Body Language – Debate – Stephen Fry, Jordan Peterson, Michael Dyson and Michelle Goldberg


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Tauhir Gamildien

Hey i just joined the site, came to watch your break down of this debate. Its a pretty heated one after you cut towards the end and im pretty sure you’ve seen the whole one and most of the folks here.

Guess i just wanted your take on the section where Dyson says “You’re a mean man white man”

Kelly Krueger

New member here, been a subscriber on youtube since you started, and completely LOVE you, and most of your opinions. With that out of the way, you are so spot on, that the entire video I was cheering you on!!! I felt, and witnessed the same, and agree, I love Stephen Fry as well. Peterson is right behind him ;)….it was refreshing to hear you call out the preacher, and hysterical. Love your commentary, and wish I could afford to support you here. Will always support your channel by watching with youtube red, I hear ya get a better cut…good luck, Mandy, and hopefully, I can get a subscription through here soon!!! Huge hugs!!!!

Todd Pullara

In my opinion, Jordan B. Peterson is a modern day philosopher with no equal, and Eric Dyson is an unhinged racist. Unfortunately, most uninformed people would have you believe the polar opposite. I also think Dr. Peterson’s suit is dapper as all get out. Stephen Fry is the balance between the two sides that we need…reason and logic. Michelle is simply cancer.

We are living in a bizzaro universe.

Tricia Hawkins

Why is it that when I get to your webpage the videos buffer!?!

David McCullough

Peterson clearly won the debate…individual rights over group rights. Censorship is wrong! Preserve the 1st Amendment.


Jordan Peterson is a rock star who went from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds flat; Struggles since youth with the pain of the world and is compelled to map out a path to meaning. How else can we live?
Stephen Fry has been marinating in fame for decades; Eloquent speaker; Hard act to follow.
Both are able to take new information in and appreciate it as such; 2 Rock Stars with Humility and Humanity.
A rarity.
The opposition, MEH.

Sarah Smith

Great overview, very informative. I had watched the whole debate as soon as it came out and I vaguely remember it being a feast for body language watchers. I noticed Stephen Fry gazing at the preacher guy quite a bit, and in one of the preacher guy’s portions, he mentions to Stephen Fry “I noticed how you’ve been looking at me” – something about sitting on his lap? I can’t remember. But Fry’s body language changed a lot after that. And I think Fry told him off as well. Just a fascinating debate really. Also, at the end Fry’s body language was interesting when they were all interviewed back stage – he was clearly distancing himself from Peterson. And Peterson was clearly trying to befriend Fry! Fascinating.

Kellie Russell

What Frye and Peterson said is what I’ve always tried to say. I am told because I’m privileged that I don’t get it.

If we keep indentifying people as part of a group, to afford them special rights or consideration, then we will never see the individuals among that group. Each person should have rights according to their needs. Yes, it’s good to have incentives to encourage diversity. But when you exclude others to get that diversity, just for diversity sake, you trample in another’s individual rights.
On the PC score, if people are going to be concerned about the words others use, then they have to be concerned about ALL words that are offensive.
For instance, someone can’t call out the incorrect usage of a descriptor while cussing and calling someone else a Nazi scum (because they have the look of a Nazi.)


As usual, a wise commentary by Mandy and a very interesting discussion to follow. I watched this debate in its entirety without Mandy’s help and came away with the impression that someone did a singularly bad job of putting the debate together. It seemed to consist of people in the main who did not care to support the topic they were chosen for (excluding Jordan Peterson who knew exactly what a debate is and came to engage in one.) I agree that Steven Fry is a wonderful speaker and stole the show but he is not a wonderful debater, and of course the other two were laughable – who thought they were a good idea? It would have been so nice to have people lined up who could actually debate the very interesting topic intelligently and with gravitas. That Mr Dyson showed signs of being Not Quite Right is undeniable – but he must have been showing those signs long before someone asked him on to the podium. I think organisers of public events have a responsibility to line up serious contenders and not engage people who are not capable and will therefore make fools of themselves. The woman Michelle thought it was enough to make cheap cracks about DT which usually gets anyone an easy round of applause these days but has no place – NONE – in a discussion if she wishes to be taken seriously. No, we do not all take those cracks as a given and yes, you did diminish yourself by using that form of rhetorical nonsense. Its not the Stephen Colbert show, lady.
I have a dislike for the ‘preaching’ style not because i am a racist but because I don’t like it. It occurs to me that people who use that style must kind of wind themselves up into a sort of trance and then deliver their sermon like a song. The man who delivered the sermon at Meghan’s wedding had a similar style and i didn’t like it any better there – it is a ritualized performance which does not float my boat and that has nothing to do with skin colour. ( I am an artist and love brown skin, so much more interesting…….. )
Anyway gang keep up the fascinating work!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda Hontier



i would be nervous too if the potential outcome of this debate was the lurking million deaths of a second soviet union or maoist china.
Can´t even imagine being in petersons shoes.

Buffy Dawson

Didn’t we have the debate about political correctness 30 years ago? Are we really that out of ideas? We wonder why nothing is changing? Everyone’s so hell bent on being heard, no one is listening and damn sure no one thinking it through!

Eric Johnson

That comment I left. Almost at the end, I should have put “FOR YOU” after the comment about “my applause.”

Eric Johnson

Watched this twice, a couple of weeks ago. 3rd time the Revelatory Charm. Thank you. I sit here alone and, by golly, your comments (sidenotes) are made hilarious (to me) by your truthful revelations. And I find myself blurting laughter. Yes, finding sought truth, when found, brings relief, often with laughter. “God laughs.” The Blue Whale & Rocking Motion & the Verbatim Notes (protection). Something amiss with Dyson mind, uses “preacher” status & smart-butt comments for distracted laughter, not meaningful for the Greater Good, but laughter born of “me, me, me” that SO Many “pre-programmed” minds accept as a True Credit deserving of a True, Open, Risen, Awakened Mind. I have seen this ploy, to distract already from the debate subject, used by irrationalists (lovers of literalism) all my life. Using high-falutin’ terms that seem erudite, but show his false intelligence: these smart-butt phrases that do not Speak Plainly, like “moral mendacity” and “psychic commode.” These are, to my educated mind that knows minds of bullying & abuse, quite condescending, and diminish the whole idea of even having a debate in the first place. I never met or served Mr. Fry in my years amidst princes, movie stars and the world’s movers & shakers. I have served tens of thousands of people over my life, and no matter how Famous or Not, there are people that radiate (if you ‘see’) genuine, thoughtful, respectful character in their words, tone, mannerisms and substance. Yes, I love him too, beyond the “star” stuff. Will made a vid on Peterson. Brilliant. Does not understand (I don’t know if anyone does) the “unseen” or spiritual message of the “Two Fighting Muslim Women.” When we know the meaning of KIng Solomon’s decision to “split the baby,” we also know the meaning of the 2 Muslim Women in the Quran.

Do not believe that you seek applause firstly, but to educate, where it really counts. My *applause” is in my heart, and it sounds of joy.
Love to you and yours.


PC vs Kindness. Having empathy can remind us that cruel labels do hurt not only those that they are directed at but also those who witness and have similar affectations – obesity, unique physical characteristics, invisible disabilities that result in oddness, etc. For those of you who are so fortunate to be healthy — Not every person who is fat got that way by stuffing their pie holes.

For myself, I went 15 years from doctor to doctor trying to find out why I was so tired and in such physical pain. By then my body was wrecked. And I had gone from an active, outdoors, fit, loves life, go to the gym every day, type of person…. to a shut in, severely overweight. And it was an awful journey getting there. Every day I suffer.

Called someone a whale is cruel. Yes it’s a bit PC but for good reasons. It’s as bad as mocking someone in a wheel chair.
Don’t be fooled – most people who are overweight are very unhappy and often in pain.

It’s disappointing to see others jump on the bandwagon by repeating it.


Well let’s be real. Blue whale was said as an insult to exaggerate this man’s repulsiveness. In the end – being called names for being short, having a small penis, being fat, being gay, being black, being asian, being a woman, being old – come with constantly being judged with disgust, exclusion, physical abuse, discrimination, and so on. It’s not a joke. It is not part of being decent to one another because the harm and instances of cruelty are very real. I have never had a stranger engage to laugh “with me” over my weight. It is always a judgement with degrees of mocking or outright meanness. You can’t have it both ways and people are either ready to be kind or ready to be cruel at their core. Often it’s how you were raised and were treated yourself, and how emotionally sensitive you want to be on behalf of others. We can do better.


good try

Stephen Whitton

TruthSeeker17, I heard one thing I hold true because I do truly believe in freedom of speech and it was said by a comedian. He basically said if you want be offended be offended it is not like you get leprosy. Teach people that what is said by others is only someone else’s opinion and purely that. You place the value on what they say and by doing that you give it credence and allow it to affect you. If I don’t like what you have put forward I don’t have to listen, read, watch or respond and that only changes if you are actually inflicting physical distress. People both adults and children are cruel and judgemental creatures when it suits. In this case I believe the comment was purely made, in my opinion, to emphasise her distaste for this particular person and I wholeheartedly agree on her judgement in this particular case. Dyson is a disgusting self promoting racist who said at the end of the video what he really thinks of himself and his opinion of his importance to the rest of us.

As for your personal circumstances it does not give your opinion any more weight than anyone else’s. It can be useful in understand why you feel the way you do about a subject but that does not make you right by default. Because you want someone to live by your perceived morale standard doesn’t mean they have to or will. You don’t even have to read or respond to this if you don’t agree. I won’t be offended. I am sure that your own morale compass slips up from time to time in how you see others and express it. I would bet that if you say otherwise that you would be lying because like the rest of us you are a fallible human with discrimination for one thing or another.

The truth will always set you free.

Mitzi Cole

Mandy, you nailed it! No one really cares, they just want to live their life.


” The blue whale stimulating himself” You are killing me, Mandy. I echo the comments of others who see the self-stimulating as a sign of being disturbed or unresolved issues.


XD crying Mandy Mr No Name

Charles Harris

Now I’m gonna have to go and watch the whole debate.

Just wish I could erase Dyson’s mental masturbation from it.
The amount of self gratification he exhibits is disturbing.

I do have a great deal of respect for individuals like Peterson and Frye who can have thoughtfull measured discourse. Respecting one another by listening to what the other is saying and responding without insults or slander.


yes, it is a rare quality these days


I’m not certain Dyson’s rocking demonstrates agreement or comfort. He reminds me of an anxious infant self-soothing against his crib mattress.


Boy, what a difference it makes when you factor in body language to the words we are hearing. It gives a whole new meaning to this debate. (I have a talent for saying the obvious). Dyson has an ego and an arrogance about him that is not right. I wouldn’t watch this thing except for Mandy’s commentary.

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