Body Language – Florida Shooting Resource Officer Scott Peterson Interview


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this is off topic but I would absolutely love to watch your take on Putin. Maybe a clip from an interview rather than a meeting or political piece. I have watched him and rarely if ever see so much as an uncomfortable moment . To me, in those interviews he looks like he is telling the truth. He also looks like he has inside information. anyway, I’m curious what you see. It would be very enlightening either way it goes.

louis caputo

Scott Peterson was the name of that guy who killed his pregnant wife right? Mandy you are super smart listening to you talk is so easy it’s unreal, you never mince words and seem to know just about everything! Is your IQ over 140 or what


with all the school shootings and you hear gunshots near a school one would automatically put the two together period, non of this makes sense why? because it didn’t happen

He was put in the position of the school to finish out his time as a police officer. 32 years as a policeman and the Police and School District never thought something like this would happen. Im not saying that as an excuse, but it does play a part in why he was there, instead of someone else. It just so happened to be him.


Scott Peterson is saying what he had to say to diffuse everything and it worked because he’s not in the news anymore. I’m one person who actually thinks that he did the right thing, i.e., he had warned everyone about the shooter months before the incident and they did nothing so why should he? Should he then, one month before retirement, go in and get killed or disabled for life due to someone else’s lack of a sense of responsibility? I say no. I would have done the same thing. They are pointing the finger at the guy who saw all this would happen and warned everyone that it would. BS! BTW the what he said about the hurricane windows is true. Everyone down here in Florida who have the say it’s much quieter with the impact windows. We had outs put in after Hurricane Irma and we noticed the difference right away. The shooter couldn’t even shoot out the school windows on the third floor with an AK.


I’m confused! Wouldn’t your first reaction be to go inside the school? That is where the vulnerable children are. Do you think he was told not to go in by someone or just a case of cowardice?


As somebody who has had to run toward trouble countless times in corrections, campus security, inpatient psychiatry and therapeutic schools, you do not stand around wondering what is going on or waiting for instructions when violence breaks out and lives are on the line. You head toward the trouble and do what you can, whether it means attempting to distract the shooter and smacking him over the head with a fire extinguisher, a piece of furniture, or using your illegally possessed pepper spray. This guy had a gun and did nothing. I know and have executed what needs to be done in a crisis. Maybe others refuse to make a judgment about him, but I won’t. My hunch is that he was hanging around waiting for retirement and either did not think something like this could ever happen or he froze out of fear like some of my fellow crisis team members did the day we had a extremely dangerous psychopathic gang member brandishing a chair leg on the psych ward and I ended up getting knocked out. Luckily I came to a few seconds later when he was now punching my frozen team members one by one since I had knocked the chair leg out of his hand before he punched me in the head, and I was able to wrap up both of his ankles and tackle him to the ground. I can understand unarmed and inexperienced staff freezing in the face of violence, but there is no excuse for an armed and supposedly trained officer to freeze in a life or death situation. He should quit making excuses and admit that he froze. Of course that will make him liable when the lawsuits start.


i think his remorse is for his career. I really learned a lot in this one. By the way, Sheriff Israel lost his confidence vote, though he is appealing to the governor. One of the most corrupt governors in the country, I might add.


It also occurred to me this morning, that the freedom he hated was the freedom to criticize him. This is one of the worst traits an “authority” figure can possess. You will find it in the lesser beings. Like this guy. I imagine a lot of the students weren’t surprised by his inaction. On the brighter side; home schooling is on the upswing!


I am taking in everything you have said people but still – none of us know how we would act in a crisis. And most of us would have difficulty with being held up to such exhaustive scrutiny. Yeah maybe he should of, ought to have, could have…..but let he/she/ they who is without sin cast the first stone……..

…of course, he could/should have not done this interview. The news has a way of parading people like this, hoping to produce a strong reaction from their audiences… and who knows, he could have been coached.

Kirk Blythe

As Tampa Bay Lightning’s J. T. Brown discovered [( be sure to watch the video. Mr. Brown is the guy getting out of the police vehicle last.], you don’t know what you’ll do when the fecal matter hits the air circulation device.

I’m not defending the actions or inactions of anyone, I’m just saying that the folks who say they would have reacted differently aren’t being honest with themselves. At least not unless they personally have the specific training and experience to back up their comments. You may want to react in a certain way, but unless you are a sheepdog by nature or by training, you’re still going to react like a sheep. Based on, of course, three types of people: sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves.

Train how you want to fight, because you will fight how you’ve trained!

Charles Harris

Anyone who says “I wasn’t scared” in an active shooter situation, is either a liar or has major mental/emotional problems.

You can run and hide
you can overcome your fear and put yourself in the line of fire to protect others.

To me, his problem was/is mental/emotional. Not everyone can (or will be) a hero. Some just don’t have it in them. If one of his own had been in the building, maybe, but unless his adrenaline kicked in or a bunch of tactical training took hold, he would never have the capacity to react in an heroic manner. This is sad, because without that capacity, he shouldn’t have been in the position he was in… best that he was fired or put on a desk job. It might be that the uppers knew this and USED him.

Charles Harris

It is entirely possible that he was “used”, I just hate to think where that would put us.

I do agree that any officer who is not willing to put their life on the line, for a complete stranger, has no business being stationed outside of the station. They really shouldn’t be an officer period.


Unfortunately, the police have gotten a (deservedly) bad reputation. Part of this is due to their hiring standards. It is the only vocation which can discriminate against hiring people who are too smart. Also, since the entire justice system is geared towards protecting each other, rather than the public; we have a police force in which the least qualified are tasked with being heroes. I have seen far too many situations in which the police have taken the most idiotic stances on situations. I speak from personal experience with the police (especially in fluorida) and with several years of experience in the military with small arms/unit experience.


Not sure this is a real human being ..


A real man would just stand up and say how sorry he was and there were no excuses good enough to even justify slightly what he did.
Saying I just didn’t know is not good enough.
And why hasn’t he gone to all of the victims families and apologised?
Sometimes we make horrific choices but an honest person true to themselves will just claim it and make amends.
I’m going to generalise here….
If they were real tears of sorrow they would be flowing like a fountain imo because of the gravity of the situation. Or he would be trying a lot harder to hold them back with red watery eyes and head up to stop the flow.


nailed it


I nailed it coz listened in class. ????


but then a real man wouldn’t have done what he did…er…didn’t do.


The traditional man would step up and save his community….. but men are not allowed to be men anymore! He is what we will be left with if we are not proactive!


Don’t mean to be rude, but I never asked anybody permission to be a man. Just saying’


Well said!


I think the tears started when she mentioned his children, he said they support me. Maybe he was so choked up about his children supporting him, knowing what he did was horrible and indefensible.


He was busy the whole time. Doing what? Picking up gum wrappers? The whole time he should have been protecting, defending children. I agree, he was mouthing his defense lawyer’s script.


yup…i love how he verbally kept saying “But I didnt know” childish monologue.

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