Body Language – Pamela Anderson why Julian Assange is in danger


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Maxine Johnson

Hey there.. Great video and I’m fascinated by your input.
You mentioned at the end of this that you think Julian Assange should walk out of the embassy to start the show trial. I would be all up for that! However, what I think would happen instead is what just happened to Tommy Robinson, London England.
Tommy discovered a Muslim sex-rape-trafficking gang operating next door to his tanning salon. He reported it and immediately was told to be quiet and mind his own business by London authorities. He disobeyed and reported on the first trial of this gang from within the courtroom. They threw him in jail. He got out and while he was outside the courtroom reporting as the 2nd trial was going on, the police arrested him and
he’s been sentenced to stay in the worst
prison that is predominantly Muslim and
whose inmates can’t wait to get their
hands on him. The mayor of London is
Muslim and the general assumption is
that he will be murdered if he is not
You don’t think p eople are waiting to kill Assange? I think we can start with the
Clintons..they have stacked up an
impressive body count.

Tarot Reader Tina

Pamela- women who love showing off on tv.


What’s a tinfoil-hat ‘WINNER’?

Amy Vickery

The bad guys hijacked his internet and his WikiLeaks. I am convinced that Trump got Assange OUT of that Embassy last December to keep him alive because we still haven’t addressed the Seth Rich matter, and lots of other matters. I think Trump’s keeping him alive; for now, anyway. They both KNOW that Julian’s sprung the coop.


If he is kicked out of the embassy, I really hope he doesn’t get killed or kidnapped.
I hope he has a safe-house, with a couple of boltholes(a place where a person can escape and hide) or can maybe find amnesty in Uruguay, or something/somewhere that his allies could establish for him.
Fingers crossed.


Good point there at the end ????

louis caputo

Killary would order up a drone strike on Julian if she could. Evil woman


This was probably Tuckers favorite interview of all time.


lmao truth! did you see his face!


I wouldn’t bet even a penny on Julian surviving a year if he came out of there.
They’d find a way to off him and make it look like an accident or natural causes.
And when I say they, I mean the Clintons or the people associated with them.

Lauri Barnett

I just can’t bring myself to give your comment an up-vote even though I agree with it. It’s strange… would almost feel to me like jinxing Julian’s chances of survival. But unless he’s brought out of that embassy in the dead of night, given extensive facial reconstruction surgery, and receives a whole new life somewhere far away, I’m afraid you’re right. I highly admire Julian for everything he has done to help expose the evils of this world. I would want him to be able to find a new life in a new place. I just want to know he is safe.



I have not clicked on the video yet… But look at Tucker’s face ????????


I’ve kind of forgot about him. But be that as it may, he knows what has happened to those who have butted heads with the clintons. He doesn’t want to be among those others who committed “suicide”.


What the body language tells me; “we’re almost outta here!”


There may have been many tells. The biggest for me was that button.

I Have

She would have been instantly a better sales person if she had used it. Because she didn’t, it distracted, not added to her plight.


I thought it funny when you said she was having trouble selling him because he might not be funny. Apparently he is very arrogant and pisses a lot of his friends and coworkers off! Not always a bad thing but yes, might make you avoid eye contact if you are selling him.

Australia likes to give Aussie drug dealers in Indonesia all the assistance they need yet ignores or gives little help to those unjustly arrested by governments for unjust reasons. Like jailed Australians in Saudi prisons for dodgy practices of Saudi business men.

Surprisingly our consulate recently gave Assange his first consulate visit since he entered the Ecuadorian embassy.


Got to ask yourself why the guy would be in voluntary prison. Guess he thinks walking out would be worse. Probably knows he’s guilty of stuff that would put him in a worse place or worse, death.


When Evergreen is in gitmo, I would somewhat agree.
Too many people have already died because of her including Seth Rich.
I want Assange to be free, but I also want him to be not dead.
I’m sure that Trump wouldn’t kill him (unlike Renegade), but he would need to be extracted safely so that no one else could reach him. Not sure if this is possible right now. I had a bad feeling when Pamela visited Assange back in late 2016 and internet went haywire. I assumed they got him that way, but maybe Pamela was actually sent by someone else, who knows.

mike martinez

Mandy i don’t think they would kill him I think there are a lot of lets say elites who are terrified of what information he has, who he has info on and that it would get released if he dies Deadmans switch. or that they would want to get the info from him for their own black mail reasons.


yes…sitting in that embassy is jail. he has everything to gain and nothing to loose.


Precisely. He is in prison and he chooses it.

Charles Harris

I don’t think they would kill him either.
At least not right off. They would keep him out of the news till people were focused on other thing. Then he would have an accident or suicide or something else that yields the same result. Dead.

I think the most likely outcome would be made up charges with manufactured evidence. Between the two I can totally understand his reluctance to hang himself, figuratively speaking. Although his self imposed incarceration may seem like prison, he chose to put himself there and can choose to leave whenever he desires. When the authorities take him into custody he will no longer have a choice. It may not seem like much but having the right to choose has a huge impact on one’s psyche.

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