Body Language – Theresa May On Brexit


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Tarot Reader Tina

Great analysis.


The people in UK seems to have a weird way of expressing their body languages which are different from what we see here in the US. It’s pretty funny to me how they respond to things with their ugly facial remarks. LoL!

Tarot Reader Tina

Body language is affected by cultural habits like shaking the head when saying yes in India opposite to UK, USA but in general body language does not lie no matter you are from UK, USA or anywhere in the world. If you switch off the sound, you can see from the body language how the person feels. Thats why you should not listen to people’s words adamantly but to their body language as I know many people who lie incessantly and they think people do not realise they are laughing that they think they are deceiving us all but who are they kidding. I am sure the dumb few or those who dont care really just listen and time out and then the ones who watch the eyes, body language realise he or she is lying! Teresa may does not want to leave Brexit. Full stop so it bothers her even talking about leaving the EU.


Boy, she sure gave her own little class with all those tells! I’m going to have to watch this one a few more times. Not to get any new info on Brexit, as I don’t care (being from fluorida), but because her expressions were all over the place! Lot’s to let sink in. But I do think she is on a sinking ship. And she knows it.


Florida is a big big word for you! “(being from fluorida)” ???? You are all bluff and probably not out of the 6th grade.

I Have

This is the reason why we should never, ever vote for someone who doesn’t have children, especially women. When you have no investment in the future, you don’t care about the outcome. I am not being sexist, women have a time frame, as men do not and can have them at any time, even later in life.


I love it When you do British/EU stuff.

GUY VERHOFSTADT is a power figure in the EU.



Very interesting, thanx!
btw 200mph..ADHD ?


After Brexit passed, the Conservative offered her up. No else wanted the job and all the heavy lifting. That put the UK is in real trouble: big problems to solve without strong leadership. I’ve always compared May to Farage. No contest. The UK people have spoken. Their leadership continues to bumble.

mr reality2

T May is indeed a weak leader, but to me, she seems strong in what she is purposed to do which is to either overturn Brexit or weaken it into total irrelevance. She is very slippery and hiding her true intentions the conservatives need to oust her and quickly. There was a leadership contest proceeding the referendum and it eventually boiled down to two conservative leaders Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom. May was the establishment favourite but Leadsom was a true Brexiter and was picking up the support in the contest she actually had a very strong chance of winning it and was ahead of May. It appears that there was some kind of establishment effort to oppose Leadsom the media was used to discredit her using her comments about ‘May not having children so she did have a vested interest in Brexit’. In fact, the press slaughtered her, there is a suspicion that Leadsom was threatened and warned off but she would be left alone and given a cabinet position if she backed down and thus she conceded to May before the final vote. Sadly we never got the true Brexit leader we deserved. Clearly, May has other superiors she answers to.

Her biggest threat (although he denies wanting to be PM) is Jacob Rees Mogg he is a hardline Brexiter breathing down her sorry neck and his popularity is growing in the UK. May cannot keep this charade up forever and when she slips the mask people like JRM will be waiting to salvage this mess.


“the conservatives need to oust her…” In their eyes, May is doing well, caring out their slight-of-hand soft Brexit bidding.

Eric Johnson

Always a treat. This just formed in my head. Am sure it has been though of before. POLITICS – Professional Omission-Liars Increasing The Insipid Corrupt System. All the best.


Thanks , Mandy. Congrats on becoming a knight. You will have to post a photo once you get fitted for your armor. Oh yeah, they don’t do that any more. Her freeze frames look like she just found a rotting science experiment in the back of her fridge. Did not know about the controversy about “upskirting”. Sometimes the Brits are hilarious with their names for things. Most yank women would haul off and belt the perpetrator if somebody tried that with them. Problem solved.


camera would be destroyed


Everybody knows that “we are living longer” as Teresa says near the beginning.
Wrong!!! Since 2010 that great ship or oil tanker has TURNED AROUND.
And it will not be turning back. There is now the beginning of a massive die off of humanity
which will not stop in a hurry.

Tudor City Lady

Brits do not have the leader we do, therefore, the push, “their resistance” is coming back for a win. Most of England’s commoners do not want Brexit! (This is what they tell me)
Too bad this interviewer didn’t interview WM.
Thanks again for a super episode, knight Mandy


I, like my best friend from Singapore think, Brits are the scum of the earth! They are nothing more than parasites!


Can you explain why? As a British I’m genuinely curious. Singapore and the UK have Great relations. Without the UK Singapore wouldn’t even exists.. In the 1960s we deployed 50,000 troops (500 dead, 2k wounded) and kicked out the Maoist communists Chinese insurgency who tried to take over the island. Today both the UK and Singapore are in the Five Power Defence Arrangement, which is a corner stone of Singapore defence policy..

What possible reason could someone from Singapore (a port city that was Founded by the UK) have to hate the UK? I look forward to hearing your reasoning!


Pretty simple! They leached off of every country they set foot in. It’s a fact. Look up the Crown Companies. Still leaching off America since 1860 and that’s fact. People are blind to it and have no clue and apparently you don’t either. Take a trip trough the Museum in Singapore that tells the true history of Singapore! Any man that bows to another is merely a slave.


“”They leached off of every country they set foot in.””
Which country doesn’t do the same, nothing is exceptional about the UK having vested interests… This is the international norm.. Singapore for example is a very small city state and acts as a tax heaven, Robbing many richer countries of public funds.. Singapore is not the scum of the earth even though they themselves have a high quality of life at the expense of other nations..


Great job. I think she was put there as a fall person. When she does the political dirty split she will be blamed and booted.

We do this in Australia. Female politicians are parachuted into leadership role in government to oversee disaster then they blame the woman.

Stupid thing is these women can’t see it.


i know she was picked by higher ups…britian is 1980 usa….right at the cusp and crime and fear… the difference is, they have social media. they are not used to the people being able to talk to each other on a mass scale

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