Body Language – Spike Lee – BlacKkKlansman Press Conference


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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The face he can’t or won’t say Trump’s name is a tell in and of itself. No?

As for the nuclear codes, that is of course a reference to the fact Trump could supposedly initiate nuclear war. Another sign he’s mentally ill in my opinion. He’s grasping at straws, looking for crap.


I see not saying his name as a party trick well practiced at dinner while at Martha’s vineyard


It would have been great to see the man to his left just stand up and walk. Lee has lost his mind. Talk about crazy ranting not knowing hes crazy

Mauro Craizer

Hey mr Spike, what about black criminality and hostility, completely out of proportion, a white person is 200 times more likely to be attacked by black person than other way arround, 200 times, on a single white on black aggravated assault, it’s coming 200 attacks black on white. Google any kind of crimes, mob violence, attacks on teachers, bus drivers, attacks on police, whites, latino, asian, gays, puppies, kittens and turtles, blacks go after all.
The media, entertainment ind. and academia weponized blax against whites on mostly tax payers money for decades. The hoax of black victimization continues, as black crimes are rising, so does deceit and lies abt it.
Check out @colinflaherty’s & FB page, “daily randoms” the MSM reports, all coincidences, just teens blowing off some steam.
The crime is new black entitlement, and don’t you dare report blacks to the police, #DontMakeTheBlackKidsAngry.


I really like your additional comments. They are very out-of-the-box and interesting. Keep saying them.


I am so over hollywood elites dictating their hurt emotions and ruining everything. Seriously, you are correct Mandy, the show will be a career ending movie now. It had be a megga mind blowing performance or you will be tainted by this angry man.
I don’t care that Lee intentionally put himself in that low down position. I see him as a little man now…. in fact as a little man having a dummy spit instead of true outrage.
Men that I know that are rightly angry at something stand tall, head high, hat off, they try to gain the respect and attention to get you motivated.
Lee is just on a rant for his hollywood friends. Can you imagine the conversations at the parties they must have? What would have been happy, exciting, and joyful events that left you on a high must now be the most miserable, soul destroying, negative, and spiteful parties leaving you angry and miserable!
What a miserable, annoying man that does not get the irony of being at Martha’s vineyard and the events he is so concerned about in Charlottesville!

Cindy Lou

He’s so hateful and divisive.

Cindy Lou

Spike Lee is just breeding hate and throwing gasoline on the fire.


FWIW, the actor to Lee’s immediate right is Adam Driver, former Marine and Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars movies. The actor between the moderator and Mr. Driver is Topher Grace, of That 70s Show fame. Sadly, I am surprised by the lack of decorum shown by Spike Lee, and that he was allowed to get away with the profanity in that forum. It actually detracted from any type of “facts” he may think he has. I do hope he is including Irish Americans when he referenced slavery in America.


Agreed. Point being, though, if we’re raising awareness about slavery, let’s be fully aware rather than one-sided. Oh, wait… smile


Awesome speech, Mr Lee. So… what’s your point?

Great video. Especially since it was uploaded on my birthday. Seeing you deconstruct Spike Lee like this just makes my day even better. Thank you for this.


First class race-baiter in my opinion. First the drama of his pauses and posture, then the hate-filled swearing tantrum. There was a time when, as Americans, political bashing would stop when we left the country. Not any more. When leftists go overseas now, their America-hating rhetoric seems to intensify as they virtue signal to be accepted by America-hating foreign leftists. Tell you what, Mr. Lee and others of your ilk, If it is so bad in the U.S. why don’t you make it better by getting the hell out? Love it or leave it!


Australia just hosted Hillary Clinton on her what is wrong with America tour…. so I say you are correct!


One of the things I love about the internet is that it has spawned so many sites dedicated to dissecting the reality we have been given. I have to laugh sometimes at the outright stupidity of some of the icons I grew up respecting. Spike has turned into that grumpy old man next door who just screams at the kids for stomping on his grass. Oh wait, that’s me.


I’m ashamed to say I used to like his movies. He’s absolutely disgusting


Would have been awesome, if someone screamed “Pepe” right after he said “Alt-Right” lol

mickey reder

Who cares what this tiny idiot has to say? He is the biggest racist around today.


Mandy, why did you disable comments on the YouTube snippet? I was going to comment on it to at least try to get more views going to it, so more people will hopefully be led to your site (here).


i did it a while ago because haters can post with out consequence but youtube marks a lot of people as spam who would be my supporters. so i have website for comments.

A lot of people don’t realize this but James Fields is probably going to walk. He drove down that street (probably because he thought the street he was traveling on was closed because someone moved a saw horse in the middle of it), saw it was clogged up with protesters, backed up to exit 4th St, was chased off by a mad man with an AR-15, then his car was attacked by a flag pole, then he accelerated. He was trapped between a maniac with a rifle and animals with clubs and bats. I fully expect a level 4 chimpout when he gets aquitted.


i think they are gonna have to pay a lot more than they did before…soros better triple it


Fascinating analysis. Spike Lee is not only an American embarrassment, he’s a morally small, damaged man: another vile racist know-it-all. Shut these folks down by rejecting what they sell.


And I don’t get the accusing Trump of fear mongering, when THAT’S ALL the left wants to do is fear monger. Their subscribers live in fear, because CNN and MSNBC are CONSTANTLY telling them President Trump is “LITERALLY Hitler”, he’s going to nuke everyone, he hates all black people, he wants to break up innocent immigrant mother’s and children (not just illegal immigrants, ALL immigrants), etc, etc, etc…


Can you imagine going to bed every night thinking about Trump with the codes and starting a war? I’m sure they are going to start having heart attacks soon from high blood pressure from all that stress…. or from drugs used to medicate themselves out of self imposed depression.


please let that happen!!! i dont wish demise on the mentally ill but we dont have hospitals for them anymore


I always talk about these people with these “liberal eyes” (that’s all I can think to call it). Their eyes are glossed over and squinting, and the person just reminds me of a wild animal that’s been in captivity for so long that the animal is completely numb to everything around them, and it forgets what it’s like to be a free wild animal.

Watch as Spike Lee’s eyes go from wide open, to the trance like liberal eyes once he goes to what CNN (as soon as he mentions CNN) has programmed into him.

Marita Jeffrey

YES!!!!! Mr. Noname … YES!!!

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