says is a childs,was proven to me a mid 20 to 30 male skull. He tried this stunt by horning on The Bundy Family Ranch and know one there knew him. He’s not a Veteran Especially with the rap sheet he has. I think he is starting milita…just my thoughts


This oath keeper is telling the truth. He is boots- on- the- ground, exposing the evil do-ers. .


I live in Tucson. The camp is a homeless camp. The straps are where the homeless tie up there food. I used to do outreach work there. Where this is is the Southside of Tucson which is a breeding ground for coyotes who are paid by Illegals from Mexico,Central America and South America to smuggle them through the desert into the US. As well as drug traffickers. It os well known and documented that this happens. The truth is bad enough here,there is no reason to fabricate all this other stuff. Men,women and children die on a weekly basis coming across the desert in search of a better life. Drug cartels run the desert. If their family is short $500 they will insist the women sleep with them as payment. It is sad all the way around. This guy is crazy,and the TPD handled this very well!

He was or still is part of what they call veterans on patrol. It’s a group of homeless veterans who set up camps in different locations from Phoenix to Tucson, to take care of each other. Other vets will join to help them as well. They actively clean up pollution from areas, deter criminal activity and keep a look out for things that are questionable which they report to police. I had a friend who was part of the VOP group, I recognize him from them.


Thank you julie for sharing!

Mark Hayward

Aurthor Lewis is a Federal Informant also .. Trying to set up good Patriots that stand up against the Corrupt Governmetn ..


You never know what Mandy with analyze next. Always interesting…


I heard only a few days ago that there were human trafficking tunnels investigated and apparently they had been operating for a long time and that although there were children’s toys there was no evidence of sex trafficking of children.
They left a lot unsaid and from the impression I got the women may have been trafficked… I am trying to find the video again and will share it if I find it to see if there is a connection.


Video was an old one and not related to this guy…. but it sure is a prolific problem…. I think part of this global awakening that is happening is going to involve exposing some very connected people around the world to human trafficking for both sex and forced labour.


i believe you are right Cat. i think that is when the ‘house of cards’ falls


Let’s hope so. May justice rain down like a hail storm with lots of death penalty for those with blood on their hands, especially when women and children are being hurt!

Which brings us back to sorting fact from fiction.

Thanks for doing this. Some sources are saying this ‘find’ is all bogus.


I bet the cops appreciate having extra eyes out there. At a different level, you have to ask yourself why politicians on both sides are resisting securing the border. The more obvious answers-future voters and cheap labor are not sufficient to explain it. First of all politicians do not usually think ahead that much. Not solving the problem to keep the issue alive to fire up the base makes some sense. Still not enough. Explanations of illogical politician behavior usually boil down to money and sex. Hard to believe that with all the money flying around from drug and human trafficking, the swamp hogs have not found a way to elbow their way into the trough. I am highly suspicious that border state politicians are getting paid off by the cartels somehow. If the press were not foaming at the mouth about detention centers, which are probably one of the safest places for a child to be anywhere near the border, maybe we would find out, but instead they are complicit in the racket. Hope the Oath Keepers have plenty of guns, ammo and alert people on guard duty. Thanks, Mandy!

I have a difficult time with BL but following this guy was not easy.


In the last segment of the video clip his speech has a more normal rate but his voice is really hoarse. Maybe he was up all night chain-smoking or hitting a pipe or a bong. Or maybe he’s been talking nonstop all night…or all the above.

At 4:00-6:30 he’s sounding paranoid and grandiose. There’s something not right about this guy. He believes what he’s saying but I don’t. Where’s all this earth shattering evidence? This would be front page news.


All that extreme upward gaze. I think he’s paranoid and looking for a drone or aerial surveillance. Looks like he’s crouching behind camouflage or some kind of blind.

Behaves somewhat like he’s high on a stimulant or possibly on a manic swing of bipolar disorder.

Chris Mueller

1) He’s standing inside the underground shack, looking up and around the structure, there are several vids on YT.
2) Of course he’s paranoid. He openly said he’s a vet and politically active. Guess why!? If you “wake up” after years as a Government Issue (G.I.) you may look at the world in a mindset of having been used and “What are THEY lying about now?”. A lot of the PTSD can be caused by the realisation to have been (mis)used.

Background: Part of the problem for observers is when the manipulation is perceived by a victim, but not specifically “real”, meaning there is actually no-Body pulling the strings. Perfect deniability starts when the systematic MK programming (“unwritten/official rules, laws, traditions, habits”) run on autopilot and the target/GI starts imagining, what he is supposed to not/do, even when nobody is there to tell that. GOV agents or other entities don’t have enough time and resources to survey and steer every individual. Thus getting into the head of an individual is a question of time & cost efficiency. Side-effect: If that individual some day becomes conscious of the programming, it could make him paranoid. But PTSD treatment or any de-programming expenses come from another budget, so the programmers don’t care.

To insinuate that he is high or mentally ill is an interesting, revealing reaction and points back to You.
Negative question including suggestion: Are You mentally ill? High?
Positive question: What triggers You? Are You in cognitive dissonance/ internally conflicted? What do You need now to feel secure? To process this information?


PTSD is an interesting possibility. Self medicating with drugs is very common and paranoia.

God bless him if that’s what he is suffering from. I appreciate his service. Hope he finds peace and healing. I’m not condemning this guy. I just don’t buy all he’s saying and definitely not all you’re saying either. But PTSD is a very real problem and this crazy world is causing a lot of it. Jesus needs to come back soon! And that’s my opinion. Hoooahhh!!!


I thought he was looking up for drones, particularly when he was talking about not knowing how they knew what they were doing. At that point it sort of confirmed my thinking as he did not seem to be particularly looking inside himself but more externally.
I don’t think it is an actual bipolar type mania but more of a legitimate reason to be paranoid mania. Possibly little sleep, stress, and anticipation.

nice one Mandy.. as usual.. sorry bout your old channel .. all things for a reason :_)


yes all things for a reason

Mark Hayward

Yes it’s called Censorship .. Project Mockingbird Controlled Media

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