Body Language – Kim Jung Un Meets South Korean President


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Wesley Bruce

Is this more helpful?


Lots more to work with. The autotranslation is a disaster.

Wesley Bruce

Made a screencap of the group photo. Its the only picture I know of with the troika/ Triumvirate in it. I hope you don’t mind.

Wesley Bruce

In the Group shot you see Pak Pong-ju and Kim Yong Nam standing beside Kim Jong Un the other two members of the Triumvirate. So whoever was in control of Kim etc either had them in control too or The power has switched.


Everyone was familiar with each other and the paparazzi looked a little too cartoony & fake. Some people say North Korea doesn’t actually exist.


I know it has nothing to do with body language, but what is with the Sousa-sounding march music in the background? You would think that they would be playing some type of indigenous Korean music on such a momentous occasion. It would be interesting to know a bit about the music choice. If that was the old Korean national anthem, it sounds awfully European.


the president look slike he almost wants to cry when kim signing imo

Vicky P

How I wish someone would do an “NFL bad lip reading” for this!
Kim: “Mr President, hold up there. I thought I was going to get some pudding in this line-up. Where’s the pudding? I want to go back to get my pudding.”

Katannya Alven

Thank for your very informative interpretation. What an historic moment that signing was…….

Dorene Collins

Have you watched ‘elon musks awkward moment’ video?

Vicky P

Just watched it. Ouch.


You should do a video on Tyler the Hollywood medium to see if he’s lying


I actually felt emotional. This has been needed for so many years. The “demilitarization of the demilitarized zone”, had been manned by USA since the 60’s. National Geographic has a good doc on this. I have witness history w peace from a divided country to a unified peninsula.


The NK Military men smiled the least.
Kims sister had a genuine smile several men away from her handshake. I thought it was a familiar smile and that she probably met with President Moon during the winter Olympics.

The SK posse also had genuine smiles.

I think this is something both sides have desired for a very long time and are happy to try to have this work.

So my overall take is that the least excited about all of this is the NK military… I can only think that years of negative brainwashing about Evil outsiders and this new direction might be confusing…. hence Kim bringing them into the circle?
Kim’s sister was the most excited. She will probably be the only one Kim 100% trusts and she will have a very important role in the new NK.
And she might be able to wear colours soon

Dorene Collins

I noticed as well, many smiles seemed really genuine…from my point of view, it seemed the only smiles that faded too rapidly (seemingly fake) were military smiles – maybe “we” really ARE evolving…lol


Fascinating analysis. Fact is, there’ll remain a North and South with a leader apiece. To truly reunify Korea, one needs to go.


It is moving in a way. This is ONE nation, devided by “ideals”. The northies are scared from their “leader”. What a difference. Well he breathes very heavy (while sighing) being over weigh, and, he has China backing this “whatever” is going to be.

Sarah Taher

I think Kim was stressed out bec of his accelerated breathing speed. I am not sure if this is relevant to him being over weight but he looks anxious to me. Is that correct?


is there a like button nearby the video?


Not for this site. I believe “If you like it, leave a like. If you like the content, please subscribe.” is intended for social media sites.


Just a few quick points, I always love your analysts but you might have missed the meaning of a few points.

1:59 he is actually looking down at the border line as he was talking. But when he invited the SK president over to NK side (3:29), that was VERY significant as it was the first time a SK president set foot in North Korea since the war.

At the 5min mark when you discuss how odd it was that NK went through the line but than went back. It was strange because it was unscripted. NK Kim actually asked for an unscripted photo with both side. The SK president was telling his people and NK president was telling his. That photo where both sides are lined up was completely unscripted.

At the 8min mark where NK Kim is signing something. That is not anything to do the summit. That is actually the Guest log of the place they are at… can’t remember the name of the place. But yeah just a log book.. Kim wrote “New History starts from Now”

Love your site and your videos. Just wanted to point some this out as it can add significant context to why they might be acting one way or another.

Judy Beeman

My Favorite part of the ceremony was when they held hands and lifted them up together. Rocket man was so cute! He had the look of a happy child who just made a new friend and is proud of himself.


Interesting @4:24, Kim seems almost dismissive of the woman in front of him, his eyes already on the next guy in line while he’s still shaking her hand- and Moon directs Kim back to her as if to say, “You must not fully realize the importance of who she is, please let me enlighten you…” I don’t know whether it was because she IS someone particularly noteworthy or because Moon didn’t like the slight, or both, but I loved that Moon didn’t let that slide.
Because we don’t see how much attention he gave the man before this woman, I wonder if Kim sees women as inferior or if he was just nervous and moving along. Anyone know who she is, btw?


This is his sister. From what I understand she is very important. Kim probably looked briefly because it is his sister…. why linger when you see/chat daily.


FYI I binge watched your channel more than that time I lived next to Blockbuster and binged 24

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