Podcast E03 – Youtube Future – Socialist State – Bitcoin Debate

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1. Re: Bitcoin-Leaning toward Mandy here but not because of the infinity issue, but because the existence and value of crypto currency depends on the existence of electronic infrastructure like computers, internet, cell phones etc. What is your non-existent Bitcoin worth if those are taken away? I personally will stick with gold, silver, ammo, guns, gas, food, alcohol and generators as wealth storage tools that can be bartered and would still be useful if the electronics are gone.
2. Re: Cloward and Piven, Leaning toward No-Name because of the emphasis on how you cannot look at the implementation of the plan elements in isolation from one another. Mandy is right that you cannot live a good life on welfare, however the fact that you are getting SNAP food card, an AFDC check, and Section 8 housing, combined with the class-race warfare, destruction of the family structure, the fake media telling you that Conservatives want to take those things away, creates the perception that the liberals are your friend, leading to one party government in places like Chicago (36 miles away from me) which in turn leads to more poverty, class warfare and the others feeding itself like a nuclear reactor. Then you have Gold Coast liberals that think that you are helping others by keeping them dependent on the welfare state, as well as craven, cynical and amoral politicians that maintain power by exploiting both groups.What I have noticed with liberal to apolitical friends and family is that the combination of the education strategy, the religion strategy, and the class/race/gender strategy have resulted in many of those individuals having no sense of right and wrong, lawful and unlawful, or normal and deviant, on the part of others behavior, for fear that they will be judging others. I think about 40-50 percent of the population buy in to the PC belief that there is no central moral authority and that it is wrong to enforce the law or label behavior as wrong. That is why you have such resistance to Populists like Trump and have liberals defending MS 13 gang members as “God’s Children” when they are savagely raping young girls, decapitating people and cutting their hearts out. This is going to lead to the complete breakdown of society if it is not vigorously opposed, in my opinion.
3. Re: You Tube, any platform that is successful enough to give opponents of the PC culture, the Swamp, and opponents of the fake media a platform will inevitably get censored unless the people running it have deep enough pockets to keep it running and are committed to free speech.
4. Kudos to both of you for developing the website and resisting the progressive assault on free speech!


Good point about Bitcoin. (but I don’t think that was the argument Mandy put forward – your point is something else). Nonetheless, bitcoin is like gold, would mirror gold except for when fiat currency exists to provide currency speculation. In the end, gold and such are and valuable commodities are the best currency, other than barter.
Nonetheless whilst Central Bank fiat currency exists, then it is in competition with gold and Bitcoin, and neither can be reliable due to practices designed to strengthen fiat at probable cost to holders of gold and Bitcoin, including limits to use of electronic devices for Bitcoin.


Join the discussion…I haven’t tried it yet but it’s my understanding bit coins can be stored on a external hard drive or even printed out. And if you do print them, they can scanned back into you bitcoin wallet.

Nathan W

Bitcoin is interesting and not a full answer due to issues brought up by prior posters including the requirement on an active internet and the systems required to facilitate that internet. The whitepaper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” states “The network timestamps transactions by hashing them into an ongoing chain of
hash-based proof-of-work.” The requirement of creating a block chain is actually the main problem with bitcoin as it is highly dependent upon computing power. The problem is the energy required to run the calculations, this creates an asymptotic relationship with the number of users and could cause a system slowdown. The supply is capped by the energy required to complete the calculation of the number of hashes by the requirements of the math involved in hashing. Section 5 of the whitepaper is where the network comes into play and is where I believe the main problem to occur. The value of the bitcoin is dependent upon demand for the limited resource as it is 100% dependent upon having enough energy to do the calculations to prove the prior transactions. I’ve had money get stuck because of the playback to validate my bitcoin address before. Money differs from currency in the fact that it is a store of value.

The store of value within bitcoin is the blockchain associated with the address all of the relationships with all other addresses. That is how it differs from a fiat currency, the value is in the information. I realize I’m very late to the podcast but the bitcoin whitepaper is 9 pages and is well worth the read. Money vs currency get confused very often and it is something I was confused on for a very long time. The main difference is the perceived and intrinsic value of the underlying item, with gold the requirement is to have a supernova to form the nucleus for gold, with fiat money it is dependent upon the ability to print the power of the institution behind that money and enforce contracts (such as the petrodollar). Intrinsic value in bitcoin and many other cryptos is that it must be verified through block chain, otherwise fidelity would be lost and no one would be interested in it. I do quite a few transactions in crypto and my bias is as an investor. I invested in gold, silver, bitcoin, stocks, and bonds to protect the value associated with all of those things. I spent effort and time to get money and I invested that money into various entities assuming it would hold value better than fiat currency. Turning people away from investments is dependent upon what they are willing to risk and what they require to live. If I were to be in a desert and had $100 USD and a guy was selling water for $100 a cup and I was dying of thirst I would gladly trade that $100 for a cup of water. If I had a 100 gallons of water I wouldn’t care about the ridiculousness of the price and move on because I have what I need within that system to survive. People are content with money as long as it is working for them and they perceive the value of trading effort for it.


You think it’s possible Google bought YouTube just to destroy it and force everyone to use a Google site?


That was fun, you’re way of disagreeing!
As for bitcoin: it gets as small as people request, and assent to. Only the transaction must be desirable.
Though it’s division is unlimited at outset, the division is the place where it abides, which is likely to be the value of the cheapest thing on the market, no less; for there would be no need of smaller division.

There is not going to be a sudden rush to divide it up at an exponential rate. Where its division abides is where it needs to be, according to demand.
A real life example can be given by the purchase of bread; if someone is selling bread by the loaf in bitcoin and 1 bitcoin is worth a million loaves, then it would be divided into a million, as required by the transaction. Someone gets to eat, and more bread gets made. Speculation on bitcoin, so as to drive the price up, make no difference; if its ten million GB pounds per coin, £1 per loaf of bread, then for a loaf of bread transaction, it gets divided into ten million parts, and a nice name could be given to it.
The cheapest thing I can think of is a penny chew. I think they cost about 2 pennies now!
Conclusion: Mr Noname is right on this issue.

Further: Value and Speculation
If Bitcoin wasn’t speculated upon by a fiat currency that has purchasing power of real goods, given that there are a limited amount of bitcoin, if there were more loaves produced, then the price in bitcoin would go down, and it would need a suitable division. Less loaves (or penny chews), and we’d pay more, but probably eat less!

Folk aren’t going to speculate on bitcoin for the value of a less than the worth of a penny chew, unless its soaring in such an exponential way that they want in on the action to make something out of nothing. That ‘s not going to happen if Bitcoin buys real goods, because it’s division and hence value would be based on their abundance and demand primarily.
ITs real driver of its nominal value, and hence division, is its increase in use, as it takes over an increasing amount of all real transactions of real goods and services.


Also, I should add, that If ‘very rich’ speculators buy up and hold onto bitcoin, that would be a driver to its further division. But there would be no profit for holding it until sold. If it were exchanged for gold, then that is a stable system.. no great profits for such dealings. IN fact Bitcoin in the absence of fiat currency would mirror the price of gold.
It’s fiat currency with its great deceptions of debt-inflation and printing more on futures/bonds that primarily permit currency speculations and all the other evils in the Globalist cartel’s system of control an rule.

Will Wade

Rosentine is auditioning for rumplestinkin. He cannot hide his inner serpentine, you could almost see the forked tongue slither. He resents life. Beyond hope. Poor fellah.

Nathan Westveer

Mandy, Hitler is a perfect example of a leader blaming the 1% and installing Socialism. Hitler was the workers rights candidate. Just read any speech by him. It’s black and white.

Nathan Westveer

Is this a Podcast I can subscribe to on a Podcast player app? IF not, it’s very easy to Publish the Podcast XML. Talk to Adam Curry, the inventor, and host of the No Agenda show. He’ll help you.

Juan Pablo Silva Alvarado

I’ll side with mandy. There’s a reason lightning channels are being open. In the future developers expect the cost of the transactions to cover the cost of the network (if not subsidized by governments or big companies, which they will gladly accept). So no regular person will be able to use the blockchain directly, at which point everyone will be using just regular banks as early as 2025.

I myself went into Bitcoin, even developed for it, but now I realize just how horrible a future and close to a religion it’s. Most newbies are justifying with “whataboutery” anything they can get as an use case because they expect to get rich out faith without giving anything back to society. Be honest and tell “Is an opportunity to get rich and nothing else. I don’t care who loses what, I wanna be a banker too”.

Changing a master for another one is no freedom, just a trade.

Juan Pablo Silva Alvarado

If you wanna really know about Bitcoin, ask Preston J. Byrne. Probably the most respected critic of Bitcoin. He’s a great guy who loves marmots.


Interesting debate on bit coin…but misinformation can unnecessarily muddy the waters AND close your mind to possibilities.
I can appreciate all opinions. However, all comments are not opinion. Sometimes comments are facts and other constitute false information.

For example 1 gram is not the smallest increment in which you can exchange gold. You could (and maybe still can) actually buy 1/10 of a gram of 24 karat gold by purchasing an “Aurum” from Peak Prosperity.com. I have one. I’m not promoting anyone else doing so, but the technology is clearly there to transfer gold in this quantity. It seems to me that it does open up, once again, the practical possibly of trading in precious metals rather than fiat currency. Who knows, the technology may change in the future to allow any even smaller increment to be exchanged. But one thing I do know is that misinformation helps nobody; in this debate or any other.

Another comment that is being thrown around is the idea that bitcoin is a form of fiat currency. Is it? My understanding is that fiat currency must be backed by a government that issues it. Which government is issuing bit coin? None to my knowledge. If not, then it isn’t fiat currency. So, I think this debate should start to define what gives bitcoin, or any other crypto currency a “value”. To me, crypto currency is no different than trading on the value of “Suzy Smith” love notes that were passed around in grade school. As long as everyone believes Suzy Smiths notes are valuable– even if we shred them into Suzy Smith atom sized bits — which have value simply because they are attached to the “notion” that Suzy Smith is associated with their presence, then they become whatever value everyone agrees on. Problem is people may stop believing because Suzy Smith falls out of favor with a bad reputation. Then this whole notion of crypto currency starts to sound more like a classic ponzi scheme rather than a system of fiat currency.


I can’t find any information on Benjamin Franklin being a slave.


read his biography and an old history book


A bit of sensationalism going on here– which you don’t need an old history book to verify.

Franklin may have considered himself a slave to his brother while working for 5 years (age 12-17) as a printing apprentice (which we can only assume involved harsh and under compensated working conditions) but this really depends on your definition of a slave. According to Charles Galton Darwin (grandson of Charles Darwin) in his 1950’s book, “The Next Million Years”, slavery has always existed in form of another. You can argue that anyone currently using fiat currency is a slave to a government whereby you have no legal right to barter and have been stripped of your freedom to be the master of the fruits of your own labor/earnings. Most of that fiat currency earnings will go right back to them in the form of taxation. In other words, most of us are currently “slaves” which probably includes you, Darshu . To paraphrase Alan Watt , it’s time for you to wake up to that realization; particularly if it bothers you or you wish to change that circumstance.


One Crypto Currency that is unique, and is actually backed by something is called Steem.
So, on Steemit.com, which is essentially a website like Reddit, except steemit pays its content creators, for likes, and views, with its crypto currency Steem. Which is mined in the background like your website does.


My response to a liberal won’t fund a new YouTube with a dedication to free speech:
Well, to be fair, many liberals are fed up with the status quo. So much so that i recall the Democrat email leaks came from inside the party, by someone who who disliked how things were being operated. So, help to provide a platform for free speech could come from anywhere at this point.

Also, I maybe blind, but where did you hear Benjamin Franklin was a slave? I can’t find it on Google

Plus, what is the MSM when it goes nuclear? I think for me their nuclear is just how I see them as normal day-to-day nowadays. Of course, I don’t watch them ever so …


I am surprised their isn’t a welfare system in the USA, I am a young unemployed single man and I get £780.82($1051.57) per month. This is how much the government says I have a legal right or live off. This also doesn’t include free dentistry, health care and other grants that help. I always feel bad because my mum works hard and I always have more money than her and need to borrow her cash all the time. But their is no point in working if I get less money for work.. Its a very weird system we have in the UK.

Charles Harris

Divisiveness, keeping the people conflicting with one another, makes it easier to quietly chip away their freedom. With great numbers of people unable to fully support themselves on minimum wage, they’re already on the government’s test food stamps.


The smallest amount of bitcoin is 0.00000001 BTC, which is worth 0.000083 USD right now. Changing this requires changing bitcoin (through a so-called “hard fork”), which again requires consensus.


The argument that if you split gold or bitcoin into fractions that are so small that they are worthless, then gold and bitcoin loses its value: 1: no, even tiny fractions have a tiny value, 2: why would anyone do this – you use fractions that are useful to you. If the value of 1 unit goes up, then you use smaller fractions.


On the future of YT I think it will go in the direction of all leftist ideological businesses…. down. They all have so much going for them and then identity politics is thrust upon them by some minority loving CEO and the people go wtf And stop using them.


This would be a great video to play at school.These are the kind of things we need to teach our children. Well done Mandy and Reece (sp?). I’m with Reece concerning bit coin. He’s right.


I’m with Mandy on the Bitcoin. All I see Bitcoin as being is another currency I didn’t get into early enough so it will be difficult for me to obtain. I can’t see myself working or creating a product and then being told I will get 1/10000000000000th of a virtual coin in payment. OMG …. Yes it will ptobably have it’s uses but by that time I will be full on onto the old fashioned barter system where I will swap you a box of home grown veggies for some steak and milk.

In Australia we may not even have base load power in 5 years that can charge my phone so I could pay for anything with my bitcoin… and that is an honest to god true fact….. and not the Bricks & Mortar god either….

I have lots more I could go into but it is Sunday morning and I’m going out to tend my veggie garden in preparation for future bartering!

Grest podcast….


If someone gave you a $5000 worth of bitcoin, would you really care that you didn’t get “a whole coin” ?


I don’t think you understand what I am saying.
I am talking about the concept in terms of a belief system, people will need to incorporate this into their daily life….
The theory is probably sound, numbers add up, and it all probably shines like gold….. but will enough people use it?

By the time you start talking in 0.00000001 amounts I’m going nope thanks…. and then you discover there is only a limited number? My brain goes don’t trust a limited market….

I have not purchaed anything from America for several years other than a book I really wanted because the exchange rate of 0.71c to the AU $
You then say hey buy bitcoin with that $1 and how many will I get??? My belief system says no!

I’m not a math person. This does not only not compute in my head but when I go to the farm gate to get my produce (which I actually do) I want to pay cash….

Then throw in the socialist governments wanting to know everything you buy and sell and a cashless society…. ah… no thanks!


I don’t understand why it matters how many you have. What matters to me is what others are willing to give me in exchange for the bitcoin.

You are right that people will need to incorporate it into their daily life. This is a big hurdle for bitcoin to become mainstream. It’s easier for government which forces you to use their money. I still hope voluntary solutions will win out over time. In my opinion using force and violence against peaceful people is immoral. I think voluntary cooperation for mutual benefit is the most powerful tool that we have. I guess that’s part of a belief system.

John Yee

Basically I get both points on the bitcoin debate but agree with Mandy in the end. He is wrong that one of you two have to be right. There are only two belief systems between the two of you. There are more. We don’t have to agree with any of them. You could both be partially right in someone’s else’s belief system.


What does ram mean?


Good to hear you are both back. All eight Cloward and Piven initiatives have been accomplished. Pretty damn scary. And a big shout out to Republican leadership. It’s up to us to turn it around.


Accomplished in full in Australia

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