Body Language – Donald Trump and Kanye West Meeting At Trump Tower

This is a very old video I did back in December 14th 2016, but it never made it to youtube.

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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I never made any of the comments attributed to me below. How did that happen?

Vicky P

And then Kanye got bagged in a straight jacket by the powers in Hollywood


Short n sweet aye Bomber


Kanye had been locked up in a mental institution against his will, this was basically his release

Kanye's White Friend

Together they could do a lot of good for Chicago!


Do they have a bromance?


Smart guy!


Hi Mandy, thank you for the video. I find this interesting … an odd association. However, I notice that Trump is open to all, which is wise when you are president of all. Makes sense it would go with the job. By the way, I finally set up a monthly donation for you. It was about time!


You called it!


I am not a huge fan of his music but I have always liked him but could never figured out exactly why! Same as the Kardashian family, always liked them.

Lemurian Girl

Trump was Kanye’s first visit after he was involuntarily carted off to hospital for 2 weeks after his San Jose, CA concert where he mentioned “pizzagate” – there was a video clip of this moment… press said he has a “breakdown”. Hm. Trump has lots of champions, Kanye is one helping to redpill black population. Love him!


Loved it thanks.


I remember this day well. Kanye was a broken man and he came to see and talk w Trump. I was glad for him. Trump has helped many a person, black, white, female, male…
I have seen Mr. TRUMP’S big heart. He has a big circle and large safety net for many.
Thank you Mandy for the replay.


the older vid had a different sounding Mandy – was this you – it sounds a much more sharper tone – rather than relaxed – it seems the analysis done on the vid is applicable today – regarding current narratives – hinting at foresight – prediction – but what after this – more than elections – what after that – more on unearthing inner-workings – conspiracies

Kelly Clark

I appreciate your videos, Bombard Body Language. I love learning “Body Language” especially since communication’s with “Truth” have been limited. I would like to join Patron but I’m not very computer/tech savvy and I don’t b know how PayPal works. Thank You very much for taking the time to explain and sharing your videos.

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