Body Language – UK Police Silenced By Culture Of Fear


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At 5:20 when he gets uncomfortable speaking about traditional crime he is self censoring. There is a tremendous elephant in the room, but as it touches upon immigration, it must not be spoken. From 2012 to 2016 acid attacks in London rose from 162 in to 454. I have read conflicting reports on whether this is higher per capita than in Pakistan but nevertheless, acid attacks are not a “traditional” British crime. Nor is he mentioning the “grooming” gangs victimizing thousand of young girls since the 1980’s that have been swept under the rug. As this is very politically charged and dangerous to speak of. He knows the price that whistleblowers pay for speaking up (check out ex-police John Wedger


.) The police are rather sent out to arrest middle age ladies who say “have a gay day” for hate crime. This man in this video is absolutely terrified.


Honestly my thoughts on whether this sort of violence is caused by social media largely goes down to the individual(s) using it.
So, its not really social media’s fault that the content put up on their site(s) causes unwanted behavior.
This is not to say that social media platforms could probably do something to prevent dangerous acts that are propagated on their site(s).
However, viewers of the content could interpret it multiple differing ways.
What it comes down to is the individual(s) using it:
Their way of doing and seeing things causes what happens next.
All their pros an cons come with when they are using the platform.
(I hope this makes sense)

Chris Mueller

Suddenly got this strange message: “html5 video not correctly encoded” ???
Never saw that before. Mandy, is your own site being messed with? Because it is also extremly slow, no video starts immediately, I have to wait several minutes before it is visible. No comparison with YT before…there were no technical problems visible.

Chris Mueller

Thanks. Yep, have an adblock… switched it off and see if it happens again…


My guess is that the resistance to thought diversity has a lot to do with the PC resistance to identifying and targeting the people and cultures that are responsible for the crime. The videos and social media are a tool that the gangs use that reflects rather than causes their behavior. Censoring them will only drive them back to tagging with spray paint as a taunt rather than posting video. The complete chaos and violent social degeneration of urban life here in the Chicago area is a perfect example. As somebody who has worked with gang-involved criminals, it is pretty clear to me that the gang cultures have a lot to do with the breakdown of urban minority family, lack of positive male role models, along with rejection of social moral constraints and an opportunity to get quick money and status. When the Feds targeted the hierarchy of each gang with the RICO laws, and nobody attempted to address these other issues, unintended consequences followed. Because the leaders were jailed, the hierarchical structure of the gangs broke down, leading to the splintering of the gangs into smaller “sets” that controlled much smaller areas instead of wide swaths of the city. This increased the violence due to a huge increase in “turf lines”. It produced an outcome similar to the book” Lord of the Flies” Until you identify the root of a problem, talking around the issue due to PC will only make things worse, and it is worse in Britain where some forms of non-PC speech are actually a crime.

Wesley Bruce

We get this in Australia: politicians and police thinking, “Don’t say muslim gangs, don’t say islamist gangs, don’t call them East African gangs.”Its totally East african muslim gangs and people reacting to them in Melbourne Australia. In Britain it’s a wider muslim ethnicity. With skinheads and UKip reacting.


Thank you! Finally somebody calls out the pink elephant sitting in the room.

Jilmary Clowers

Can you do an analysis of the Rachel Maddow breakdown from Tuesday night on her show? She has to know the history of this law and to lead her watchers to believe this is a “Trump thing” is awful.

Charles Harris

Yeah, he knows he’s gonna catch hell for mentioning the rising crime. Mostly for specifying the nature of crimes that are increasing. As an ex-constable, he knows all to well what kind of things the powers that be don’t want you talking about. Now if he had mentioned that muslim immigrants are the ones most responsible for the rise in violent crimes, he would get socially and politically lynched and he knows it.
Recent history shows that anyone who brings these issues to light, gets degraded and silenced by the media and social media. People suddenly find their YouTube channels getting guideline strikes, stopping them from putting anything else up, as Mandy surely knows, and getting their Twitter frozen. Other social media sites tend to follow suit for the most part. Once your social media sites are froze, you are essentially, silenced. Thank God Mandy had here and BitChute.
This man knows what could potentially happen to him but felt the truth was too important to stay silent. He did kind of skirt the edge, by not mentioning immigrants and mouthing support for YouTube’s censoring capabilities. He’s trying to get out the importance of what’s happening without hanging himself.
I think he succeeded. I would have liked to hear more about the current challenges that law enforcement in the UK are facing but I totally understand his reasons for being circumspect. I didn’t, however, like the way he played a bitchboy for YouTube.


He looks like he has a wad of tobacco in the lower right side of his mouth.


What this video reminds me of




send them all to the cornfield!


I see the agitated, stiff and closed body language but because I can’t see what is causing it, it confuses me. Kinda like when someone is lying to me about something when I don’t expect a need for lies. I’ll have to watch again when I have uninterrupted time devoted to watching. Thanks, Mandy.


Yes, he did look ‘stiff.’ I bet he knew he was bucking his bosses. He’s another brave soul in the face of pandering, weak politicos. Another thought provoking analysis. The interviewer mentioned that they were re-entering ‘medieval times.’ Read Crichton’s Timeline to immerse yourself in it. It’s a cool time travel yarn.


I will admit it is brave of him to face his fears, but I don’t really see him as a strong man because he is so uncomfortable with saying something that might get him into trouble. If you are grounded in an ethical code, then doing what you think is right will never cause you discomfort.

Charles Harris

The way he got on his knees for YouTube really killed a lot of the respect I was staring to develope for him.


The Nazis had an ethical code. Did that make them “strong?” Bless your heart Mr Anarchy snowflake.


Thank you! So, IS he in a box? I think yes…


That excludes terrorism… does that not count as murder?

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