Body Language – Gina Haspel Confirmation Hearing


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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You crack me up when you marvel at the idiocy of congress during these hearings. It is indeed amazing. In the case of Feinstein, she clearly was reading questions written by staffers with major factual errors. People who vote for these idiots should be forced to listen to these hearings for 24 straight hours. Question: do we really want a CIA director who will promise to never water board somebody? Hopefully she is just trying to get confirmed, but lets say a terrorist has the code to defuse a nuclear device that is set to detonate in New York City in 15 minutes. Will she say “I have to turn him over to the military for proper and lawful questioning” I hope not. As usual the Democrat senators are more interested in defending the rights of terrorists than protecting the country from them, and their hatred of the President and anything he does outweighs any sense of patriotism.


sanity rewarded smile


It’s not even about the so called “rights” of some potential terrorists, who may or may not be American citizens. Those torture methods are basically useless to get actual information.

You know about the commission report? You know that more than 1/4th of it is based on “information”, which was gotten through torture? You think that all of this information is actually accurate and the truth because someone got physically tortured? Are you willing to torture innocent civilians to death? Would you be fine with getting tortured to death, because someone thought you had the codes to some imaginary nuclear device, but in reality you don’t?

You know what people did some ages ago? They tried to figure out if someone is a witch by torturing those potential “witches”. What do you think those potential “witches” said after tons of torture? Do you think witches exist? Would you say that you are a witch in case you were tortured? Are you actually a witch?

I’m sure I would admit to having killed JFK after being tortured for some time. Everyone would. I would also give out nuclear device codes.

And your example is basically from some silly Hollywood blockbuster.
Things that never happened for $300, Alex.

What is the possibility that she is part of the deep state?
At least we did not pull teeth and fingernails or bake any bones
She does not want to place her agents in a position where congress could change their minds as to what the law is.


I have a strange reaction to this tape – every time i try to watch it i start to doze off. Not out of boredom, it is something about her and i will say right off that at the outset i am respectful of a person with her abilities. But she ties my head in knots. I would not underestimate the cleverness and ability to throw smoke screens with language of someone who has spent most of their 33 years of service in the field. But I guess that is what you want at the head of the CIA – not a transparent idiot – transparent because they are simple minded, like the crowd of clowns who are interrogating her. Kamala Harris always suggests to me that she has been watching Trey Gowdey tapes and gives her best shot at imitating a really smart and articulate prosecutor. Embarrassing. But I would be interested to know what the protester was protesting before he was bundled out!
But as ever i find you the first commentator i go to when i sit down at my computer! You never fail to entertain while you enlighten.


Gina Haspel, is a Deep State operative. (Joel Skousen World Affairs Brief). Here’s an interesting, if not true, scenario:

Her lie was inherent in her pledge that the agency, under her leadership, would not “restart … a detention and interrogation program” like the one since banned by Congress. But the US has dark sites. They were abandoned allegedly, but dark side torture sites never go away while the Deep State runs things.

In 2014 a military judge during a trial of a Guantanamo detainee who was tortured at various dark sites, demanded the CIA turn over to him a list of their dark sites. He is still waiting, but they have denied there are some still operating.

In December of 2015, The Senate Intelligence Committee issued a classified report on the extreme use of torture in secret prisons run by the CIA in Europe. A portion of the names of the countries involved and other data are blackened out, but the media easily deciphered that the ”Detention Site Blue” was located in Poland. There were many others on the list.

So, claiming that she would not restart is a sophisticated deception. She may not have to since they are still operating. How’s that for a perverse sense of honesty?

Maybe that’s why she appears to be telling the truth. And it is quite possible that she will not “restart” any torturing, but it certtainly leaves the door open. Or, maybe the above intel is not correct after all.


Feinstein did not cut in even once when Haspel was answering for so long – red flag – was it a setup??


What happened to the other comments? Or is this a different (expanded) video of the hearing?


Did the other version get deleted?




For the first time in history a women and not a Jesuit is being seated to head the CIA! Hummmmm very interesting…………. wink


The “old fart” was Ray McGovern


I am an emotional person and i react like a snowflake…It is sad how you were so ready to support one phony “side” or the other that you failed to see that Ms. Haspel steadfastly refused to answer any question on her own personal “moral” beliefs on torture. By doing so, when she was directly asked if she would use torture if Drumpf asked her to, she could respond she would only do what was within her own moral code. It is clear that this is within her “moral” code.

The time for picking a side between Democrats and Republicans is long since over. If we are to overcome the oppressive regime we live under that seeks to create a NWO, we must begin to see that the neoliberals and the neoconservatives are both a part of the oppressive regime.


I am an emotional person and I don’t act like a snowflake becaue I don’t cry because my pronouns are misspoken. I cry for real problems.

But back to the real topic…. her personal moral code is irrelevant. What is important is her moral obligations to her job which seems to be very high. She would not do anything which is illegal however what might be legal in the CIA, FBI, & DOJ might not be very moral. So to ask about morality is stupid…. moral to whom?


the “old fart” you denigrated at the end of the video is a 27 year cia veteran who received the Intelligence Commendation Medal at the end of his retirement . Its just my opinion, but I would expect that he might know a little bit about the qualifications of the nominee. Unfortunately, because he is “old” he probably still believes that civil protest is still a legitimate way to arouse social interest. Perhaps if he had a social internet platform such as yourself, where with smug self assurance, he could espouse from the comfort of his lazy boy sofa , relevant analytical assertions he might garner more attention and respect.


oh my…did i give an opinion? Shame shame on me. ill remember the next time i see something and have a funny thought to think of you and ask Jesus for forgiveness.


Why are you even here?

No… seriously… why are you here?

What contribution to understanding body language does your statement make?

I don’t understand.

Marita Jeffrey

Ohhhh.. I watched this live when it happened and I COMPLETELY agree with you. When this guy did his questioning, I was disgusted. There were a few times I felt disgust, but THIS GUY…hahahahaha… you saying “This guy is such an IDIOT. It makes me want to just gouge out my ears listening to him. Other than the fact that he is not that good looking .. its like somebody found the biggest dummy on the street, stuck him in a suit, and put him in Congress!” hahahahahahahaha!! YESSSS.. Thank you.. I was wondering how to word what I was feeling and you said it PERFECTLY with class!!! I unfortunately was saying it with a gutter mouth! I even tweeted about what a dufus/hater he is. LOVE LOVE LOVE your analysis!!


Hey there just wondering what you do for living cause people that just use “gutter” mouth are used for menial tasks by society like reality tv contestants or waitresses

Marita Jeffrey

So nice of you to be interested in my occupation. :hmm: When I said gutter mouth, I meant thoughts I was having!! I didn’t and wouldn’t say it out loud! Well, that’s not true. There are times when I am alone in the car & have surprised myself at the multitudinous of curse words I have available!! But I can assure you, I am not a reality TV contestant, and I am not a waitress; though I wouldn’t put down those who serve us who go out to eat — as you did! So perhaps you need to look inside your OWN self and stop judging and criticizing other people. I am sure a look inside would show multifarious examples of your own weaknesses!! 😕

You made my day with the not-good-lookind guy !
I don’t like (it’s the less offensive I can tell) this guy either !
Thx for the analyse ! :hmm: 😆

(I could help for french if you need)


I’m more working on the answers they can’t say anything else about it we don’t know?


They do drive me crazy with their questions

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