Body Language – Roseanne Cancellation And Liberals Mentally Imprisoned By Fear


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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louis caputo

We can see a depraved bias on the Left now with Peter Fonda sending a tweet calling for the abduction of Barron Trump and to house him with pedophiles being basically acceptable by twitter since he still has an account and also he gets to release his new film!! Yippy I can call for child rape and still do my film with a production company owned by Disney!! Folks we live in a scary time when good is considered evil and evil is considered good. God help us all

Alan Pollock

Fun and interesting clip. Thanks and keep up the great work.


Glad to see that not everyone was onboard with pulling the plug on Roseanne Show! Well, not in their body-language anyways. I hope the American people could see that their body wasn’t agreeing with what was being said!


SJW should really be SIW (Social injustice warrior) since the double standard is so glaring. The PC Culture demands injustice for anyone who does not buy into their beliefs and a pass for those who do unless they go so far that their crimes or poor judgment can no longer be overlooked or justified.


If you don’t agree with the agenda your thrown to the wolves. Its not just hollywood, its everywhere.


thats true…thats the american system


if you don’t agree with the agenda your thrown to the wolves


That fear won’t hold them back for much longer. If they are as up against the wall as you showed, something will have to give. I think I’ll stock up on some popcorn. Oh yeah! Another great video in which I learned something! Always a good thing.


Roseanne is a c o m e d i a n for crimminy sake, it was a flippin joke….a joke…fired over a bad joke ? ? ….the world has gone crazy.


please…you know you are speaking latin to non critical thinkers… 😆

Venus Pallas

So telling. Great clip!


Great job on this one.
Hollywood is going to fall and it will be fun to watch. These ladies know it and I think they do worry about their jobs. They know the SJW fight is so over the top that they are ALL 1 stupid comment away from poverty.


i think they know they are screwed either way


Oh Mandy! Brilliant.

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