Body Language – Prince William On Being King


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Tarot Reader Tina

Nice analysis.

SERIOUS kudos to William! He did so well with that weaselly little man! I really would have asked him “Is there ANY other way left for you to ask me the SAME question?!?” Which is why HE will be a Monarch and I will not! 😁Thank you for an enjoyable video. Would be interesting to do a video on Meghan Markle.


when you’re describing the little man; I began to see a grey parrot. thanks, I needed that chuckle.

Jane Toliver

He keeps “doing it” because the Brits don’t like Charles and despise Camilla. They want William to be king.


I just love your vids Mandi, and I also love reading the comments from your members. …lol creepy little Gollum man claws at dashing Prince Charming…lol


Great analysis as usual. The interviewer is so serious. His personal and professional ambition is overriding his emotional intellience, clearly lacking.


When I see William’s disapproval and stress here, I think it’s not because of the question or it’s repetition, but because the interviewer is actually hitting huge points of tension outlined below, without saying so outright. William knows that and disapproves because it forces him to speak very carefully and dance the diplomatic dance so as not to clue us all in to whether the Queen is actually grooming him for the role of King, rather than Charles.

One thing I think Americans are missing in this equation due to a distance from a monarchy and how it works (and in particular, this monarchy): The reason the interviewer keeps harping on the Queen, her duty, and William’s link to that is the (reputable, and socially supported) theory that due to Charles’s very non-traditional marriage and scandal over Dianna’s claims, the Queen plans to hold onto reign as long as possible until Charles either abdicates to William, or until Charles is so old that he won’t rule long. (Despite William being second in line to his father, he absolutely will rule one day unless he dies first—only Harry will skip monarchy now that William has children.)

In truth, Charles is viewed with some skepticism in the Commonwealth, while William has so far been very popular. And now that he’s coming of age, there’s a very real social push from commonwealth citizens to see him be the next ruler rather than Charles. And given that they’re putting this kind of interview out, I suspect the rumors are true that the Queen also prefers that.

In the framework of these questions, William is being asked the question in subtext, rather than outright, and I think THAT’S what he’s disapproving of. It’s also why the interviewer is so… sharp? I don’t know a better word for it, only the feeling I get from it. This interviewer has undoubtedly been given very strict guidelines about what he’s allowed to ask, and is also walking a very fine line so as not to lose access to the royals. But He knows what He’s really asking. William knows it. And so do those who live with this monarchy. It’s very, very subtle. So William can’t just shoot him down or refuse to answer. But all parties involved know that every word William speaks in response is being viewed through that filter and all the commentators will be speculating about what his answers mean in that context.

I was born in America, but grew up in New Zealand (I’m a dual citizen) and married a New Zealander (we are under the commonwealth, with our own government, but under the purvey of the Queen.) Despite being predominantly white, English speaking countries, New Zealand, Australia, and the three countries that make up the UK, not to mention Canada, all have unique cultures and ways of thinking that differ from America.

It’s wise for all of us to keep those things in mind when we’re “reading” people from different countries. Because even if the body language is the same, foundational motives and priorities aren’t, because their cultures are different. So reaching correct conclusions about WHY someone demonstrates a particular emotion or reaction may be different than you think.


Speaking of the Firm, might we get a breakdown of Harry’s recent wedding? ???? Regardless, Mandy, thanks for all you do!


This young man comes from the family that starved my ancestors to death, and killed my wife’s ancestors, who were fighting against them for independence in the 18th century, so I admit that I am biased. He seems like a very poised and controlled intelligent individual who is probably thinking the same thing that I am regarding his “role”. What relevance does monarchy have in the modern world? Why do the British have to import a royal family from Germany to rule over them just because they are royalty? As an American, I find the concept of monarchy, “The Divine Right of Kings”, being a “subject” so completely abhorrent that it is sickening. Might as well bring back feudalism with vassals, serfs and what not. Yet and still, I will give the guy the benefit of the doubt and hope that he might see himself as a figurehead that might be able to use his position to do some good and have a positive impact on the morale of the British people. If you want to understand monarchy, just look at World War I. Almost every monarch in Europe were related to one another through Queen Victoria, yet the butchery went on completely unabated. Also Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, being royalty, was allowed to “retire” and live to a ripe old age in the Netherlands, I believe, after overseeing the carnage, gassing, etc.. Perhaps having lived under monarchy for so long, Brits see it differently. I don’t get it.


I wasn’t sure about this video, but was glad I tuned in. That little Gollum hobbit interviewer was trying to get a “scoop” and he didn’t. Bravo to Prince William for being as gallant as he was in front of this little creature! I also liked your comment about William possibly being easily led. Wouldn’t it be great if he also watched this and learned from it? Thanks for another spot on video analysis.

Terrible you or anyone censored, yet there is no prob producing deliberately mind-distressing films and games marketed to young minds that are not still “fully cooked” (as Judge Judy would say). Yes, public speaking always requires censorship. No debate is healthy is any involved are screaming and using cruel ‘ignorant’ words of no good purpose. These scenarios are distractions and we can change the channel or walk away. No point communicating with those with no intent for communication with mutual respect. Don’t think Wm was raised with the “first son” syndrome-garbage that can be quite damaging. He is not just his mother’s son in literal, careful, thoughtfulness but also in unseen substance of Good heart and purpose. I know I could be wrong, but I see he will not “play the game” of cruel Empire when he becomes king. He sees the hypocrisies his mother saw, by whom he sees. So, he plays his part unto the superiors and when he takes the Seat he will do his mother’s good will, to honor her and his knowing, good conscience. Can find no word for your superb work and input, humor and all sorts of “tells” beyond facial ticks and musculature. Big hugs.


Dammit Mandy how am i ever going to get any work done when there is a new video from you when i sit down at my computer. Fascinating to watch and interesting to see what a mature and measured young adult he is and being a leader would be a disadvantage i think in the position he is in and will be in.. The press is the press – going out of their way to be irritating is part of the modus operandi. However, William’s job in The Firm pays very well and he knows the rules – be at all time polite, at all time decorous and do not ever let on what you really think. Except to Mandy. Thanks for an interesting interview.


Reluctantly I hit the play on this one, but very glad I did. My attention would have been glued to the Prince without Mandy pointing out lots of interesting things about the interviewer.
As for Prince William:
1) the fidgeting with tie, posture in the chair, feet ready for movement… All c/w being a pilot, helicopter pilot and seasoned search and rescue. Make no mistake, this guy has nerves of steel; he’s very disciplined and he can multi-task. Notice his body habitus? He’s fit.
2) A veneer of shyness: probably genetic. Imagine Princess Diana in his mannerisms.
3) Incredible patience, a sense of “rising above” that hemorrhoid asking the same repetitive question, over and over.
4) The Prince, surprisingly, shoulders his title honestly. He’s a husband first, a father, a soldier, an everyday hero by occupation. If the need arises, he’s got what it takes to be a “Monarch.”


At the point where the journo lists the three points and turns them into pointy daggers is where I think his direction became obvious.
Showing your palm in conversation is not always good, Trump has an open honest palm and this guy has an open palm with daggers.

I think where he talks about his view on politics and the Royal position he prefers his Grandmothers “above politics” style than his fathers outspoken activism comments on climate change and global warming.

I think he is very traditional in his ideals as a Head of The Commonwealth and when his dad speaks out he does not like it.

Even when you have been trained your whole life to be stoic and hold your displeasure it still creeps out.

Thanks Mandy, I got a lot from this one.


it creeped out with his mother Diana!… he is so much like her sad to know she’s not around well not in the physical sense, to see what a great job she did raising her children.

Sander Klausen

Must be fun listening to some old fart asking you when your grandmother will die over and over again.

Tudor City Lady

Thank you for hanging in there with this one, as u said, “hard to watch”. You called it when Wm had a “grimace ” look on his face tha it could me his family wouldn’t be around. Wm said it at the end, when claw man asked for the umpteenth time about being King, an said no, because that would mean part of my family would have moved on……


That was good to know info in that video. I don’t follow kings and stuff, but it is a good idea to keep an eye on them. That statement you made on how reluctant rulers stem from weak minds is a good one. Not all encompassing of course; but a good generality. Unfortunately, the non-reluctant don’t seem to be an improvement.


“I don’t follow kings and stuff, …”

One day you’ll graduate from those first grade readers. You can do it!! ????????


“My grandmother is very much at the helm.” – A very strong statement.


of the family not the govt

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