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I was thinking of suggesting an Australian ‘wolf’ serial killer Ivan Milat before i saw this video. Due to the Australian legal system there do not appear to be any videos of either interviews or court appearances (Cat, can you find any?). They are horrifying examples of human beings and cannot easily be explained by their backgrounds even those are not especially good. In spite of myself i fall back into wondering if some of their behavior needs to be put down to past or concurrent lifetimes. Of course, in historical times they probably existed but were Crusaders, bandidos, or revolutionaries or had some other outlet for extreme violence for which society did not hold them to account. What is especially weird about Ivan Milat is that there have been strong suggestions that one of his siblings was also involved in some of the murders he committed. Another creepy detail is that a teenage nephew of his took a young man into the Belanglo State forest where Ivan had committed the murders and murdered him with the help of another boy.
I especially enjoy these peeps into twisted minds Mandy. Thank you as always.


It just baffles me that women are suckered in by chiseled features even though the guy is proven violent killer!
In some ways I think that once caught these serial killers should have their trial in a closed court so that they can’t get a thrill out of the fame they are looking for. Maybe televising it for the public but giving the killer nothing.


It’s one big game to some of these lawyers. I agree he should have been put down long ago, but I’m pretty sure there is a “devil”.


There is no ‘devil.’ Rameriz is what happens when our good and bad gets whacked.
Being coddled for years by our justice system is the final to his victims.
That guy should have been put down like a mangy animal. After years of 3-squares and girl friends, he died of cancer in 2013.

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