Body Language – Attorney Rudy Giuliani – Trump Can Pardon Himself


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Jana Rade

I like Rudy; but sometimes he does say some pretty stupid things.

hmmm, Giuliani looking down… I do that, too. But, I do it in the process of recollecting information and timelines. Am I being deceptive? I truly believe I’m not. I often get shut down by my mister, because I tell a story with every tiny detail, which means digging into many compartments of my memory to make the story ‘right’ – get everything covered, in case it’s important, you understand. I can make the best story ever come out boring, laden with all of the details, according to him. Regardless, to dig up the details, I have to concentrate and sometimes that means not looking at my audience, esp. if I think they’ll cut me off or take away from the pleasure of a lengthy retelling.
Gosh, now I will be self-conscious, even more. 😯
I’ll be mentally checking myself in case someone might go away thinking I’m being deceptive.

Actually, I would rather you chime in as many times as you see something! I come here to get your opinion on what you see. I can always go to YT or other outlets to get the unedited video if I wasn’t looking for your input! Please DON’T reframe from adding your comments in any of your videos as this is why we are here! Well, most of us! smile


I grew up watching Guiliani wrestle with the Chicago mob. Does he know more than he lets on? You bet, but it’s satisfying to know that he remains a fighter for the good guys.


It occurs to me he would have been a super successful car salesman. In fact i want to buy one of his cars. But yes, Mandy, bad idea having him be the face of this legal team. Great work.


“A PROFOUND FACT A teacher of higher truths was told by a new student,
‘The world deceives me so easily and so often. How can I see thru others?’
The teacher replied, ‘See thru yourself.’ This is one of the most power-
fully practical truths ever spoken. _Anyone who obeys its message will
one day have a trouble-free life_. The admission of what is wrong within
us makes room for the right. End self-deception and other-deception ends.” ~Vernon Howard


You’re right. It is a blatant witch hunt. And yes, why did he consent to be interviewed. ABC and Steponallofus must have loved it. Boy, Mandy is just doing some fantastic reading …as usual. A lot to learn here.


Thanks Mandy, excellent as usual. When I first started seeing Giuliani after he started representing the President, I was startled each time he went near Farkas Bug-Eyed Believe Me, because I have not ever seen him do that in interviews and I have seen my share. At first I thought it was some neurological thing or Graves Disease, then I realized it was the “Believe Me” thanks to your lessons. You are right, he should not do interviews. Unfortunately, I think that is his only job. The other two are doing the legal work. His job is to stir up the press and throw down at Mueller. Lawyers- I went to law school for a year, which is how long it took for me to realize that there was little justice and no truth-seeking in the job. You are just trying to do everything you can to support one side of an argument. The truth or justice is secondary if it exists at all. I guess it is great to have somebody on your side in a case, but I’m glad I changed my mind and went back to social work and education. Thanks again for a fine analysis. You are calling them as you see them.


thank you and im glad you didnt become a lawyer lol

I have no law background and from watching trials only, I do agree with everything you say. I would respectfully change one comment to ” there was NO justice and LITTLE truth-seeking in the jobS” both sides are guilty of hiding or not being truthful 100% of the time.

The more adept the “legalist,” the more-smoothly they lawyer the Constitution and COMMON SENSE to death to produce lies sold as Truth. You, dear lady, are so much appreciated.


thank you


No more interviews for you 😡


Not going to lie, I like that Jay Sekulow and Ted Olsen have been involved with advising President Trump. As for Mayor Guiliani, he should stick to behind-the-scenes. wink


Hi Mindy , have you tried MINDS.Com? another venue..
I appreciate your work


i am on minds and makers support


Well now I know how to share your videos on Minds! Done. Thanks. And I think Guliani might do more uhhs than Obama! It’s a tough call.


oh Rhys…i dont mean to keep secrets 😮

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