Body Language – The IG Report FBI Director Christoper Wray


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Penny Allison

The only Way I can access this video on YouTube as if I go incognito. They also unsubscribed me from your channel. Several days ago when I search For your YouTube channel it would not even pull it up. Just to let you know.


he actually does work for Trump. Trump can fire any of these guys. He might want to implement a quick attitude adjustment…check himself.

Jane Toliver

It didn’t find any evidence of political bias or improper considerations actually under review” BECAUSE IT WAS 90% REDACTED. According to Q the top 5 are going to be fired.


He looks like Steve Martin’s character in “Little Shop of Horrors”.

Marita Jeffrey

I hadn’t seen his entrance, and even BEFORE you said something, that walk to the podium was so defiant, blatant who cares attitude. So GLAD to have you confirm it with technical truth and integrity!! Gosh, he is a douche. His WHOLE attitude is “you are wasting my time with this stupid nonsense” it’s sooo telling!!! SMH…

Kellie Russell

Oh they know how to ask a question. They were likely told not to.


He’s not happy and he is very resentful of having to be there addressing this problem. He’s dismissive of the findings too.

That being said, what I noticed is a limp in his gait. Found a couple short clips of his baseline gait (swearing into office, another as guest speaker) and noticed a similar “gimp” in his step but less pronounced. I’m wondering if he has some sort of chronic Orthopedic issue in his left lower extremity (hip, knee, ankle…I’m not sure). I’d guess it’s his hip. Also guessing it was hurting more than usual during this video. Possibly explains his exaggerated and frequent lean to his right side.
Watch really close as he approaches those two steps onto the podium.

It was a very bad day for Director Wray: He’s pissed. He’s hurting physically. He’s resentful of the oversight of the IG. He wants to do what he wants when he wants to and answer to nobody.

It’s as A-hole walk accentuated by almost a sympathy-seeking, “I’m in pain today,” limp.

Stacey Michaels

Yes, it looks like a bit of hip dysplasia to go along with his brain dysplasia.

Penny Allison

I noticed that limp too. He’s very narcissistic. Yes the problems run very deep in the FBI. Wray needs to go! I think they all need to have lie detector test at this point. Isn’t that what they would do to us?


Well done and thanks, Mandy. Lots of little jerks by a big jerk. “The A- Hole Walker saying “F- You” to your face” sums it up perfectly. No political bias but I am implementing political bias training. The president needs to launch the whole upper echelon of Justice, FBI and IRS and get some honest people in there. I hate the fact that somebody they are targeting can have one minor mistake and these bastards persecute them and ruin them for life financially and otherwise, but when several of their own are involved in a treasonous criminal conspiracy to throw an election they get reassigned or maybe fired if it looks like there is no alternative. The corruption is so ingrained they need somebody from outside, not another swamp rat to run these departments.

Penny Allison

Completely swept under the rug! Hide and Lie… the motto of the FBI. Definitely power loving Swamp rats! “THE UNTOUCHABLES”

Mona Reed

Wonder which version HE’s referring to: 1, 2, or 3… and if he’ll be having a press conference after #1 comes out (if it does).

Mitzi Cole

He strikes me as one of those people that you know you need to get away from them to keep from telling them what a jerk they are. Never have cared for this guy.

Wesley Bruce

Nice work.

Wesley Bruce

Mandy have you been following the Q anon story? That influences my approach. I read Wray the other way around.


no i dont follow him…i do see his post from time to time

Wesley Bruce

This is Rod Rosenstein version with some editing to cover Rod’s assets and Wray knows this. It differs from the Horowitz version. Rod is trying to block the original. Wray, Sessions and Trump are playing along because they want to force a full reformation of the DOJ/ FBI system. So this is the body language of someone that knows its a doctored report and does not care because the real thing will drop when the time comes. Wray is trying too hard to look neither angry or laugh.

He is not an A hole but he is not able to say “this version is doctored.’ He’s a good guy playing bad guy badly.


i dont know…many people forget about the whole awan debacle. i would like to think so…but there is a point of ‘folllowing’ along has sunk you as much as them.

Wesley Bruce

True but this is a sting on the bad actors in the DOJ above him. Trump has the unaltered version. When it drops Trump will back up Wray. This is in part Ron Rosentines script mixed the need to minimise the damage on the foot soldiers and the need to provide an OUT for those that are guilty but plea bargaining. Most have done so.


I haven’t followed the Q Anon thing much, but what little I have followed makes me distrust it completely. All of these scenarios built out of what he says can easily be traced back to the people involved in leaking it. That means the only likely scenario is that Q is either a fraud, or an intel psyop designed to make the public believe whatever crazy story the government is creating at the moment. But, this is just my opinion. I’m not claiming to be an expert on it.

Tudor City Lady

I so appreciate you Mandy for putting words to my senses, thoughts. “The roll” giiiirrrrrrl! The Gangsta Roll …LOL Where did he come from? Is he appointed? By Trump?


yes he was… he worked with comey and mueler in early 2000


Another great analysis, Mandy; thank you. I couldn’t get past all of his squinting and using his nose to pull up his upper lip. Often appeared like a semi-snarl. So much contempt!!

ingrid bond

what a fucker! pretending like this is nothing more than a less than satisfactory progress report! isolated concerns easy to put right with steps 1. 2. & 3. argh… we the people have got to stand-up!


yes…and it needs to happen soon

Value the Truth

Sadly, while Mandy displays her body language skills in this video, she also displays a complete lack of knowledge in another area. At 22:20, she asks, “What were you doing while all this was there, since you worked there? Did you notice this?”

Christopher Wray was NOT with the FBI at all during the time period covered by the IG report. In fact, Wray never worked for the FBI before he was sworn in as Director LESS THAN A YEAR AGO, on August 2 to be exact.

Perhaps the man appears to be ill-at-ease and nervous because he is tasked with answering for problems that he had absolutely nothing at all to do with. Regardless, since all of Mandy’s comments are based on her mistaken assumption that Wray was at the FBI during the improprieties, most of her comments are void.

Value the Truth

No doubt something seems fishy, but the fact remains: Wray DID NOT work at the FBI during the time covered by the IG report. Mandy’s comments were based on the erroneous assumption that she made crystal clear at 22:20.


Wray has been there since he was sworn in…and those things the ig report pointed out were on going while he has been and he has done nothing…the lovers the leaks are all on going…its not like the ig report is stating something that happened one time

Value the Truth

It goes without saying that “Wray has been there since he was sworn in,” but you make it clear at 22:20 that you mistakenly believed that Wray was with the FBI while Page, Stozk were up their despicable acts. HE WAS NOT. Wray became FBI Director only 10 months ago. Holding Wray responsible is misguided, uninformed and unreasonable.

Also, the IG DID NOT point out that those things “were going on while he has been” with the FBI. Now you are adding fresh misinformation to your earlier misinformation. You must also be unaware of the fact that Strozk was removed from the Mueller probe within 14 days of Wray becoming FBI Director.

Denying your error hurts your credibility.


You are half truthing what Wray has been involved in. You are leaving out the clearance that strok still has, the contact he still has and access he still has, you are ignoring the on going leaks, you also are portraying Wray as without blame to the current issues of the FBI I.E. Awan brothers and Schultz.


He keeps wanting to keep everything in-house. Like their Internal Affairs division. The one that has never found an FBI agent using their firearm inappropriately. I think you nailed him pretty good. This has been a pretty exciting week. Thanks for making so much of it make more sense.


BIG time analysis! Completely HOLLOW news conference!!


Pretty clear Mandy even in his words at the end; what the President thinks doesn’t really matter. Problems are at the top and no amount of retraining or restructuring of policies is going to change that. Thanks for the video review.

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