Body Language – John McAfee – Bitcoin Million Dollar Prediction


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Venus Pallas

Very helpful, Mandy. This clarified a lot. Your perspective is always appreciated.

Jon Doe

He’s not on meth. He’s definitely on some kind of opiate or opioid. Although he could be on a cocktail of other things too cus he had a glass of alcohol which enhances the high and the cigarettes too. Ain’t nothing like some downers and stoogies But the way he’s been itchig, quiet frequently, tells me he’s either quiet knew in his addiction or is taking stronger opiates like heroin, fetaynol, etc because of growing tolerance. Another way you can tell is the way his pupils are “pinned.” meth users or people that take “uppers” usually have the dilated or big pupils. And there is also some points in the video I forget exactly when but it happens a few times where john is sitting in his chair with his left ankle or foot is resting on his right knee or when he has his right hand resting on his right knee then removes it you see a dark sweat spot. This I believe (not a doctor though)is because opiates increase you’re body temperature


I’m 53 and have been in IT for 40 years, man and boy. I have been following McAfee’s life and career since the early 1990s.

Something to take into account when reading this:

McAfee is brain damaged.

No, seriously, he’s actually brain damaged.

In 1969, he did a fantastic amount of a drug called MDT. It left him permanently brain damaged, to the point where he’s said that:

“Part of him believes he’s still on that trip, that everything since has been one giant hallucination and that one day he’ll snap out of it and find himself back on his couch in St. Louis, listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.”

This comes from a great Wired interview that was turned into a book. The book is essentially identical. However, the reporter actually tracked him to where he was at that time hiding from the Bolize police.

The circumstances of that are worth a read. It’s a profile in a man who caused so much brain damage that he’s now a paranoid-schizophrenic — to the point where he sat in the bushes of his house all night — naked — because he was convinced that the cops had surrounded his property and were going to kill him. He even hallucinated them walking past him: staring at him but saying nothing.

The article is still on the web in its entirety. I’d encourage anyone to read it. It details in more of a timeline fashion all the insane nonsense I’ve been observing for about 30 years.

It’s at:

McAfee is brain damaged.

I assume he’s still doing drugs, hence Mandy suggestion that it was possible.

But there’s a whole lot of frakked-up dren going on in the man’s mind. Consequently, he cannot see the downside of any venture in which he’s involved until it collapses out from under him.

I’m entirely at odds with his notions of cryptocurrency will catch on, for technical reasons I’ve gone into on my own YouTube shows. If you’re curious about the contrarian point of view — from an IT expert’s perspective, you might watch it.

Forgive the poor production values. My show is a work-in-progress at all times, and I look much, much better today. But my arguments still stand.

You might check it out. Or not. I’m not really trying to push it other than to offer a perspective that I guarantee McAfee has never considered.


By the way, the man isn’t a technologist. His businesses are all based on conning less-sophisticated computer users — and that include the antivirus software when he owned it. He hyped a “virus craze” in the early 1990s via all manner of unlikely doomsday scenarios.

And then he sold them his antivirus software for a fortune.

Viruses are certainly a problem, and all computer users should have an anti-virus program (regardless of what McAfee says in the interview). However, in McAfee’s case it was always — and remains — a con game.

You’re looking at a brain-damaged individual whose disorder is such that he’s really, really good a conning people.


He definitely had the picking/scratching of a tweaker. You could never get a good look at his teeth, which would have confirmed it, though if he had the severe bone loss and lots of missing teeth, his cheeks would have been more sunken than they already are. On the other hand, a rich tweaker can go to the dentist, unlike most meth addicts. Well done analysis! Though I don’t really understand crypto fully, I know enough and have so little respect for the intelligence of most US legislators, that if there is a threat in it, those fools don’t see it coming. They have ridden the gravy train of spending money they don’t have because the Fed can print it at will and other countries and businesses will accept it. As far as I know there are no backed currencies left. When you think about it none of them have intrinsic value. People talk about Bitcoin like it is both a commodity and an untraceable currency, but almost all commodities have inherent value themselves, so it isn’t. I am suspicious that it is a highly speculative Ponzi scheme, but you have made me curious enough to try and learn more. Thanks.


great analysis Mandy – when did you get your Degree…..hehe


oh man…one of these ‘genius’ eclectic types that thinks outside the box….oh men are only god enabled…meme BS….oh wow…i’m so impressed!!! his voice quality this guy is pure c***p…enron…ellison…the no socks and the chinese stuff nice set…crypto currencies are supposed to be an answer to the problems with fiat currencies….however u have to buy the bit coin with another currency and spend it on something…if that something is outside machine god currency…you again hit other systems where prices move with outside factors…as do the currencies that u purchase the bit coin with….


Dude just looks like a crankhead. love the videos Mandy you call it how it is


Oh… so glad you mentioned Meth coz I could not pick it. By the time I get to those patients they are usually on day 4 or 5 of withdrawal! Been around all others but in my youth there was no such thing as Meth!
I found it very hard to focus on his words when all I could see was drugs, alcohol, and a sidearm…. I mean what could go wrong when you mix extreme drug induced paranoia with extreme wealth!

My belief system is to automatically not trust a drug addict for a multitude of reasons, number one reason is delusional thinking. There is probably a lot of truth in what he says but my mind says be poor rather than listen to advice from a person that twitches that much.


😆 Im with you there…but the price and the news of banks and companies getting in on the action….makes me lean towards it


It will go somewhere. I am just not sure if it will impact me so much as my kids.


It is very hard for crime gangs to launder their money here. You can’t even do large deposits in cash machines. Tattoo parlours and second hand good stores such as shops are heavily regulated. People in bikie gangs can no longer operate a tattoo parlour any more.

Crypto will eventually be the way to pay for your illicit drugs and then the government will get into it.


100% agree
I can’t see any good coming from this law. It is not being talked about either so I’m going to have to ask around and see what other friends have heard


Unfortunately, Bitcoin is trace-able.

Just to throw my bona fides out so I don’t sound like an idiot, I’ve been in IT 40 years. That affords me a fair amount of perspective.

Bitcoin is trace-able. It’s how the Feds tracked down Ross Ulbrecht, who ran The Silk road over the Tor network (also supposedly impregnable).

Neither were what is claimed. Tor can be tracked. Bitcoin transactions can be tracked due to the nature of the blockchain in use.

This is (yet another) one of the things McAfee doesn’t understand about the tech.

In 1969, McAfee took an enormous quantity (the whole bag) of a drug called MDT. It caused permanent brain damage, which is evidenced by McAfee’s paranoid-schizophrenia.

Complete with hallucinations.

McAfee is a madman, and Bitcoin can be tracked. Just ask Ross Ulbrecht, who is now service a life sentence without possibility of parole.


That’s what it claims.

However, given our various spy agencies (the NSA in particular), you have to remember one thing.

When you have infinite fund and the ability to hire the smartest cookies in the business, NOTHING is untrace-able.

There are at least 37 project that we know about that are designed to spy on Americans. That means there’s an untold number of projects that we don’t know about and probably never will.

(Your phone is nothing more than a spying device because of NSA activity.)

Unlimited funds and bright cookies will eventually find weaknesses.

There is an axiom in IT, and it’s true:

“There is no such thing as bug-free software. There’s only software whose bugs we’ve not yet found.”

I don’t care how secure they thing it is, there are bugs that have yet to be found. An army of NSA IT wonks like myself will find any bugs and exploit them.

Any time someone tells you that something is non-hack-able, you’re dealing with:

A) Someone who knows little about IT.
B) Someone who lacks the experience to know the truth about software bugs.

Nothing is unbreakable when you have infinite resources. That’s what governments have.


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