Body Language – Emery Smith On Contact With Aliens


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I have been watching his interviews on Gaia TV ( I’m no body language expert, but I have taken note that his eyes almost never flinch away from the querent. I have seen him repeat information in different interviews — almost like rote style dialog (ie: in RAM, as you refer). He is almost always calm, direct eye contact, fluid speaking. The videos on Gaia are not “cut” like this interview you referenced above, so they are contiguous conversations. There some Gaia videos of him where I was able to see his feet and hands, and I did not see any flinching or indication of nervousness (at least). So either this is a very well rehearsed and vetted “RAM” series or stories and he’s a fraud (possibly with a purpose to deceive, not mental illness) or he’s telling the truth — I simply cannot tell. I think both possibilities are actually pretty “concerning” — given our current climate in the world. I hope you are able to watch some of his other interviews to make a better assessment, I would certainly be interested. In terms of the deception possibility, if someone is working for our intelligence agencies, they are almost certainly well-trained in the art of deception–where reading them may be very challenging (IMHO).


smile smile smile smile

John Tamarack

Bombard can pick up very minute details and very fast.


I actually believe him because three times in my life I have seen flying saucers; in 1966 with my mother as a 10 year old standing in our driveway seeing three lights fly at thousands of miles and hour and stop on a dime (after standing there watching them for 10 minutes they sped off in different directions), in 1974 with a friend in Oklahoma City we saw one spinning between two high downtown buildings and in 1982 in Machias, NY I saw one spinning and sitting in a field, of the same type I saw with my friend in 1974. The next day I saw it had been in a clearing between trees.


What did it look like? Lights? No lights?

louis caputo

Three different occasions you saw UFO’s??? The odds of seeing one are actually pretty insane considering I am 40 and know no one who has seen one or have seen one myself. You seeing three is against all odds I wonder why they have not made contact yet


Short and sweet – don’t know about him either – thanks – love the new setup.


Never heard of Emery Smith either, but got the white suburban treatment when we decided to explore what turned out to be Area 52 while driving between Salt Lake City and Wentworth. Don’t know if I believe in aliens, but there is definitely something going on there they don’t want us to know about.


And I signed up for this? (Just kidding.) I’m in, nonetheless.

Lara K

Emery Smith was on an episode of Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock. A few more episodes will be airing along with Corey Goode. Not many cuts in Cosmic Disclosure. MIght get a better read and more comprehensive background to his story.
I love your videos, BTW! Thanks for posting this.




Its working. Thank you!


I registered through WP/Gravatar some time around mid-morning and left a comment on the video about the schizophrenic man. I just double checked after reading this request and it’s there! grin

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