Body Language – Donald Trump And Kim Jong Un Summit


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Barbara HEDGES

share all on facebook. The left and face book seems to be taking anything down that does not glorify the dems and left


Im new here, but I’ve gotten a lot out of the few videos I have seen. I had to search to find you, as I had linked thru a twitter user a while ago, and had forgotten exactly your name!

a few items that may or may not add to the discussion:
1)there are a lot of differences between Korean and US socialization – the reciprocal touching at the very beginning of the meet is VERY Important… That’s something Korean men do only if they know and like each other well.
2) Kim Jong Un was schooled in the finest schools (Switzerland, I think) speaks 3 languages, one of them is English, and he speaks it very well, or so I am informed.
3) Both Kim’s older brothers stated that Kim was NOT leader material, and was thrust into the position. There are people discussing that in fact the latter 2 Korean leaders might have been puppets, and the Korean Peoples Army and Chinese ran Korea – why? because the Actual Guard for the Kim line has rusty and ill maintained weapons, more threadbare uniforms, don’t carry proper ammo stores, and in the past they have had firefights with the Korean Army (there are news articles of this even)..this implies the purges may have been to get rid of leaders close to the Kim family that were moderating influences…maybe he’s not the monster we’ve been told?

with these possible tidbits as a lense, the body language analysis is soo interesting. I wanted to share this with your community and engage.



Thanks for the interesting information!


inclined to agree – Trump offered “security” to DPRK…if you have ever seen it, there is a family pic of Kim Jong Un, and he is with his wife, sister(s?) and other women (cousins?), and a high ranking military man off to one side, separated. The women look absolutely terrified, and the sister looks very stressed. there is another picture of him inspecting a facility, and he is being led, with soldiers flanking him, holding his arms with both of theirs, with a bunch more soldiers behind him. and he looks very stressed – not like a leader would. at all.
more and more, I am seeing evidence that there is something odd with DPRK…I also think he just wants to live.
Perhaps USA, ROK or the GCC will be sending security to keep him safe, as you may have already seen China is attempting to insert itself into the process. The Chinese were expecting this to be about de-nuking, and it is ending up being de-nuking AND reunification, which terrifies the Chinese. Trumps use of economic power as a strategic National Security element has the Chinese backpedaling like I’ve not seen.
This is a dangerous time. Im, as I have been for a long time, much more worried about China, than I am about NoKo.

Yes the report I heard is that Kim and his family were really the Hostages that Trump is talking about when the say All the Hostages are rescued. A lot of people got off the other side of that hostage flight plane that Trump welcomed. It does not take 2 planes to bring 3 people, Pompeo and some aides across the pacific. My guess is that Kim Jong Un is engaging in a challenging reform and Got his wife, Kids, Older aunty to safety in the USA.


Great analysis, riveting. What a high-pressure event. I’ve never seen Un smile so much. It seemed genuine.During the signing, when his mouth fell open, I bet he was watching his life flash before him. Trump went 25 hours without sleep, from Canada to Singapore, through to the summit: A man in his prime, no matter the age.
Oh, yeah, and in the summit’s wake, it’s been revealed that PM Justin Trudeau is a effeminate globalist pansy.


Trump handled this extraordinarily well. Kim Jong Un must have been primarily concerned with saving face. I loved the queues and such. Strength and a show of humility (within reason) from Trump. Very fatherly indeed.

Jane Toliver

The war with NK started in 50 and and has never ended. It’s only been a Cease Fire since 1953. I have military friends stationed over there right now. Our President has just ended a 70 year war. This deal was actually made back in November, and this formal signing was also mainly photo op for the public. That’s why this only took one day. Trump’s deal was stop the nuke building, the missile launching,and the war mongering and we’ll help him bring NK into the 21st Century with industry and trade. He offered Kim Peace, Prosperity, and Friendship for his country, instead of threats and war. Funny, no other President has ever thought of that, or at least been able to pull it off. Kim fired his top 3 warfreak Generals, blew up his missile and nuke labs, stopped launching his missiles and has made friends with S Korea. Kim is happy, South Korea is happy, China is happy, Japan is happy, America is happy., Trump pulled off nothing short of a political miracle and young Kim may very well go down in North Korean history as one of its greatest leaders.

Jane Toliver

This deal was struck much earlier. This is theater for the public. That’s why it was over in a day.

This could be useful. Some important people. Pak Pong-ju at 3.13.
Kims looking down may be habitual. I have bad feet and always check for uneven ground. He is doing it even when there is no eyes to avoid.
Kim Yong Nam, 90 year old foreign minister. On the stars at 7.06 and 12.04 & 26.04 shaking hands.
This is the three man core of the politburos Troika. Pak and two Kims.


Auto subtitles in english works badly on this one. Click the cog. Very funny.
There is genuine excitement in the announcers voice.

I swear I’ve seen that translator at Kims side somewhere before.

There is a huge clue at 35.59 “Even if you have Dementia and Surveillance. ” If that is not an Auto translate error its a big clue. The dotard was in North Korea with his hands on the state security controls.

The sanctions are important because they have an exemption on cross border trade in the the North south treaty negotiated at Panmunjom. In effect that drives reunification. The denuclearization is as much for China and Russia’s benefit. Neither countries want a united Korea with nukes on their doorstep.

Notice it’s all in the family. That is Kim’s sister filling the role Pompeo is filling. They’re cut loose from the Politburo and the Troika.

Ha Just found the other Two members of the troika in the Panmunjom video. So they were still in the loop in April. Another theory bites the dust.

Pompeo’s the cat that got the canary. Great achievement form great effort and risk.

I’m not sure I believe the Trump does not sleep claimes. I’ve heard he can cat nap. Sleep almost anywhere sitting up. Few WW2 generals had that tallent. Churchill had the talent too.

Kim has never been in the tropics before and has Kevlar under the suit. The building is only partly air-conditioned. The poor coot is cooking in that suit. Some of the reporters were having trouble too. Trump is in a lighter suit.

I have seen Kims translator somewhere before. Australia had a North Korean Embassy up until 2013 so it may have been the shopping mall or something. Diplomat. Maybe a church. Kims reportedly not a communist. There are reports of Secret Christians in the family and elite.

There is a theory that this is not the first contact between the two but the first was covert, possibly a secret DMZ visit or Skype call. Kim can reportedly understand, speak and read english but with a bad accent. That is thus avoided. This is all about making Kim strong enough to push through reforms at home. The theory is that Pak Pong-ju (71) and Kim Yong Nam (90) were the real rulers with kim Jong Un was the political puppet, decoy, scapegoat and figure head.
Reportedly someone figured this out, Possibly Bolton and then Pompeo arrainged to cut Pak and Kim Yong Nam out. In other words Kim Jong Un and his family were the real hostages Trump talks about. Now Kim is free to reform. Its dangerous and there is no script on how to switch from reputed despot to true democrat overnight.
Bolton was the one who argued that the should have given Kim Jong Nam (and son) Asylum wen they were caught trying to sneak into Japan’s Disneyland.

Just found Pak Pong-ju (71) and Kim Yong Nam (90) in the south korea meeting video. The 90 year old looks spry. So they were still around in April. Interesting.

Marita Jeffrey

I can’t thank you enough for this analysis. I am just now viewing it today for the first time. I have watched all the other HOURS of nonsense, propaganda, lies and at times “gushing” on the MSM and cable and yet …. the sagacity of your analysis gave the listener understanding and told the complete TRUTH of the ACTUAL outcome of this summit!!! In addition, it revealed to us how each leader responded!! Wow!! I watched it twice because I appreciated the wisdom WITH knowledge I got. WOW!!! Thank you Mandy. I wish I had watched it earlier. It makes being a Patreon supporter of Bombards Body Language one of the smartest investment I have made in a long time!!! I will be sharing this everywhere I can. AGAIN, THANK YOU MANDY!!!!


Thank you Marita…It was one of the biggest reasons for starting this channel…Im glad to hear your kind words smile

Tudor City Lady

Marita I have enjoyed the special skills and quality of Mandy’s body language for one year now. I found her videos on YouTube one night while on retreat smile I hope you take full advantage of the programing, podcasts and classes she offers. Lots of info and fun!


Hmm…I wonder if anyone’s ever thought that there’s something MORE to Trump’s pose whenever he sits down…particularly the way the fingers of his hands are placed against each other?


Amazing job.!!!!!! smile smile

Debbie Madonio

Thanks so much, always interesting. I learn so much from you.

Danny Prill

Hi Mandy,
I am wondering, if at the first handshake Trump wants zu dominante Un?
Trump ist pulling, isn’t he? And then the left hand to the elbow of Un? Isn’t this a dominate gesture?


You have to look at things in context…nothing else showed dominance. you cant have a split body of submissive head and shoulders with dominant hand. the body/mind doesnt work that way. I did not see any aggressive pulling


Singapore is hot with high humidity, i bet he was just to hot.


Super great job. It was nice to see video of the two men interacting and not behind podiums. I think the pointing out of reciprocated reassuring body language was great and a good sign. Kim does have health problems- the fact that he brought along a portable toilet so that nobody will be able to analyze his excrement to detect health problems shows that. It is not paranoia if it could happen. He is probably paranoid in other ways, though. I think Trump is one of the hardest working public servants we have ever had. Watching the naysayers and jackals in the fake media criticize this effort exposes them for what they are-smug elitist low IQ scum. The fact that Trump can out work, out talk, and out tweet them, drives them further into stage five Trump Derangement Syndrome. It is sort of fun to watch. The media has lost any credibility and I think more low information voters are catching on. Thanks, Mandy. Much appreciated!


I finally found you!!! I MISSED YOU,MANDY!????????I absolutely love your analysis of Trump & Un! Keep on keepin on mu friend!


I was noting the breathing as well. I remember, when I was flying a desk, smoking heavy, and eating in restaurants; that my breathing would be similar if I was sitting hunched over. I had a smaller gut than he, but just leaning over like that put a lot of pressure on my lungs. Especially, if I had just walked enough to sweat. I’m guessing from the fatty neck that Chairman Kim doesn’t hit the gym very much. I’m thinking eating well and moving little can account for it. Excellent commentary though. This is a truly historic moment.

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