Jeff Sessions on Special Counsel

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Sessions is a disaster. He’s already let Clapper’s statute of limitations expire. His lack of disclosure and transparency to Congressional subpoenas is disgusting. There is no trusting this little weasel. All of his stuttering, eye deviation, and tight posture tells me this is measured and habitual. He’s playing a role and I think that overshadows the signals that emerge. Results are the final arbiter and he appears to be ineffectual, over his head, and cowardly. He’s the worst selection Trump has made, by far. Eight years is not enough time to ‘drain the swamp’ and Sessions is costing us even more time. If the swamp isn’t drained, every single thing Trump has done will be reversed immediately when he leaves office.


Also, screw youtube! I mean without YT I would have not found you, but screw em.


Love your content. I promise I will donate soon!


Mandy, maybe you should hold off on doing reading on this topic. I’m going to sound paranoid but I can’t help to think today’s school shooting could be a distraction from what’s going on in DC. “They” don’t need a heads up. We can find out after the fact. Do you know what I mean…




good old jeffy. I have hope for the future


Once again, hope you are right. If you look at the results, many of the deep state co-conspirators have been cleaned out of the FBI or neutralized. On the other hand, the Justice Department itself still has all the bad actors in place. If the traditional media had been the ones to uncover this attempted coup, they would be shouting from the rooftops and the public would realize that this scandal makes Watergate look like shoplifting candy. Instead, since they are co-conspirators in it, they are focusing on Stormy Daniels and her crooked attorney, instead of one of the worst cases of deep state corruption and abuses of power in U.S. history. It is beginning to look like The FBI and Justice first tried to manipulate election results by failing to properly investigate one felonious candidate, then used fake opposition research paid for by one of the candidates and gave it credibility, then tried to cover their tracks by re-opening an investigation when it looked like the results might go the other way. Then when the election was over, they used the same fake information, presented it to a judge as real to set up surveillance to entrap minor players who they hoped would flip and discredit the President, in process crimes. Then, when Comey got fired, more than justifiably, Rosenstein, who recommended he be fired, used his firing as a pretense to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate, first on a narrow scope, then retroactively broadened the scope AFTER the home of Manifort was raided. I hope you are correct and that there is a master plan. I admit I am prejudiced against anyone who has been a Senator, since they are the most qualified people at doing nothing in U.S. history. My guess is that the information is being slow-walked, hoping the House will flip and the attack dogs will be silenced by the new chairman. Sessions has to be able to see that, but perhaps he can’t do anything about it until the right chess moves happen. I hope so. Either way this whole thing has exposed the tip of the iceberg of massive corruption in the Justice Department.

Joe Bernatowicz

How much time does it take to be able to apply this during normal conversations?? Also what are some practice techniques?

Elena Boughey

I haven’t watched anything from you in a bit. I smiled when I heard ‘if you like it, leave a like’. I need to catch up.

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