Podcast E02 – Video Course News – Trump Deal With The Devil – Iran & Syria – Tea & Biscuits

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f4ct f1nd3r

good podcast with interesting tidbits ~


GOtta say, “Bombcast” – nice touch!


Just to further muddy the waters, I would have voted “both” if that was an option. One advantage to a book is that you can easily go back to review something, whereas with a video, things like eye movement direction are a lot easier to explain. Funny thing about guests and kitchens. I live in a house that was built in 1956 as a General Electric demonstration ” house of the future”. It was designed with a very small kitchen with a pocket door so the 50’s housewife could cook alone with everything within reach, while guests are entertained in the dining room or living room. You might be able to fit 5 people in there if they were invading each other’s personal space standing “cheek by jowl” as the Brits might say. We have several friends that entertain in their kitchens and instinctively settle down in the tiny kitchen, even though it is so tiny, with an inviting leather couch 15 feet away. Like belief systems, customs and expectations are unspoken and hard to break. Look forward to both a book and the video! Thanks.


I loved this Bombcast!
I’m with you Rhys on the making a cuppa thing. Us people from the Commonwealth are probably all the same. And claiming the kitchen….
As soon as you answer the door to a visitor you say hi, come in, would you like a tea or coffee! Even with family!
Always offer a drink, several times throughout the visit. OMG if a visitor has to ask for a drink at any point guilt creeps over…. why didn’t you see your guest was thirsty!
Mandy may not realise the size of the average kitchen in traditional English homes! You are lucky to fit 2 people so claiming it is critical to your workspace.
Kitchens in Australia are often designed with a shared living area and kitchen space so you can have your guests nearby but not in your space.

Note…. these are generalisations, as with all immigration encroachment habits cgange. Also a lot of Aussie bbq when visitors come, that involves a completely different set up


Hahaha. That is funny.
No he does not expect me to be his slave and get him a coffee he is just British!


Will you eventually have a paywall area on here for Patreons?

I have so many different places to watch my subscriptions…


yes Rhys is working on getting that together. he can message when he thinks he will have that available

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