Body Language – G7 Dominance Games – Donald Trump, European Leaders And Trudeau


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At 8:24 Justin’s “joke” that nafta was in good shape, was ignored. And he was left with a s**t eating grin on his face.


wink wink


Justin sounds like he is narrating a middle school documentary lol

Jane Toliver

LOL. attempted domination, you mean. China ain’t buyin’ it either. Trudeau: “DONALD”??? And stabbing him in the back is exactly what he did, after. IS HIS RIGHT EYEBROW FALLING OFF??

louis caputo

Watch the “Wandering Eyebrow” video with Justin lmaooo oh wow


the public opinion of Trudeau is confirmed!
if Trudeau is so uncomfortable with his attacks on Trump, even after DJT is in the air going to Korea, it makes one wonder…how much pressure was applied by the other G6 members to be face of the opposition…
really great stuff here

Eric Johnson

You cut thru the outward and expose the true creepy. Raised in Yokohama. Japanese not happy with “right-ist” changes. Passive prep for coming warring. No matter the “people’s heart,” the press just flat-out lies. Japanese know that such preps only put them in even greater danger. Japan, like all the rest, being used as tools. Leaders know it. People are surveilled, but we would WAKE UP if their conversations were heard by We, The People. You do your part. *arigatoo*


Oh yea! Wonderful as always “Mandy”


A mere child trying to compete on the world stage!


Miss a little, miss a lot. That’s what I get for going on a three day fishing trip. Ironically, I was catching walleye, or pickerel (as GPM might call them) less than 100 yards from the Canadian border. Mandy, you killed it on these last three. ” Giant Pussy Man” or GPM for short! Hilarious! Sorry to keep encouraging you renaming these bloviating globalist buffoons with insulting but correct names. Very Trumpian of you. Keep up the good work and thanks for what you do!


Feminism = de-masculinity. Nailed it.


You were so right! That weasel Tradeau stab Trump the minute he left Canada.



It’s surprising to see how openly ticked-off Kudlow is. He’s furious. Trudeau has put Canada in the Trump doghouse.

John Turmel

Justin Trudeau stops climate from changing! Poem


I’ll worry about Global Warming when Greenland is green again.

Charles Harris

Trump sits back confident, because he’s got the cookies.
Macron and Merkel, trying to demand Trump give them some cookies.
Bolton, shocked that they think they can get Trump’s cookies from him.
Abe, already knows he’s gettin some of Trump’s cookies.

Justin, knew he wasn’t getting any cookies but still begged for some.
Had to cry after Trump left.
No cookies ????




You should meme that!

Charles Harris

I just put it in a tweet.

If you wanna make a meme of it, go right ahead
I don’t mind


Apparently the Merkel camp released thst photo to show her dominance over Trump.
I think it backfired because it just makes her team look like pathetic bullies while the bullied team looks like they don’t care.
You can frame a photo but you can’t frame away body language.


yes they messed that up lol


The table scene….Remember the Korean scene when only one character was seated… implying higher status? I think the ‘stress’ in his eyes is him not laughing at them… bless their hearts, they are scared of losing…


Thank you, for your very telling and engaging comments on this historic G7 moment.. especially this:
“Fine, have the damn table. It’s still, No.”


Two weasels together. One is still in role-play, the other one gave up and tries to be ‘man’ about it, and over and over again he’s still amazed people just keep buying it, therefor stimulating his act. I would avoid products from the North America’s.. Buy for European quality, Asian pricing, Russian oil. Free markets, fairness and competition. Avoiding political influence and/or manipulation in trading. Ignoring both these actors from the North America’s.
One day consumers proudly state: “This product I bought is Made in China”.


Trudeau was cropped out, to Trump’s left. A second later, they were all smiles. POTUS must have said something that blew their minds. Trump is our nation’s MOAB and the world has been put on notice. What fun. BTW: Canada, is Trudeau the best you got? It’s time to think hard, stand up, and get your mojo back.

Jana Rade

Back-stabbing weasel. Well, ok, that’s an insult to weasels :p When I watched his closing statements, I couldn’t believe my ears.

Lori Evers-Miller

Giant pussy man #NailedIt


As a Canadian I’m embarrassed by our Prime Muppet

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