Body Language – Economy In Trouble? Trump Pompeo Mattis All Stressed


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Yes, they are uncomfortable alright…It couldn’t be because spending is even more out of control than it was before Trump’s administration..well that certainly doesn’t help anyway…in light of Trump’s promise to cut the debt.


Because he went back on an important promise? But they likely don’t care. I see your point.

John Vilseck

Looks like they have a lot on their minds.


I would hazard to guess we are going to see some more rising costs.
I work in building supplies and one thing I know definitely has not improved with Trump is costs of materials. We have seen most pretty much double in prices in the last year.
Particularly steel and cedar.
I’ve taken to warning customers about quote expirations and inevitable price increases now, where before there was no need because prices rarely rose more than 20%. More like 10% or less typically. So we could afford to lose a bit on an expired quote. Not anymore.


Yikes! Wasn’t going to buy any new toys, but should I convert any cash to gold, pull $ from the bank, buy MREs???


On the radio in Australia they were saying America could have 4 or 5 interest rate hikes this year. If people have not prepared for that hike it could mean they can’t pay thrir mortgage.

Also with a necessary trade war there will be very bad press because there has to be a tough stsnd to make it fair.

I wish Australia would make that stand….. we are a soft touch towards countries that outright flaunt trade agreements. We are a true free trade country with zero subsidies to our farmers and manufacturers and no tariffs.
We allow dumping from china with no punishment.

I think America is brave for making this stand and hope the public can ride through the negative reactions for long term gain.

Abderrahmane Sider

$US 2000 a month ? Maybe this news ought be transmitted to legal/illegal immigrants…


This was the obligatory blah-blah in front of the clickity-clack pests. Pompeo and Mathis just want to get it over with and get to the real meeting. Pompeo is feeling fat and uncomfortable, wondering how he looks on TV. Mathis sets aside the stuff in front of him to give his full attention to the President; his eyes settle in a comfortable position while his brain focuses on President Trump.

Wesley Bruce Another angel. Staff members are tired and buttoning something up.

Wesley Bruce

None of them got any sleep in the previous night. There was a false flag attack foiled, an assassination attempt on Trump foiled and a phone and email big battle with DOJ overnight. They are at war and aren’t allowed to say. Some parties are threatening to crash the economy hence the talk of economy with those to at the side. The Second American civil war is under way. The best tactic is to keep it a shadow war for now. Hope the left runs out of steam.


I know they are talking about the economy, but I suspect that Pompeo and Mattis might be stressed because Bolton left today for Russia to start laying the groundwork for a summit between Trump and Putin. It did not get much press, but I did hear it reported once. Since Pompeo was the emissary with Kim, this might signal something. My hunch is that they both think Bolton is a loose cannon with a big mouth and no filter and liable to say something that riles up somebody. With the Europeans already P.O.ed about the trade issues, my guess is that they both advised Trump to hold off. Of course this just makes it more likely that he would turn around and send Bolton. We’ll see if I am right pretty soon. Thanks, Mandy!


I’d say Bolton is insane, not a loose cannon. When I heard his name mentioned, I immediately thought of the time he was harassing this Russian doctor because she wasn’t approving Nestle’s baby formula to Africa because it killed the babies. Or something like that, this was the Reagan Era. And he wanted Nestle’s in Africa because they were campaign donors. Needless to say, my hackles rose up mighty fierce when he was contacted. I despise the evil of ignorance. And don’t tell me a degree makes you knowledgeable. All real education is self-taught. I say this, because I have a Master’s and I think it was a waste of money for the most part.


It’s all in the plan to destroy the Central Banks & the Fiat Currency to put us back on the Gold Standard. Oh yea, it’s a piece of cake fighting the worldwide criminal oligarch!


I bet each and every day, something, somewhere in the world, is breaking loose. Lots of tension for them each day.
This is a first, but I hope you are wrong.


Skyrocketing rent, higher gas prices, and now prohibitively high mortgage payments due to higher interest rates is a trifecta of disaster for the economy. I get it that inflation is increasing but the timing of the Fed is impeccable. Audit the Fed.


What he can do and will do about the fed are two different matters. We just don’t know what is going on behind closed doors, but all indications point to business as usual.


He could imitate the only president I ever liked: Andrew Jackson. End it. Call the debt illegal (which it is, just they use fancier names like fraud and the like), and get back in time to tee off with Putin.


It is fraud, nothing else. See


(or better read the book “The Creature From Jekyll Island”

But going for the fed is for a later date.

EDIT: How do I embed videos on here?


I don’t know how you embed videos here, but I’ve been aware of that creature for a very long time.


I assumed so, it was rather meant for other visitors. smile


The E-Mail just showed me the pure link and nothing else.


I have trouble embedding videos from my phone and tablet. Will check out the laptop later today and see if I can find the right link format.

Charmaine Ballam

This is also occurring in Australia as well…the skyrocketing rental prices and petrol (gas) prices. The Australian economy is tied into the US economy, even though our Pollies will try to convince us that its not as tied in, as it is, stating we have more going on with the SE Asian community, Japan, China etc.
Weve been promised ‘tax cuts’ for low to middle income earners — wonder if that will come up in the US as well?
All in all, Trump has a right mess to clean up and perhaps some of the angst being experienced here by those 2 guys is related to the behind the scene info they have knowing of and when they guy (sorry forgot his name) on the Left (Right) as viewing this video of Trump, put his hand to his neck I did ponder if that was a ‘my neck is on the line, if this doesnt go down as hoped/planned’?


Lol… the tax cut that is really a rebate at the end of the year?
And for me it will be less than the $500 dollars so it will cover a quarterly summer electricity bill!

Jana Rade

in all fairness, how much do Pompeo and Mattis really know/care about the economy? Might be something else going on altogether? Or just all stressed over the border situation?


Bill Maher? I’ve forgotten who he is.

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