Banned From Youtube.. Again!


Youtube removed this video.. then they reinstated it themselves. Now they have terminated my account for a video THEY reinstated.
It seems not even youtube understand their community guidelines, so how are their users supposed to know ‘whats allowed’?

One of the previous strikes that was on my account was for the below video..

This was a video of a documented false testimony. Stating my opinion relating to FACTS has made me an ‘outlaw’ at Youtube.

They have essentially cut me off from my audience of nearly 300,000 Youtube subscribers on a whim.
My reach is now very limited, so I would appreciate people sharing this..

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David Pavel

I love your videos Mandy they’re super interesting.


Interesting foreshadowing of Hogg there.. I think you might really be onto something with him having a psychological issue and I’m betting we’ll one day find out unfortunately lol


Enabled notifications as well, this termination is beyond messed up. I just clicked on your YouTube channel in my subscription feed because I haven’t seen a video from you in a while… Just to find this shit. I am so sorry, but I’m a huge fan of your content, and I will follow you to whatever platform you choose. Thank you for continuing to produce this type of content.

Chris Stevens

Yours is the only deeply intelligent voice on YouTube. YouTube is moronic.

angelo fascia

I thought the lefts were against censorship, same old double standard as always.Very sad

Lisa Moon

I am curious to hear any further thoughts on the “boy student” (now that it has come out that he can be found giving multiple crisis interviews aka. “crisis actor”), as you had mentioned his behaviors were not similarly immature like what was seen in the two girls giving their accounts of the event. Has that information at all changed your reading of body language regarding some of the statements the girls made (ie. 2 shooters)? (This question is not asked with means to disrespect or imply discredit towards you or your practice. I am just curious.)


I’m so sorry that you got banned from youtube! I really enjoyed watching your videos and seeing all the fascinating things you can learn by just looking at how someone talks!
I just wanted to say that you said it yourself that teenagers aren’t emotionally mature yet and they’re very social people so if that blonde girl’s friends or classmates saw this video they might make fun of her about eating tide pods or something like that. It might really affect her, especially after going through something that should have been a high stressor that she was completely unaware of.
Anyway, that’s just my two cents. Can’t wait to see your future stuff and let me know if there’s something I can do to help you get back on YT!

Bella Angel

I just joined so I could say, “NOOOOO!!!!!!! Im sorry this has happened. What do we all do? Can we complain to YT with just your username that was on Yt?, “Bombards body language”??? Is that the exact way it is on the site? What else? You make me laugh! I really appreciate that! I have C-PTSD, nightmares… so laughing? That helps me a lot! THANK YOU! I love learning about body language.”.

Everett Sprague

I do not even know what to say. Besides, Fuck YouTube with a Telephone Poll studded with diamond encrusted nails.


Sorry to hear this, but not surprised. I find it interesting that that your third strike on the Parkland video coincided with Hogg Hitler’s “Die IN” at the Publix stores in Florida, which caused them to cave and “revaluate” their donations to the NRA. I had a funny feeling about him the minute I saw him, and the way the leftists are trying to take out anybody who questions giving credibility to emotionally immature traumatized teenagers on the gun control issue makes me quite suspicious. I hope that both of you feel the support from the community and that you continue the fight for truth and free speech. They are trying to set you up the same way the Obamaite scumbags are attempting a coup on the President. The only solution is to continue the fight, go around them if possible, and bulldoze on. Those with deep pockets like Prager U can go to court. Creators with less resources will have to resort to guerrilla warfare on multiple fronts but truth will ultimately prevail. As the leftist/fake media conspiracy’s crimes are exposed, it will take the blindfolds off of more and more people. Keep up the good work and let us know what we can do to help. You are Patriots!


Just sent @teamYouTube a twitter message and they asked for the URL of your YoutTube site … which I didn’t have because you’re banned! real slick of them…


I think I discovered the reason for the Hoggwash again.
Apparently he tried to #Memewar with the right. We all know the left can’t meme!

I bet it got so bad he called his Soros sponsor and EVERYONE got banned again.


Tommy Robinson is in jail…. the media is almost silent… I don’t give a dam about the gag order because now they are jailing people we may as well prepare for civil war. If Tommy is hurt or killed in jail previous riots will look like picnic in comparison.

The politicians in all countries are scared that if they speak out their little secrets might leak…. or even unjustified allegations and receive trial by leftist media.

I honestly think it is a matter of people getting off the social media grid.
When Mandy gets back on YT she really needs to push this website like the other creators do.
Have an exclusive content option here where she pushes the boundaries. Do kids, teens, old people…. make us laugh because humour is what will draw people here.

I kept watching Mandy’s channel because I would laugh at her brilliant and funny commentary that left me feeling good. Creepy Joe Biden was a perfect example.

I’m off on a 4hr drive to see a dr… oh the joys of rural/regional life.


Use this:
The Service may contain links to third party websites that are not owned or controlled by YouTube. YouTube has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party websites. In addition, YouTube will not and cannot censor or edit the content of any third-party site. By using the Service, you expressly relieve YouTube from any and all liability arising from your use of any third-party website.


One other idea – someone put YT videos up that “review” your new videos – with a click here for the uncensored content sad


So sorry Mandy! It’s disgusting! Get the ones they are afraid to censor, to cover you. I bet that will influence reinstating because they only do this where they think they won’t get caught. People (your viewers) please make comments in the Zuckerberg videos about censoring Bombards Body Language – or comment in any other videos that’s get high viewing on censoring. Tucker Carlson who has network reach would be great to interview you and some others. Expose them!!


Just to add a comment about that video:
There are various types of fake.
There is fake fake, as in everyone pretending something happened and nothing happened w/ crysis actors.
Then there is false flag fake, as in something happened, but the people who did it pretend to be someone else.
And then there is controlled fake, not going in depth. keyword MKUltra. Something really happened Perpetrator was controlled. *cough* /sites/default/files/hearings/95mkultra.pdf

Also: very weird that certain other channels do not have any problem with stuff like this like getting banned/blocked.
I WONDER WHY… maybe those other channels are C_Antrolled.

Mandy, I guess GOOG also doesn’t like it when you remind people of “the babies” and “the incubators” and Hill & Knowlton (biggest PR agency in US back then, who got the job and did the deeds, and weren’t arrested afterwards). In the worst case people may wake up and do some research.

Raul Herrada

Hello, I just registrered the web to comment on this. I HATE youtube for doing this, they are such an hypocrites, I remember when Youtube had no ads and we were all like oh? They are putting ads on youtube now? Youtube is so corruped, it happened gradually over time. Please do something about this, you deserve more than this, and your experience should be heard.

Sammy Parts

What about SteemIT and DTube?
It’s a BlockChain Social Media Platform apparently owned by the community. (I’d follow you on there and it’s make me spend more time on that platform then FB which I’m really wanting to delete now too)

do you still believe Hogg was a high-school student considering?


Sorry to hear this, Mandy. But are you really surprised?


you’ve got the right idea. I would suggest you make another one…and another one, etc. Ones worth reaching will be able to follow the popcorn trail.


personally not surprised…surprised that they used the same video again, that they had released.

Charles Harris

You might have room to argue there, considering that they were the ones who put it back up. It does smell like a setup. YT Has become hostile to anyone who says things that are true and their hypocrisy is mind boggling. I’m subbed to you on bitchute too, just in case. I think I’ll contact YT and tell them my opinion on this.

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