Livestream Chatter – Anger Emotion Stories – Part 1

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Carolyn Straughen

how do I join the silver or gold benefits group?

Marcia Patterson

Tell me what is the cost of the course ? I’m interested by I need to know how much it costs for gold or silver membership?

Marcia Patterson

How do I figure out what the cost are avd how do I pay? How do I get the answers to my questions? By email?


$5 or $10 a month.

Russ Barnes

Mandy, Have you ever tried your skills on the show, To Tell the Truth?

Russ Barnes

Mandy your comments are hilarious. Especially when you call them turds. Lol


Will there be anymore live classes, or is that just if you’re a patreon subscriber?

Angie Shuetrim- Milles

I Just love this !!! Mandy, I have become obsessed with your website! You are so brilliant and I’d love to be a part of the next live session. I’ve signed up as a Gold member. Much love, Angie from Australia.

John Eisenhardt, Jr

I really like the way you analyze different people to see what they are REALLY thinking and how their body is telling the TRUTH via different postures. I would like to read people better myself. I also like your humor in reading some of these people.


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