Body Language – Netanyahu on Iran’s nuclear capability


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Marry Duvall

I do not like this guy, He is as sneaky as Hillary Clinton,

“…. iran is an empire devouring one country after another…”



“That’s how you get snowflakes, and Zionism.” Lol


10:10 you mention Zionism. What is your definition of it? From the context of your video, yours is obviously negative. Others I’ve heard are not. I’ve asked a speaker what it meant and he said it was a belief that the regathering together of the Jews back to the recreated nation of Israel was an act of God. defines it as “a worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the state of Israel.” I don’t see either of those definitions as inherently negative. I have heard the word used more as an expletive and many people use it as a negative (like yourself), but I never get what they mean and why they mean it that way. Could you explain it please? Thank you.


what a dummy, they have something more powerful than a nuke…….(you’re still the best Mandy)


Did y’all know that in France the refer to America as eu


The Iran deal was horrible and enabled the savage leadership there to foment war and destruction throughout the region. Study history and see what happens when you confront Evil with appeasement. # Neville Chamberlain/Hitler. I agree that Bebe is making his pitch. His country is almost completely surrounded by others that want to kill them, and Iran has vowed repeatedly to wipe them from the face of the earth. The Jewish people were set up for this based on where the morons of the post WW II map drawing chose to put their country, but that is the way the deal went down. If I were him, I would be even more deceptive.


I agree


Trump knows that the most power one can have in any negotiation is the willingness to walk away. He’d rather no deal than a bad deal.

If you want to understand how this works, go into a car dealership and start negotiating on a vehicle. Make an insanely low offer. When the salesperson won’t budge, hand them a card with your contact info then turn around and walk away. 90% of the time they will be contacting you.


Nice body language analysis. So the omission line might come from holes in Israel’s evidence of Iran’s capabilities. I certainly don’t take the IAEA’s word at face value either, but Netanyahu has made his pitch, albeit not so honestly. Yes, the bible says there will be war there, but it says it will be all nations against Israel.


Sorry, I don’t see the stutter. He didn’t say “that that”, he said “that they”. He also seems to be making eye contact with someone to his left – the last thing he did before starting the interview at 1:39 was to look there. Almost like someone told him something needed adjusting on his clothing, but now he knows it’s too late to deal with it. He has looked there probably 5 times. Then, he seemed to hit his stride and almost avoid that area. Then, at about 7:11 he makes two quick glances to that same place again. Maybe it’s a monitor? Maybe someone is waving him off? But he seems like a guy who is hard to wave off. He doesn’t need a teleprompter to tell him how to pee.

He also keeps moving his mouth in a way I’ve never seen him do before, like he has a lozenge in there or something. Wondering if he has a sore throat?


not the stutter in the mouth…but the body


I’ll watch it again. Thanks.


Thanks, Mandy. Netanyahu is a protector. He represented the alliance’s stance on Iran. We have all of their intel. Once the sanctions set-in, Iran will crumble in revolt. On the other hand, Cuomo remains the simple salesman, selling his damaged goods.


I believe you are right on the money. This is the battle Trump has chosen this battle and the EU better get ready for some wrath.

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